Waiting at the Gate Called Beautiful


The lyrics “we’re digging up deep, deep wells; we’re digging up deep, deep waters; we’re stirring up deep, deep wells; we’re stirring up deep, deep waters” keeps playing in my spirit, singing in my soul! I found myself unexpectedly at the Deeper Waters blog and want to share the wealth! Thank you for this wonderful message Cindy! Holy Spirit has also been showing me that this is a year for our deepest heart’s desires to come true; for old prophesies over our life to be fulfilled; dreams and visions to come into manifestation and now your words that even prayers we forgot we prayed will be answered! God is sooooo Good!!!!!!!!

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I recently ran across this devotion that I wrote several years ago. Since the Lord used it just recently to speak to my heart, I thought I would tweak it just a bit and post it here …

“Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” 
- Acts 3:6

The man had been crippled since birth. Every day someone placed him outside the temple gate so he could beg from those entering the temple courts. He wasn’t looking for healing the day Peter and John passed by – he was merely looking for something to make him a bit more comfortable in his pain.

Um, ouch.

I recently heard someone preaching on this story and that point really hit my heart. Had the man given up on receiving the true desires of his heart? Had he…

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Enter In!


Who is your Real family? It is not your biological family! It is not your culture. It is not your friends, tribe, race, gender, nationality, or religion! Your family is not your biological father and mother, brothers and sisters! Our Real Family is the Royal Family of heaven and earth: just One! Abba Father is Father of all; who is above all and through all and in all. Our Real Mother is the Holy Spirit who lives and moves our being with her Spirit, within our physical body! She flows and moves and breathes us as Ruach HaKodesh! She is Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel and Knowledge; she is Wealth beyond materialism, Riches beyond silver and gold; Prosperity and Life Abundant beyond physical! She is Daily Delight within all! Enter in……..

Jesus, Yashua HaMashiach, is our older Brother, the first-born of our Real Family in heaven and earth! He is the first-fruits that entered into the Storehouse, opened the unveiled Door of Heaven and Poured and continues to Pour Blessings, Favor, Abundant Life, Fullness of Joy, Perfect unconditional Love, Perfect Peace, Perfect Harmony, Perfect Health, Wholeness, Completeness: His Perfect Being into our being in the present moment, if we only let Him! Enter in……..

We are in a Family of One! We are ALL in the Will! When Jesus died, the Will of Abba was opened, and we all were named as executor of the estate!!!! “An executor must find the deceased person’s assets and manage them until they are distributed to inheritors.” Our job as executor of Jesus’ Will, the same Will as his Father, is to FIND the assets within us that were placed there before the foundation of the world and MANAGE them until we distribute the Kingdom to everyone we encounter! Enter in……..

Every one of us is named as the sole receiver (soul receiver!) of the entire inheritance from our Father! When we DO the Will of Abba, we RECEIVE the FULL inheritance. It is God’s Good Pleasure to give us the entire royal Kingdom! It is God’s Good Pleasure to give us the new heavens on earth now! The death has already occurred; the Will has already been read; the Assets have already been placed within your heart for safe keeping until you wake up and grow in ability to use the inheritance responsibly! You are already made executor of the entire royal estate: all the fullness of God! The entire Royal Kingdom of God is given all to you: title, ring, robes, rule and reign, every possible Resource from the Heavenly Storeroom to meet every need and every desire of your heart is yours! Enter in……..


There is only One Family on earth as it is in heaven! One First Love! One First Husband! One Father who is Above all and through all and in all! There is only one Body, the Body of the ascended Christ! The two become one! Run and enter into the one Body now……..

There is only one Spirit, the Holy Spirit and Fire of God Almighty! Allow the Spirit and Fire to overshadow you; penetrate your human defense system, and leaven your body! Let the Real Yeast of the Holy One, warmed by the Fire of God, watered by the River of the Water of Life, ignite and activate the yeast within. Experience the bubbles of Joy as they begin to raise your emotional set-point! Feel the effervescence begin to rise up within your being! Experience the quickening of your molecules, cells, and Blood; beginning to move, sparking energy, light, power…beginning to flow… building in intensity, frequency, vibration; lifting your soul into new dimensions…rising…spirit expanding and soaring…beginning to shine, glow, shimmer, glisten…blossom! Enter into the Glory……..


You are precious in Abba’s sight and honored, and your Real Family LOVES you! This Love is not conditional as human love is; this Love is pure, unconditional, come as you are Love, accepted as you are Love, supported, encouraged, helped, guided; given every resource and expertise to be who you were created to be Love! Enter in……..

“Dear Abba! Help me to Love me just as I Am. Help me to be in Love with each moment just as it is. Help me to Love all people I meet just as they are. Amen.” ~Angela Montano

There is only One Family of God and we are already in it, even if we don’t remember or have not yet realized the Truth! Just enter in……..

Receive! Ask Abba to increase your capacity to receive! Ask to know our Family Patriarch more and more, and his dunamis Power to resurrect dead hopes, dreams, heart’s desires; dead relationships, dead connections, dead finances, or dead lives. Your restoration and protection is assured when your return Home to your Real Father! Declare the Truth, live it, show it, experience it, encounter it, witness it! Taste and See! Hear and come; we were created for glory! God works in us to manifest the glory in and through us, as we Rest in him in the land of the living! Know, believe, understand that I Am he! Abba works and NONE can hinder it! Isaiah 43:7-13. Enter in……..

Sing a new song! Behold, See, the former things have come to pass; you are no longer a human being! New things I now declare: you are now a son of God with an identical divine nature as the ascended Christ Jesus! (Isa 42:9-10). Sing a new Song! Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old; you are under a new covenant of perfect oneness as a Bride to the eternal Bridegroom! Behold, See, I am doing a new thing; NOW it springs forth, do you not perceive it? Sing a new Song of Songs! Enter in……..

toddler with sunflower

Enter as a child into the Kingdom in the one body and one Spirit of Christ! Enter into the awake, intelligent, aware, pure Aliveness in the one Being! Enter in……..

It is no longer I who lives; the I, as human, has died with Jesus in the one human body and one human spirit. It is dead on the tree at Golgotha and it cannot be resurrected if you enter the one Life of the Holy One! It is no longer I who live, but Christ’s I, singe Eye, single Awareness, single Beingness, single, full, abundant Life that lives, moves and is my being! “Christ is all, and in all” Colo 3:11. This is the Truth that sets us Free when we become aware of it, realize it with your body; not intellectually, for words alone cannot transform. But know it in your bones, with your whole heart; live it, experience it, walk in it, encounter it, move in it, become it, and the Truth will set you Free! Enter in……..

There is One Mind and it is Christ’s pure, perfect Mind of infinite, unlimited Awareness; one with Abba Father! There is one body and one Spirit and we are included within its infinite, borderless radius! We are in the field of God; we have no border! We are the building of God; we are the habitation and dwelling place of the Holy One! We are the temple of God; we are the place where the Presence, the manifest Shekinah Glory, the brilliantly bright cloud, fills, changes and charges the atmosphere, brings into existence new things that do not yet exist, heals, transforms and makes perfect, whole, complete, lacking nothing! We are the new city that came down from heaven out of God! We are one with the Tree of Life with the River of the Water of Life flowing above, in and through us to the world! We are the highest branches with the deepest Root, the greenest leaves, the whitest blossoms already in bloom, the ripest fruit, the seed of Abba! Enter in……..

Photo by Whitney Eads

Photo by Whitney Eads

Religion divides; words divide; labels divide; duality divides; double-mindedness divides; broken-hearts divide; split personalities divide; politics divide; being devoid of Spirit divides…. the One Spirit of Elohim unites, reconnects, forges Real connection, resurrects relationships and ascends our lives to be just like our Real Dad! The one Spirit repairs, rebuilds, restores, renews, rejuvenates, revitalizes, and regenerates the new creation, our new being! Enter in……..

Come on in, the Water is fine! Enter in……..

Photo by Kim Ewell

Photo by Kim Ewell


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Innocent as Doves, Wise as Serpents


This morning I was given these words, “If you can see it you can have it.” I had an open vision a few weeks ago that has unfolded in my consciousness. I woke up in the middle of the night with a big white blossom over my bed. I closed my eyes again and a panoramic vision opened up, like a movie was playing on the screen of my consciousness. I don’t know if I was taken in my body over a field or if Holy Spirit took me in my spirit over the land, but I was flying over a frozen field looking down upon it, snow-covered except for remnants of an old crop sticking up through the snow, as if a thresher had gone over a field of corn and the remaining stubble had dried up, withered, becoming brown and dead. I began to speak Life over the field and blessing the land as I flew over it.


This morning in prayer before dawn, I asked for the white blossom to be over every bed, over every person on the earth, and for our land, our collective consciousness, to blossom into our Father’s pure Awareness. I saw the earth covered with white blossoms! I then heard Jesus’ Words, “humans see there is still many more months to wait; I see how the fields are already white for harvest” John 4:32-38. My consciousness linked the words with the open vision of the white blossom, seeing the end before the beginning, not judging by physical appearances of frozen, dead, seemingly unfruitful, dry, barren land. When you are given the blessed assurance that the end has already occurred and you just have to step into it; you can see the finished work despite outward appearances and you just have to enter into it; you can have it! Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes and see the white blossoms covering the land, see the eternal springtime, see the new life; see the NHOEN; don’t judge by physical appearances!” Jesus said, “I send you to reap what you did not sow (the full inheritance as son of God); receive what you do not have to labor for (birth Christ in you before the labor Isa 66:7-9)…JUST ENTER INTO the one body and one Spirit of Christ; enter into the inheritance; enter into the Wedding Feast! It is ALL already done! Behold, See, all things are NEW! If you can see it, you can have it ALL! JUST enter in….


I got up and made my delectable cup of french pressed coffee, went outside with my bible, journal and daily devotional booklets, but it had rained and it was all wet and the wind had blown dried, dead, brown eucalyptus leaves on my deck, so I first picked up the dead leaves and threw them in the trash. Then realizations upon realizations started downloading, aha’s, awareness, inspiration, revelation, unveiling, apocalypse (revealing) and I was increasingly uplifted and astounded! When I opened my bible it confirmed everything I was being downloaded with more than I could share here, so much that it would fill books! I started to bubble with Joy! I was increasingly effervescently flowing and overflowing with pleasure and delight! The ways and mysteries of God are Glorious!!!!!!!!

The Holy Wind, ruach, started turning pages of the bible to confirm and expound and expand on what I was being given in my spiritual perception. I just drank the Word and soaked in the revelations and I was lifted higher and higher until I was overcome, overwhelmed, overtaken by such Joy that I was lifted into Rapture and Delight and Ecstasy and Bliss. My breathing changed; Holy Spirit was breathing me in such deep Pleasure. I was trembling in his Love! I looked down and there God had placed a new green eucalyptus leaf! The brown, dead, old, threshing-floor crop I threw in trash was replaced by Spirit with a green leaf! (The green leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nations; healing of our land; healing of our soul wounds; healing of our entire being!). Signs follow to confirm God’s Word, Dreams, Visions, Prophesy, Revelation, Inspiration, and Spiritual Perception!

I realized that seeing and focusing on the white blossom, the end result, the assured, guaranteed, glorious end-result, the Victorious Celebration with all Heaven at the Wedding Feast, instead of the brown, dead, dry, old crop and frozen land: the physical appearance in the natural, means we can step into now and have it ALL! By praying for our friends in the midst of the wilderness, thanking and honoring God in ALL things, blessing and freely giving what we have received, we are restored double for our trouble!!!! And God transforms the Job-like brown, dead leaves on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to the tree of life’s green leaves! We are healed, made whole, perfect, complete and lacking nothing! The latter rain becomes exponentially more than the former! Green leaves precede the bud and blossom! The blossom precedes the fruit: being the Bride, perfectly one with Abba, living in God Awareness in the NHOEN, fruiting and spreading the seeds of the tree of life to all the earth!!!!!!!!


We can have what we can see! We can become what we behold! If we can see the end from the beginning; see the glory in every person, situation and circumstance in the land despite physical appearances, we will see the Glory of God in the land of the living! I realized that the green couch of Song of Songs is the earth and I skyrocketed into bliss!

“My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blossoms in the vineyard…Behold, you are beautiful, my Love; behold, you are beautiful; your eyes are doves. Behold, you are beautiful, my Beloved, truly lovely. Our couch is green; the beams of our house are cedar, our rafters are pine” Song of Songs 1:14-17.

OMG!!!!!!!! Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!! We are White Blossoms in the Vineyards of the green pasture beside still Waters of Life on our couch where we recline and rest in our First Love, absorbed into One Love in our Beloved!!!!!!!! Our house is the Tree of Life, its branches in heavenly realms, spiritual dimensions, glory realms, and our roots in the River of Water of Life, the deep wells of Love that waters the new earth, Christ’s one Body!!!!!!!! The Water is flowing Spirit and Liquid Love!!!!!!!! Our heart is touched; we are moved and moving in the Spirit; moving in the Glory Realm, the Atmosphere of Heaven on earth clothed in the Presence of God!!!!!!!! We are a watered Garden Paradise, trees of life who are continually, eternally covered with beautiful fragrant White Blossoms; Feasting and Celebrating our eternal Marriage with the Lamb and the Holy One…drinking milk (satiated like a breast-fed, full baby Ps 131:2!), eating honey (Sweetness of Life in Christ), shining with oil (aglow in the Spirit), strengthened with grain (Bread of Life), drinking the new Wine, making our heart glad, full of Joy; a desire fulfilled is a tree of life (Prov 13:12)!!!!!!!! I am overwhelmed with Goodness!!!!!!! I am overflowing with Love of this Life in him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we can see we can have! See in the Spirit the finished work! Holy Spirit said if we could see it we could have it! We reap what we did not sow; we reap on earth what is sown in heaven by all the praises of rocks, trees, angels, bright clouds of witnesses, hosts of heaven, and those dressed in white robes washed in the Blood of the Lamb! The white blossom is the white as snow new being, washed in the Blood. It is our Wedding Garment! It is the blossom before the Fruit on the Vine! It is the fragrant, beautiful garment of praise, joy, gladness, righteousness, wholeness, completeness, unlimited potential, infinite possibilities, the field of God, perfection in Christ, with no borders, wide open, crystal clear, pure, innocent God Awareness! OMG!!!!!!!! See it, receive it, be it, have it, LIVE IT!!!!!!!!


When I realized again, deeper, higher, more expanded, more aware of the extent of what our Father has given us freely and abundantly through his Spirit; what Christ has freely given us through his body and Blood; and what Holy Spirit has given us without price through her Water, Fire, Glory, and Presence… I leaped up and ran into the house, running, jumping, unconfined, unrestricted, a wild-fire of consumed life….out of my head, mind-blown, full of awe and wonder…praising and thanking and honoring, crying, laughing, raptured in spirit, uplifted in body, soul soaring free… and I fell on my face and worshiped my King of kings and Lord of lords, my Abba! Father! my Husband, my Maker, my everything, my all in all, my Life!, my breath! my everything in everything!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Bombs of Glory bursting in air; atmosphere charged, changed….bursts of lightning, thunderbolts of praise; voice of many waters roaring, going forth to all the earth…. fire blazing, snow-white hair flying, gleaming gold firing out rays of brilliant Light, eyes flaming, heart burning, feet dancing aflame in Love…song singing within, stars glittering, face shining, awareness shimmering, soul laughing, spirit rejoicing, beyond words….. erupting….waves crashing into still, still, deep, deep Waters………

Then I looked at the clock; it was 8:00 am and Abba showed me that I was physically born at 8:00 am, I was reborn when I came out of the ocean at my second baptism (first as infant) coming home that summer at 8:00 pm as a son of God. And I was reborn again as a bride this morning as I realized anew, as if for the first time again, that all I had to do was enter what has already been done, enter what I see and it is given! 888!!! In 2015, the eight-year of going from completion in the finished work of the cross, a seven, to the eight of entering into the end that was finished before the foundation of the world…. entering into the Wedding Feast, one with the Lamb who is married to the Holy One as One body and One Spirit! The two become one! I used to always see 3 and 4; now I see 7 and 8! What does it mean? IDK! But God knows, and it is always Good! The Perfection is only in being in Christ; entering into his one body and one Spirit who is ALREADY MARRIED and perfectly one with our Creator!!!!!!!! The Lamb and our Father are already perfectly one and we enter into their perfect, pure Awareness, Being, and Spirit! The two become one! We enter Abba through the Lamb and we become perfectly one and eat and drink the eternal Wedding Feast!


First the white blossoms are our funeral flowers as we die to our separate self, the me apart from Abba, and die to the past and future to enter the present moment, the eternal now with Christ Jesus who is, was and is to come. Christ remains forever! The white blossom then becomes our new resurrected being on the Vine of Christ. We grow into the Head and we ascend as one body to the Throne with Christ, open even more, eternally blossoming, fruiting, and fruit falls back to the ground for all eat and reseed and replicate into the image and likeness of the tree of life all over the whole earth.

The blossom precedes the fruit, which contains the seeds, that each contain the perfect DNA of the ascended Christ, that all grow into the exact image and likeness of Christ when watered and sunned in the soil of Christ’s Love. The seeds all contain the blueprint of the full Vine and the mature tree of life: Christ’s pure, holy, righteous, perfect, blameless, irreproachable, beautiful, fragrant, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent Beingness! Just eat, drink, and become what you eat: the Bread of Life and the same DNA as Jesus!


I realized that the white blossom is our Wedding flower and all we have to do is enter the Wedding Feast in our White Wedding Garment that was washed in the Blood, and begin to Feast, to Celebrate, to Live the Finished Work of Christ! The Wedding Feast is already on the table! It is already done! It is ready; just come!

We come as we are right now (naked, spots of darkness, all darkness, torn, tattered, dirty garments, filthy rags, wounded, hurt, offended, victims, persecuters, enablers, fixers, egos, separate self, false self, no self, religious, atheist, agnostic, no religion, too much religion, JUST AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW) to Jesus and he gives us the Christ’s perfect white wedding garment! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come! Hear! Come! Desire! Take without price the Water of Life!!!! Just come and enter the Wedding Feast already prepared for you!!!!


We are all invited, welcome and encouraged to just come as we are and enter into Christ’s one body! Our Wedding Garment is within Christ’s one Body! When we enter we receive it all; all he is and is to come, now! The ascended Christ is already married, in perfect oneness, with our Source, the Most High, the Holy One! We enter into the Marriage that has already taken place!!!! The Wedding Feast in on the table for all to enjoy! We merely have to accept it and enter in to Christ’s perfect being/awareness/purity/innocence/dove-like Spirit/Love/Light/Glory. We realize and receive it ALL, the whole Kingdom of God, the whole inheritance, the whole treasure trove of Goodness, wealth, riches, prosperity, abundance, River of Water of Life, Tree of Life, Glory Realm, Spiritual Dimension, Timeless eternal time line, access to all dimensions of heavenly awareness, etc., etc., etc. We merely enter into Christ’s perfect, pure Awareness that is one with Abba’s perfect, crystal clear Awareness; believe and receive and SIGNS WILL FOLLOW!


We are called to be innocent as doves! We are white blossoms of Christ’s Vine in the Vineyard of the NHOEN! If we can see this with the enlightened eyes of our heart, we can have it!! To those who have God’s pure Awareness, more is given, ALL is given, we can HAVE everything now; be everything NOW! To those who do not have God’s pure Awareness, even what they have will be taken away (Matt 13:12; 25:29; Mark 4:25; Luke 19:26). In the crystal clear sea of glass, perfect, pure awareness, we reflect in our still waters within the perfect awareness of God. We are the mirror reflecting all the Light, all the Glory of God, all the Love of our Father who is in heaven and in our innermost heart! In the Fire of God’s Glory we radiate the glory and change the atmosphere of earth to the atmosphere of heaven! The two become one!


All we have to do is TURN and CHANGE OUR MINDS! We acknowledge we tried to do it all on our own, in our own human power or willpower; we tried to fix ourselves and fix situations; we were determined to change, but all have fallen short of the glory. We worked hard, made efforts to advance or go to a higher level. We worked the system; we strove to be the best we could be; but we acknowledge we couldn’t do it on our own, there was always something lacking. We acknowledge we made mistakes and missed the mark and made errors. We forgive all who we blame for hurting, offending, wounding or judging us as wrong, bad, not good enough or unloveable, including ourself. We forgive ourselves for not knowing the Truth, for not knowing what we didn’t know; for believing the lies of the world, and for blaming anything outside ourself, including God. We forgive all for everything, whether the transgression was conscious or unconscious; willfully knowing it was wrong or mistakenly ignorant of the tricks, tactics, manipulation and deception of the ruler of this world. Search our heart and Psalm 51 us!

White Blossoming!

White Blossoming!

We ask to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb to be made white as snow. We ask to be purified, refined and made white in the Spirit and Fire of God. We ask to be unveiled with all barriers, walls, obstructions and obstacles removed to be perfectly one with our Abba. Remove all barriers to receiving all the fullness of God bodily and spiritually ( the new earth and new heavens in our body temple). We ask to have the eye salve to anoint our eyes so we can see as God sees, the gold refined in the fire so we can be rich, and the white garment so we can eat the Wedding Feast that is already on the table (Rev 3:18-21; Rev 19:6-16). Fill us with your Fire and Spirit; Fill us with your pure Awareness and Love until we are overflowing fountains!

God Awareness takes us from not knowing what we don’t know (nakedness and polluted garments) to being clothed with the Awareness and Presence of God, clothed with the Wedding Garment, clothed with Glory, clothed with Christ, clothed with the Kingdom of God and clothed with the white robe washed in the Blood! We awaken to the awareness that we are Loved beyond measure, we are reproved and chastened in the crucible of our heart by the refining Fire of Love (go through trials to forge our faith and trust and unshakeable knowing, keeping our eyes only on our Abba not the problems), until we turn away from our own agenda to God’s perfect Will and Purpose and Plan for us! We are called to be his spotless Bride, the wife of the Lamb, the new city, the new body temple for him to live in, and his Spirit to rest upon and flow within, like a River of Peace, Joy and Love!


We turn from earthly consciousness to heavenly awareness; we put on the Mind of Christ; we receive a new Heart of Abba; we are filled with a new Spirit, the powerful dunamis resurrection Spirit! Our soul: mind, heart and will, is cleared of soul wounds, purified, refined and made white in the Blood of the Lamb and the Fire of God. Our spirit is yoked with the Spirit of God; our body is glorified in the Fire of God, the dross and chaff burned up, the impurities destroyed in the Fire. The result is a pure, fine gold, seven-golden lamp-stand body (one with the Lamb-stand Body of Christ) whose golden bowls are filled with Spirit, Fire, Water of Life, Sound and Light waves, Blood of the Lamb, DNA of our royal King of kings, and new wine!


Our silver cord of eternal Life is reattached to the Throne Room and our Maker! The silver cord runs through the center of the golden bowls in our seven lamp stands body, and angels ascend and descend upon the silver Spirit cord! We are yoked up, hooked up, reconnected, fastened to the Head, realigned, attuned and begin to sing the Song of Songs in a new key, the Song of the NHOEN, a new vibration of Higher Light, a new frequency of Higher Sound Waves, the higher Octaves of the Word of God! We arise and begin to shine; for our Light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon us! It is already done; we just enter in body, soul and spirit!


We just enter in to the finished work of the cross, the finished work of Christ; dead to Adam and Eve’s legacy and biological inheritance; alive within Christ’s ascended, glorified Body. We ascend with Jesus to the Throne and take our seat in heavenly places with Christ, while our body temple is on the earth experiencing the Wedding Feast, joyful, glad, rejoicing, dancing, singing, feasting, celebrating with and within the Bride and Bridegroom, the two becoming one! We just enter in and live it and signs will follow! If you can see it you can have it!To those who have, more will be given; to those who do not have, even what they have will be taken away. Turn and come into God’s pure Awareness!


Be innocent as a dove; be wise as a serpent! Ask our Father for the Wisdom from Above (James 1:5). Human wisdom is from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and you want to stop eating from satan’s tree. Duality kills, destroys and steals your Joy, Peace, Love, Harmony and Oneness with God! The human spirit of wisdom is earthly, unspiritual, devilish, jealous, selfish, ambitious, causes disorders and every vile practice (James 3:15-16). But the Spirit of Wisdom of Christ is the Higher Wisdom, the Spiritual Wisdom from the Throne above the Highest Heavens that is pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy (loving-kindness), and good fruits of the Tree of Life; with white blossoms that cover the land in all the earth! She is beautiful!!!!

What do you see? If you can see it, you can have it!





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Jesus Is!!!!

Christ the Tree of Life

Christ the Tree of Life

Yashua is everything in all; the visible presence of the invisible Spirit of Life! Let the yeast of Yashua rise in you to make you into his Bread of Life completely! The Spirit and Fire of God will destroy the old leaven, the old religious leaven, the old worldview beliefs, the old self-centered views, the old human nature, the old human sight and vision! Root deeply in Christ, in Love! Let your lump of clay be invaded by the yeast or leaven of Christ! Arise and shine; for your Light has come and the Glory has risen upon you! Speak to your body with the exousia and dunamis of Jesus, Yashuah, the Christ, the Ha Mashiah, “old leaven be gone; yeast of Christ Jesus raise my lump, transform it into your Bread, risen and full of the Presence of Spirit, of Elohim!!!!!!!!

“If the dough offered as first fruits is holy, so is the whole lump; and if the root is holy, so are the branches” Hebrews 11:16

Jesus, Yashuah, is the Way, is the Truth, is the Life of God, Spirit, Light, Love, without an opposite! Jesus is the visible image of the invisible Spirit of Elohim!!!!!!!! We are predestined to be conformed into Christ’s image and likeness, to receive the glory that Abba Father gave to Jesus, and to be one with our Father! We enter the Kingdom of God as children and grow up as sons into brides!

We are taught in Love to turn away from the world and worldview and systems of the world; change our minds, turn to Abba and be healed! We are to receive all the good endowments and perfect Gifts from Above coming down from the Father of lights, the Father of us all! Our Source never changes, we change; our awareness grows!

We are all invited and welcomed to the Wedding Feast! Don’t make excuses or find things of this world more important, don’t tarry; just come! We need to keep our oil full, renewed in Holy Spirit and Fire, so we are ready when the Bridegroom says I want you to come to the Wedding Feast (Matthew 25). Listen and hear the still, small Voice! “Be faithful over a little” and Abba says, “Enter my Joy!” Matt 25:21.

Understand with your heart; the mind cannot understand the things of the Spirit that are too Great and Glorious and Wonderful and Infinite! Only the open heart with eyes and ears enlightened can understand! Thank you Abba for unveiling our mind, opening our heart, circumcision of our heart, and enlightening our eyes!!!!

Come Holy Spirit and Fire! Consume us! Leave only Christ in us!!!!!!!!

“Therefore lift your drooping hands, and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed…for you have not come to what may be touched, a blazing fire, and darkness, and gloom, and a tempest, and a voice whose words made the hearers entreat that no further messages be spoken to them….But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly new Jerusalem (NHOEN!), and to innumerable angels in festal gathering, and to the assembly of the first-born, and to God of all who judges rightly, and to the spirits of just men MADE PERFECT, and to Jesus, the mediator of a NEW covenant (perfect oneness with Abba), and to the sprinkled Blood that speaks graciously…see that you do not refuse Him!!!!!!!!” Hebrews 12:12-25

Follow Jesus to become a first-born, first-fruit, and join the assembly at the Wedding Feast! Be perfectly one with our Father! The resurrected, ascended Yashua is our everything; our body, soul and spirit; our Life Abundant! Be one body and one Spirit with Christ! Be conformed to the Son and Bride’s image and likeness! Glory! Glory be to God Almighty above the highest heavens!!!!!!!!

Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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All Access Pass!

human beings as sheep in 2015 the chinese year of the sheep

human beings as sheep in 2015 the chinese year of the sheep

As a human being there are limitations and lack due to a finite mind which cannot conceive of infinity, unlimited possibilities or unending potential. Human beings are sheep, animals in a human body, being led by wolves in sheep clothing. I hate to be so blunt but I have left the flock and must speak the truth in Love (Amos 7:15) Many cannot yet bear to hear the Truth, but WE ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS ANY MORE; humans are dead on the tree in the place of the skull. God made us alive with Christ!*  Come back Home to our one Source of Life, the God of gods, the Light of lights, the King of kings, Lord of lords, Elohim of elohim: our real Father and get your true identity back!

How do you get back to our one Father? Give up your human identification card, the mark of the beast. Controversial as it may be, this morning I was given revelation that rocked my world, again!** The best thing about the Spirit of God is that it takes you deeper and deeper, higher and higher, more and more expanded, glory to Glory! The more we expand, height, depth, length and breadth, the more is revealed from good to better to best to unlimited infinity! The Truth is Yashuah was the last Adam; there are no more humans, just people impersonating a dead race, suffering from mistaken identity, and being reinforced in the false core belief by those who want to control the status quo. Unfortunately religion falls in this category as satan realized the sneakiest most deceptive trick would be to use “god” against us, taking advantage of human being’s desire to be good and avoid evil. Our true being desires only oneness with Abba in the tree of life!

How do you get your true identity back? Just wake up and realize it is already all done! Jesus did it all, for all! That is why I fall on my face and weep for the inconceivable free Gift! That is why I jump for Joy and run around praising God! Everything has been done with the finished work of the cross. Everything has been done on Elohim’s part, now it is up to each individual to realize the Truth, and knowing the Truth, the Truth sets you free to be the new creation! Know that your Real Father is the Source of all Life: one Father of all families on earth and in heaven (Ephesians 3:14). Our Father is above all and through all and in all. Our elder Brother is Yashuah; our Husband is the Lamb! We are in the Royal Family of God! We have an all access pass to heaven on earth, the Kingdom of God! 


Our true identity is a Christ-being, with the same divine nature as CJ! We are the new creature that resurrected with Christ! We are the new creation rebirthed in the image and likeness of God! We are the new beings, no longer human, no longer related to Adam and Eve, no longer fallen, defective, or vulnerable, but clothed with glory, clothed with white light, clothed with power, clothed with Presence of God, clothed with the Kingdom, clothed with Love! Our identification card is the fruit of the Spirit: Love! and its many expressions: peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, kindness etc.! We Love God with our whole being and we love one another! We Love because God loved us first and we palpably receive the substance and evidence of his amazing, powerful, transforming Love!

Fire of God Heart

We have an all access pass to Abba Father through the Door of Yashuah, the path of the heart, the way of Love that leads to Truth and Life! Just come as you are and get your all access pass to enter the Kingdom of heaven on earth! Take off the world, become like a child and be clothed with Christ!

There are many gods and lords in the old heavens and earth; arise and go to the God of gods; go to the Source of Life, the Creator of heavens and earth, to get your all access pass. Your Christ Identification will get you in the Door to Abba!

**I realized this morning the antichrist is human beings, the mark of the beast 666 as the mark of an unconscious, asleep, manipulated human being, whom the babylonian world system has identified as a human being. The three sixes stand for a human body, a human soul and a human spirit; the numbers of man. It also stands for left eye, third eye and right eye (the single eye of the heart is full of light; divided eyes full of darkness, even light is darkness in a divided mind); and the divided, split body, soul and spirit of human beings. The 333 stands for the many false trinities in the body and egoic will, egoic choice, egoic power of the unredeemed human being’s false solar center of willpower. The 333 also represents all the false trinities in the Babylonian world systems. I used to always see and love these numbers until I went from mixed wine to new wine in a new wineskin.

Yashuah was the LAST ADAM, the LAST HUMAN BEING. This is very important to realize and experience because until you wake up and begin to live as a new creation, a new Christ-like being, a new divine-natured creature, you will stay in tribulation, suffering and pain that will increase and multiply until you wake up to the Truth. When we are not congruent with the Truth, we live in conflict, division, stress and it leads to all sorts of negative things. “Double-minded humans receive nothing of Elohim” The suffering external world is just a reflection of what is happening within human beings who don’t know they are living a lie. We are living in a divided house; divided politics; divided religion; divided classes and races; and divided body, soul and spirit that is also divided from our Source. The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come Home!”


Yashuah changed everything, there are no more living human beings. Human beings are inhabited by spirits of sin, death, and darkness leading to seven deadly sins and the seven demonic angels that the ego tries to sweep out of the body and they are just replaced by seven more evil spirits. The seven angels bringing seven plagues have access to those humans who do not wake up and become reborn from Above by the Spirit and Fire of God. Plagues, disease, tribulation and evil spirits cannot enter the house (body temple) of Christ’s brides for they are one body and one Spirit with God, clothed with the Presence. Yashuah removed the seven demons from Mary Magdalene and replaced them with the seven spirits from the Throne and she was able to see the higher Truth and stay with him through the crucifixion, be there when he resurrected and be the first apostle: sent to tell the Good News (even though the disciples did not believe her and religion distorted her). She was a pre-ascension type and shadow of the Bride, the wife of the Lamb!

There used to be only Jews and Gentiles; now there are only two groups on the earth: brides of Christ and harlots. There are only Christ-beings or antichrist-beings. There are only those of every nation, race, gender, culture, religion and family who are equally yoked with Christ, joined in oneness with Abba; or separated from Abba our one Father. There are only those who accept and receive the Love; and those who reject the Love of our Abba Father. The Truth is there is only one body and one Spirit, so you are either alive in Christ or you are a walking dead human being, vulnerable to sickness, disease, entropy and death. Not knowing the Truth makes you vulnerable and naked and open for tribulation and suffering. Being clothed in the Truth, clothed in the Awareness of God, clothed in the Presence, clothed in the Kingdom, clothed in Christ, means you are invulnerable, immovable, immortal, invincible, and imperishable! There are no more human beings, Jesus was the last Adam! We are the image and likeness of Christ, entirely new beings with divine natures! Wake up and know the Truth and be set free!


Yashuah overcame the world, disarmed the powers and principalities and made a public example of them, triumphing over them; the only way evil has any access is through a human body. They are waterless clouds and need a human body to inhabit to be able to exist. The only reason there is evil in the world is because mistaken identity human beings have misguidedly opened the door and let them live in their body. If you clean house, more just come in! The door to evil is opened by living as a separate self apart from oneness with God. There is only Goodness, Light and Love in God without opposite! Yashuah is the only one who can shut the door to evil that cannot be opened and open the Door for us to be one with our Abba Father which no one can shut! Once this Door is opened through the veil to Abba, Yashuah knocks on your heart’s door, and it is up to us to open it from the inside and let him come into every room, every cell, every molecule and every sub molecular space in our body, and inhabit our entire being. The ascended Christ will raise you up to sit on the throne with him! You become a king with the King of kings in the Kingdom of heaven on earth; you become a priest with the High Priest, carrying the Presence in the Kingdom on earth. You become the light and glory of the world, carrying the Presence, for the Glory of God!

Human Being Filled With Light, Surrounded by the Light

The human divided body, soul and spirit: the dragon (body), beast (soul) and false prophet (human spirit apart from God), is transformed by Christ Jesus into the new earth (physical body equally yoked with Jesus) and the new heavens (soul: mind, heart, will, and spirit, yoked with Holy Spirit)! The two becomes one! We become one body and one Spirit with Christ; we become the wife of the Lamb! “Come, I will show you the Bride, the Wife of the Lamb” Rev 21:9.

The harlot (human men and women) glorifies herself and is defiled with religious spirits and elemental spirits of the universe. The harlot seeks her own enlightenment, works for her own ascension, lifts herself up, creates man-made religions, makes doctrines and precepts, works through levels of self-mastery to gain light or divinity (what we already have in Christ), puts on scarlet, purple and crimson, gold and silver accouterments, is self-righteous, prideful (while outwardly acting humble), arrogant (while speaking peace), egoic, self-centered, self-serving and seeks higher positions of authority and power. “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot” Rev 17:1.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

There are only two beings in the world: the bride and the harlot and only the bride exists in the Kingdom of the new heavens on earth! In the Presence of God in the present moment, in the eternal now, there IS only the bride, one body and one Spirit with God. The harlot with a human body of the dragon (ruled by the reptilian brain), a soul of the beast (mind heart and will ruled by the mammalian brain) and spirit of the false prophet (mind separate from God) IS NOT in the present moment, the eternal now (Rev 17:8-11). The harlot only exists in the past and future (was, IS NOT, and is to come); in the eternal new now, the present moment, only the bride exists (was, is and is to come)! All you have to do to go from harlot to bride is Wake up to receive the entire inheritance, kingdom, identity, endowments, gifts and new Life of Christ Jesus! Everything else leads to death, entropy, tribulation, conflict, dis-ease, suffering, pain, etc., etc., etc.

Yashuah leads to Truth that sets you free; resurrection and ascension that leads to Life and Life Abundant! O Rapture! O Heart’s Delight! O Glory Divine! Blessed Assurance! Jesus IS mine!! Believe and Receive! Receive and Be! Be and Become perfectly one with God! Arise, shine; for your light has come and the glory has risen upon you! You are no longer human, rejoice! Adam and Eves are dead; Christ is the one body and one Spirit of the new creation. We are coheirs; we are sons of God! You are no longer an orphan spirit, rejoice! You are no longer a widow spirit, rejoice! Rejoice! Be glad! Shout! Blow the Trumpet! We are Brides! Rejoice again! The Truth will set you free! Awe! Wonder! Rapture!!!!

The Two Become One; the drop enters the ocean of Glory!

The Two Become One; the drop enters the ocean of Glory!


* “As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so live in him, rooted and built up in him…see to it that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the universe, and not according to Christ: for in him the whole fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily, and you have come to fullness of Life in him, who is the head of all rule and authority. In him you were also circumcised without hands, by putting off the human flesh body; you were buried with Jesus in baptism, raised with him through faith…God made you alive together with Christ, having forgiven all our trespasses, having canceled the bond which stood against us with its legal demands; nailing it to the cross. He disarmed the principalities and powers and made a public example of them, triumphing over them in him…let no one pass judgment on you…let no one disqualify you…hold fast to the Head, from whom the whole body, nourished and knit together through its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God. If you died with Christ to the elemental spirits of the universe, why do you live as if you still belong to the world? [Why do you believe the lie that we are still human beings, not new Christ beings?] Why do you submit to regulations or human precepts and doctrines? We are raised with Christ…set your minds on things above, not things of the earth. For you have died, and your life is hid with Christ in God. Christ is our Life…put the human being to death…put off the old human nature…and put on the new divine nature which is renewed in knowledge in the image of our Creator. Here there is no differences or distinctions, but Christ is all, and in all” Colossians 2:6-23 to 3:1-11

“From now on we regard no one from a human point of view” 2 Cor 5:16

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There is Nothing Wrong With You!


There is nothing wrong with you, you only have been led to believe there is! All marketing campaigns are designed to make you believe there is something wrong so you are convinced you need what they are selling to make you okay, lovable, worthy, likable, accepted or complete. Sex has been placed on a pedestal and the public manipulated into thinking that attaining a world-standard of sexiness will result in happiness; women to be sex objects of desire and men as sex-crazed fickle animals that use, abuse and throw away old sex toys. This is a lie! There is a rapture, ecstasy, bliss and glory that is way beyond physical sex. The enmity between men and women is a lie; enmity between races is a lie; enmity between religions is a manipulated lie. Those devoid of the Spirit seek to divide and conquer; just say “no!” Say yes and amen to our one Father who is above all and through all and in all! Say unity in the bond of peace with Freedom to worship and express the one Spirit in your own unique way!

There is nothing wrong with you; only your thinking has been manipulated. Come out of the hive mind! Tune out the messages thrown at you consciously and subliminally by television programming, commercials, media, magazines, marketing campaigns, movies, popular culture, and the music industry. Tune into the still, small voice of Truth! Be led by the Spirit to Beauty in music, art, theater, and creative expression!


Come out of false religion! Know the source of what you join. Replace doctrines and precepts of men with a direct, personal, intimate relationship with the one Spirit of our Creator. Stop worshiping the creation and the creation’s creations. Go direct! Praise, worship, enter the Glory Realm and become one with the Most High! The Most High dwells above the highest heavens and in the innermost being of those who are sincere in their heart.

There is nothing wrong with you; only your feelings have been messed with! You have been blasted with fear inducing images and sound bites. You have been inundated with confusion, disinformation, Hegelian dialectics or playing off both sides. You have been exposed to fear-porn, sexual porn, perversion desensitization, opinion herding, attitude manipulation and skepticism/doubt infusion. Fear, anxiety, doubt and depression are externally forced upon your senses to drive your limbic system into overdrive and send your body into reptilian instinctual fear, fight, flight, freeze mode. Your neocortex has been distracted and numbed; your pineal gland calcified and turned off. Turn to Abba Father and be realigned to the Truth and Life! Ask Christ’s Spirit to purify, refine and make you white as snow in the Blood, Spirit, Fire and River of Water of Life! Rest in the Holy One as his Spirit rests upon you! Breathe in his Peace! “Be still and know I am God.”


There is nothing wrong with you; experiences, circumstances and appearances have just led you to judge from satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Come out of this mind to the tree of life! Put on the higher Mind of Christ and you will see physical appearances begin to change!

Come out of manipulated false religion and come Home to your First Love! We all have the same First Love: our Maker! We have one Source of life and we are all a family! We all want to love and be loved. We have more in common than different. We are all free to love and worship the one Spirit as we see fit. Secret societies hide the true source of their religion, organization, or institution; just go direct to the one Spirit revealed by Immanuel. Christ in us is the hope of glory; Christ expressed through us is heaven on earth! We are one body through the amazing Gift of Yahshuah who reconciled all people back to our Source, our Creator of heaven and earth. Don’t believe men; believe the one Spirit, our Father! “Let God be true though every man be false” Romans 3:4. Receive the pure Love of our Father!


There is nothing wrong with you! We have been fed lies; we have had a steady diet of falsehoods to manipulate and control us so we would not wake up and realize that we are not who we have been taught to believe we are. We are children of the Most High! We are royal, sovereign, spiritual beings! We are all in one Loving Family, with one Loving Father! We were made for glory; we were made to go from glory to Glory!

Yahshua Hamashiach gave us a kingdom that is heaven on earth, no difference, and made us all kings and priests to the Holy One. This means we have the image and likeness of our Father, we are heirs and kings who rule and reign in absolute peace, love, joy and harmony in the royal kingdom. This means we carry the Presence of God as priests, the ark of the covenant of oneness is within us! Christ is within us, the King of kings; the Kingdom is within us; and the Presence is within us! Spirit and Fire surround us, clothe us and fill us! Let yourself be embraced, enfolded, transformed, and infused with the ascended Life of the Holy One!

There is nothing wrong with you!

The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”


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Married in Spirit!


I heard a relationship expert yesterday say the new trend is to find your first love and rekindle a romance. Funny how we play out things of the Spirit on a physical level thinking it will bring us happiness. In Hosea, the woman is unhappy so she thinks she will go back to her first husband “I will go and return to my first husband, for it was better with me then than now.” But like the woman at the well who had five husbands and none of them were really her husband, the man or woman who is disappointed in a relationship or marriage and attempts to leave one and find another are just a slave to the ego who is and never will be satisfied, ever! Our separate self is always seeking something more, greater, younger, sexier, more attractive, more desirable; and will never be satisfied for very long before it will go in search of something it thinks is better, different or more stimulating.

The truth is the false self, the separate self, can never be happy or fulfilled because it is not who we are! We are a spiritual being in a physical body and our first Love is the one Spirit we came forth from! Our First Love is the Source of Life and we will never be completely satisfied or fulfilled until we reconcile and remarry our True Spirit! The best part is we do not have to do anything to prepare for this reconciliation; come as you are! The Wedding Feast is already prepared; everything is already done! All we have to do is come as you are right now!


Give up seeking and searching! Yield your body, soul and spirit to the one Spirit! Surrender all the ego’s agenda which is self-serving, self-righteous, self-seeking enlightenment, self-seeking godhood, self-seeking light or ascension. Just come to the one body, the glorified body of Yahshuah, and he will take you to Abba Father and the Wedding Feast! Only Yahushuah can clothe you with himself (the white as snow wedding garment); clothe you with glory, the Presence of God, so you can eat the Wedding Feast as one Spirit! When you eat the Wedding Feast (intimately commune with the ascended Christ Spirit), you become what you eat! When you behold the face of Abba and his Lamb, you become what you see! When you receive the substance of Abba’s Love, you can Love Abba and Love one another as yourself that is one with Abba! You become a happy, united royal Family, married in Spirit in one glorified body, living in the Kingdom of heaven on earth!

“There is one body and one Spirit” Ephesians 4:4. The two become one again!


It is not the physical that brings us happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. It is rejoining the one glorified body and the one Spirit that gives everlasting Joy and fulfillment! When we are surrounded by glory, the Presence of God, enfolded in Spirit and Fire, and embraced by Love without an opposite, we are complete, perfect and lack nothing! We lack nothing, which means we have everything we need or ever could need; everything else is just icing on the cake! We realize with conscious awareness that we are complete in Him and can now just Love and be Loved, create, enjoy, laugh, sing, dance, express, glow, shine, and spread the glory (Presence of God)! It no longer matters what you do, but who you be! When you do out of being one with the Spirit and Fire of God, all creation rejoices and transforms! In the glory, all things are made new and glorious!!!!

“She did not know that it was I who gave her the grain (food/fulfillment for the body), the wine (food/fulfillment for the soul), and the oil (food/fulfillment for the spirit) and lavished upon her silver (Holy Spirit) and gold (Christ)…so she went after other lovers and forgot me, says Yah. Therefore I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. And there I will give her her vineyards, and make the valley of heart-break a door of hope. And there she shall answer as in the days of her youth…And in that Day you will call me, ‘My Husband’ and I will betroth you to Me for ever…I will answer the heavens and they shall answer the earth; and the earth shall answer the grain, the wine, and the oil, and I will sow the tree of life seed in you and you will be my beloveds, my people, my brides” Hosea 2:7-23

Come Home to your one body and one Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!

hand in hand with the sun



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Heavenly Bridalicious Thoughts!

Love-Heart-Drop-silvery crown

How many thoughts do we have each day? Estimates are tens of thousands, many being run through your mind from external sources, mindless, unconscious, subliminal; with a steady stream of stimuli coming in our eye and ear gates. That is why it is beneficial to take some time to be mindful; examine your thoughts, watch your thoughts like you would watch clouds pass by overhead. “Be still and know that I am God.” Restore your soul in the green pastures by the still waters. Quiet your mind by dropping your awareness into your heart space…

Our relationship with Abba Father is reflected in our thoughts, which come from our beliefs. What you don’t believe is filtered out of your awareness by your brain, which receives innumerable messages all day, every day! The subconscious mind processes everything and is a gate that lets only the data that support your beliefs into your conscious awareness. Our thoughts create our feelings, and what we think about our feelings creates our emotions. If our thoughts are negative, twisted, perverted, distorted or earth-bound, our feelings will be of shame, blame, anger, fear, sadness, resentment, worry, bitterness, pessimism or doubt. Our emotions then color our thoughts and we are in a vicious circle, a downward spiral.

If our relationship with our Father is that of a slave to a master, we will begrudgingly attempt to obey a harsh taskmaster and there will be no joy, just a sense of duty or obligation. If our relationship is as a friend, we will have an easy, light companionship, but we won’t be the image and likeness of God, and there will still be separation or differences between us. If our relationship becomes as a son to his Father, we will inherit the kingdom and have a familial resemblance, but we will still want to go to our own room and spend time away from our Father! We will still have a separate identity, meaning we are still in duality (eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil).

But if we become a bride of Abba, one body and one Spirit with Christ, we are intimately related; we know our Beloved and want to share everything; want to get inside our Beloved, spend all our time together and be as one! We definitely will start to look alike and finish each other’s sentences! We will be passionate about each other, desire to please our Bridegroom, delight in each other and have rapturous, joyful, mind-blowing encounters and amazing experiences that just multiply and increase our Love’s pure Light! Our Love and Joy become so contagious that they fill the earth with more radiating Light; ripples of pure Love bathing the earth! NHOEN!!!!

Heart as Water Droplet

Slave thoughts lead to more slave mentality. Friend thoughts lead to more friend consciousness. Son thoughts lead to more son and daughter awareness. But heavenly bridal thoughts lead to more Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Goodness, Passion, Delight, Rapture, Mind-blowing experiences and encounters, as well as transfiguration, translocation, and transmutation of the world into the Kingdom of heaven on earth! The Bride becomes one body and one Spirit with Abba! The Bride is one body and one Spirit with the Christ! The Bride says, “It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me, as me!” The Bride says, “I surrender all; I am hid in Christ!” The Bride says, “I yield my all; Christ is my all in all!” Christ is all and in all; Christ is perfectly one with our Creator!

The upward spiral begins with Bridal Consciousness, awareness of the upward call to be one again with our Maker, our First Love, our Source of all Love and Life! Our belief in the teaching of Jesus that he has already given us his glory so we may be one with his Father so we may become perfectly one, allows our brain to stop filtering out the higher Truths. Our thoughts are elevated to heavenly things, which changes our feelings to higher Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Wholeness, Completeness, unlimited potential and infinite possibilities! Our emotions transmute to Fullness of Joy, Rapture, Delight, Ecstasy, Bliss, Absorption into Love, Oneness, and Unity in Spiritual Marriage as we think with the same mind as Christ’s Mind about our feelings of oneness with Abba!!!!

“Break with the past to know Christ, in order to gain Christ and be found in him, having his righteousness through faith; that I may know our Creator and the dunamis Power of his resurrection; become like Jesus in the death of all human Adamic inheritance/lineage, that I may attain the resurrection from the dead and be the image and likeness of Christ, the new being” paraphrase Phil 3:1-11

“Let steadfastness have its effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” James 1:4

“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect; but I press on to make it my own” Phil 3:12

“One thing I do, forget what lies behind and straining forward to be one body and one Spirit (spiritually married as bride), I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God to be his bride…hold true to what you attain…our commonwealth is in heaven on earth…allow the ascended Christ to send his Spirit and Fire to change your lowly body to be like his glorious body (the new birth), by his dunamis Power” paraphrase Phil 3:13-21

“The glory which you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one” John 17:22

“The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” Come out of the duality mind of satan, neurological trees of good and evil in your brain. Come into perfect oneness, nonduality, the neuronal tree of life, the ascended Christ! Have the same Mind! Have the same one body, one Spirit! Have the same glorified body, soul and spirit; become perfectly one by entertaining bridal thoughts! Create a new neuronal network of heavenly thoughts!

Crowned with Gold and Silver: Christ and Holy Spirit, wearing the white Wedding Garment of Abba Father!

Crowned with Gold and Silver: Christ and Holy Spirit, wearing the white Wedding Garment of Abba Father!

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Soul Feast!


Our physical body is fed by bread; our soul is fed by the Bread of Life! Our body temple is filled with the Holy Spirit and Fire of God when we eat the Bread of Life and drink the Blood of the Lamb! Our transformed soul (mind, heart, will) becomes the fruit of the Spirit! The fruit of our transformed soul is Love, Peace, Joy, Goodness, Gentleness, Kindness, Patience, Faithfulness and Self-Control! Our transfigured body becomes a tree of life watered by the River of the Water of Life; a verdant, lush, green vineyard in the NHOEN! We begin to produce the new wine!!!!!!!!

“Man shall not live by bread only, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4

I have lived by the two words that preceded out of God’s mouth at my dad’s transition: “Glory Divine” which have continued to open me, fill me, fulfill me and continue to satisfy my soul! Words from God have great power (dunamis or resurrection power) to transform and fulfill God’s purpose in us. Jesus is the author and finisher; when Christ begins a work in us, he also completes the work! It is endlessly fascinating to watch God work in and through us! Awe! Wonder!


Our body, soul and spirit are fed by the Blood, Word, Light, Sound, Glory, Fire, Spirit and Water of Life! We reunite and transfigure body, soul and spirit to be one new being with God: the image and likeness of Christ! We reunite with Christ to be one new bride with our Beloved, our First Love! How beautiful, tender and sweet! Awe! Awwwwww! Wowerful! Wonderful!

Eat, drink and be merry! Feast on Christ, the Light, Glory, Sound, Bread, Resurrection, Ascension Life, Wisdom, Power, Understanding, Revelation, Knowledge, Awe, Spirit of God, and so much more!!!! Be spiritually married with God: body, soul and spirit! Be perfectly one! Be one body and one Spirit with Christ! Receive the entire royal inheritance of the kingdom of God! Receive the new royal name: son of God and bride of the Lamb! Receive the royal ring, the signet, identifying you in the lineage of the royal kingdom of heaven on earth! Receive the royal robes, white as snow, washed in the Blood of the Lamb! Receive the golden sash to keep your White Wedding Garment on your body! Receive the Mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit seal on your forehead! Receive the breastplate of righteousness as Christ Jesus is in your heart; Holy Spirit is the breath filling your lungs! Receive the Truth that sets you Free! Receive Peace in your feet to always walk as Jesus walked! Be the Light and shine for others to see the Way!

Feast and be merry as you are Married to God, reconciled, and equally yoked forever and ever in the eternally new now, the present moment that never ends! Joy unspeakable! Rapture! Glory Divine! Awe-inspiring! Amazement!

white rose

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Freedom to Live!


We have been set free to live in fullness and abundance! We have been set free to Love, freely, fully, completely, holding nothing back! We are free to be who we were created to be! We are free to worship God in the way we choose! God is not partial and does not make distinctions; all are welcome and invited to enter the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN)! Only those who reunite with God in oneness may enter through the Door in the Heart opened by Jesus, who removed the veil between God and humans; between heaven and earth. Only Love, those who love God and love each other, can enter the new city. Only those who are reconciled with God and heavenly consciousness in right relationship, can enter the new Awareness. We are the only one who can keep ourself out of the NHOEN by either not knowing the Truth or choosing to stay separated.

We were all set free by the finished work of Jesus. In the fullness of time, God came to earth to raise human beings up to be newly created beings in the image and likeness of Christ with a divine nature. We were set free as a collective human race to receive a new name, a new identity, and a new city, the new heavens on earth to reside in conscious awareness of perfect oneness with God. We are all welcome and all invited! It is now up to each individual to come! Many will make excuses; many will feel unworthy or carry too much religious baggage or carry too much traumatic or negative life experience luggage who self-select out. The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!” Just Come!

We are set free to live beyond our wildest dreams! We are set free to Love! We are set free to be Free and Free indeed! Everything is done, the Banquet is on the table; just come! The only thing you have to conquer is your own mind! Conquer and be drawn up with Jesus to sit on the throne with Christ, rule and reign with God from heaven to earth!

Our spirit man in the center of our being is Christ; open the door and let him out to fill your body, soul and spirit, and express outward into the world! Be the Light of the world; be the Light of Awareness of God, whole, complete and lacking nothing! Our heaven-set mind, heart and will are the new heavens; our body is the new earth when it is filled with all the fullness of God! Hear! Thirst! Desire! Take the Water of Life without price!

“Know the Love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” Ephesians 3:19


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