New Intimacy!

Information about God doesn’t transform our hearts; having the experience of our Father’s Love for us personally does.

“I pour my Love into your heart by and through the Holy Spirit” ~Our Father and God

Living in the Love and Approval of our Father as a son, after the orphan spirit leaves,

led by the Spirit of God in our spirit,

living Face to face, Heart to heart, and Spirit in spirit is true intimacy.

Relationship instead of religion,

eating of Christ’s Tree of Life which is Life giving, instead of satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is death giving,

we delight in our Father and he gives us the desires of our heart!

His deepest Desires for us and our desires become one!

When we know who God created us to be, we have the freedom to be!

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Pure Father’s Love

He says, “All of Me loves all of you…

just receive,

let this Pure Love pour into your heart by My Holy Spirit,

and be circulated to your whole spirit and soul and body.

Soak in the River of my Spirit into your roots,

be refreshed,



on my tree of life,

my Christ!”

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Safe Refuge

Just come through the open Door of Christ Jesus and let our Father love you with a love you always longed for but didn’t think you deserved, thought you were not worthy of, not good enough or didn’t matter enough to receive…

that you are unloveable, unworthy, not good enough or not enough is the lie of the Deceiver…

God is Love; God is Light without any darkness at all; and holy, righteous, pure Spirit and Truth…and He loves everything he created for he is Love. He Loves you and wants a relationship with you so he can pour His Love into your heart though Holy Spirit and revive all that is hidden, lost, covered over…the Son, the glory of the Father, Christ’s image and likeness!

This is the Truth;

you are not an orphan or a widow in God,

you are a son of our Father and a bride of the Son!

Thank you Father! pour your Spirit upon all flesh! Come Home to the Father, the only true, safe refuge for your heart. He is gentle, humble and all Powerful…

Your heart is safe with Him…

and so is everything else!

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Shaking Mindsets

You no longer want to be a part of the mind of the world,

come out of her,

through the open Door

to freedom,

from the prison mindsets of the world’s kingdoms,

to the Kingdom Mind,

not set in stone,

but flowing with the ever-renewing River of Spirit,

the ever-renewing Mind of Christ: the new heaven on earth now and is to come from glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory…

You no longer can stand to be a part of the world mind–to put it bluntly, it is a prison mindset of the antiChrist spirit, the ruling spirit of prison mindsets–causing all stumbling and falling–loosing your balance–loosing your mind–loosing your peace–loosing your inheritance in Christ.

“Come out of her, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues” (Revelation 18:4)  (4 is the number of completion in the world under the god of this world; 7 is the number of completion in God, the Creator of heaven and earth)

Her mindset, the Queen Mindset of the hive mind, the consensus trance of the world is OF the antiChrist mindset. She is arrogant like queen bey (symbolic) who demands others bow down to her baal-ness and her babylonian fertility rituals, distract the masses-put a “spell” on you; flattery like the black “abomination” (metaphorical) who told you what you wanted to hear while he took freedom from you; and the counterfeit christ, like the white and black vicar, jesuitical (deceptive/fakery/hypocritical), on both sides of every conflict because they are on the hidden side of antiChrist spirit (allegorical).

It is found in all mindSETS of the world, humanism, atheism, agnosticism, gnosticism, all prisms of world mindSETS and world religions including churchianity, denominations which all have a mindset set in stone as does the roman catholic church; mindsets that replaced the original pure Mind of Christ OF the Spirit of God after 70 AD, the great tribulation, the “shattering of the holy people” the Jews who were not Jews but the synagogue of satan. The Kingdom of heaven on earth, Christ’s Mind flowing with Holy Spirit river, was given to the remnant and the Gentiles: every nation, tribe, tongue and people groups on earth.

My spirit really resonates with the 70 years of Daniel’s prophesy being 0-70 AD: the birth of Jesus, God with us, Immanuel, The Christ sent for all humanity, to the complete destruction of the external temple, no stone left unturned in 70 AD. The 40 year grace period between Christ Jesus’ ministry 30 AD to 70 AD, the patient forbearance of our Father, the loving kindness that all would come to repentance, like Saul who persecuted Christians to Paul (from a mind set in stone to Christ Mind), all were given merciful time to turn from the world and antiChrist mind to the Kingdom Mind of Christ flowing with the Holy Spirit.

“Do not be afraid, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you Christ’s Kingdom”

We are either of the world mind of the antiChrist spirit or we are of the Kingdom of Christ of His Mind. We are either fed by media, hollywood, fallen stars/angels/spirits, world leaders of this present darkness or we are fed by Christ: his Word and Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and fire shake and burn old mindsets; we can’t know and partake of something that is beyond the consciousness we are in. You  may think a religious spirit is better than an atheist spirit but they are both of the antiChrist spirit. The Christ Spirit is for all; none are excluded; we can only exclude ourselves by allowing the world’s mindset to continue in us, being fed from satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of waking up and receiving the Light of Truth and Life of Christ to feed from His Father’s tree of life.

We can do nothing of our own human will power except try, try and try, which results in getting more and more trying. But when we are clothed with fire Power from on high and breathed by the Holy Spirit, we are overcomers, more than conquerors in Christ, with his renewing Mind, renewed continuously with the Spirit rivers from above, out of heaven from God, into our spirit and soul and body. The new temple that houses our perfected spirit and completed soul yoked with Christ, the glory returned to the temple! the latter glory greater than the former!

Jesus did everything he saw the Father doing; now see what the Holy Spirit is doing and join in! we hear the Voice of the Counselor and we are led to the springs of Living Water!



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Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?

I hope not…

hear Him!

hear His Heart for you,

to live in His Promises and Possibilities in you!

Listen to Him and be led by Him!

I delight in Him!

even one Word from Him is full of life and Spirit,

even His silence is pregnant with fullness!

Be still with Him and know…

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There is another Side!

So you say you are not seeing a new heaven and a new earth? You are only hearing bad news? You are still living in fear, apprehension of the future, anxiety, depression, stress, burned out, jaded, cynical, hating life, working hard and getting no where…

or maybe apathetic, lukewarm, just getting by, or maybe fed up, at your wit’s end, at the end of your rope, maybe even suicidal or having hateful, even murderous thoughts against somebody? You are not at peace, your heart is troubled…

You are not seeing healing, deliverance, or people set free; you are not personally experiencing perfect health, perfect love, perfect harmony, perfect peace and fullness of Joy?

Jesus says, “throw your net on the other side”

You have to get up out of the world, out of the status quo, alive in fallen Adam and dead to Christ, alive to sin and death and dead to righteousness under the world rulers of this present darkness, working, striving, efforting, trying to be a good person, struggling with temptations and sin,

or if someone has enough hurt, disappointments, pain and unmet needs, they may turn and try to be an evil person who tries to hurt others out of their own uncomforted hurts buried in their soul, and the poison poisons the whole lump of clay…

The leaven of satan leavens the whole body, soul and spirit…

the leaven of Christ leavens the whole spirit and soul and body…

You have to take a step, stand up,

and move to the other side of the CROSS, the cursed tree of knowledge of good and evil, satan’s tree you were grafted on by Adam when he fell away from heaven on earth and God as Father, supplying every need in exceeding abundantly more, before they even had to ask…when Adam fell, you inherited the fall of consciousness…

but when you inherit Christ’s resurrected Life, the tree of life, through the finished work of the cross, you are transferred from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son…

and you have to take the initiative to move to the other side of the boat, the ship…

from religion-ship to relation-Ship with Christ, to know you are in the boat with Christ Jesus crossing the ocean of suffering from satan’s tree/cross to the post-cross kingdom of resurrection, ascension, and glorified Life and Truth,

the Holy Spirit with and in you,

led by the Spirit of God,

his fire continuously enlivening, empowering, and revitalizing your transformed body! his Mind continuously renewing you! his Spirit continuously teaching, guiding, healing, anointing, manifesting, and expressing in and through you!

“We are not waiting for God; God is waiting for us!” Steve Harnett

Get UP and move to the other side; move to the finished work of the cross in resurrected Christ Jesus and live as a kingdom-citizen of heaven on earth now, here, right where you are planted! root, grow, leaf, bud, blossom, fruit!!!!!!! Christ!!!!!!!

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The Greatest Adventure

The greatest adventure is discovering the length, breadth, depth and height of the Love of Christ…

beyond words…

beyond knowledge…

to encounter,

experience beyond knowledge,

to root and ground in Love, in Christ Himself,

grow up into His Head under the Crown of the King of Glory,

that opens the Door of heaven to the Father of Glory,

to pour down out of heaven from God

every good endowment and every perfect gift,

the River of Spirit and the fire of his divine glory

to make you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb of God!

Not only invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb

for which you are blessed,

but also wearing the white garment the Son gave you,

the garment of salvation and righteousness,

the gold refined by His fire that brings the impurities to the surface so you can see to discard them,

and the eye salve so you can see what the Spirit is doing and join Him,

led by the Spirit of God,

you become one flesh with the Son and one Spirit with the Father!

On our wedding Day,

the Day only the Father knows when you will be ripe to see and hear and receive all the Father is wanting and waiting to give you.

The Day of Christ,

for the Jewish sunset of the old covenant

is the Christ-like-ian’s Sonrise of the new Dawn in us,

the morning star rising in our heart!

We experience his Presence and his Spirit in our body,

our yearning soul finally filled and fulfilled with the manifest presence of His fire and Spirit,

our spirit made perfect with his Holy Spirit!

Having received we stand; we stand firm on the Rock Foundation and know we are standing on holy ground!

We are standing in his Presence on holy ground…

let it flow up into your feet, rise up your legs to your trunk, filling every major nerve center with his Love, Light and Spirit River until your body temple is contiguous with the River of water of Life from the throne in heaven!

Heaven meets earth in you,

making your body water the new sea filled with glory from sea to Shining Sea of Heaven,

the glory returned to your temple,

your living body consecrated to God,

making you a city set on Christ’s Hill,

shining His Light in the world;

instead of a bushel on your head,

His Crown of Light,

your seven-part body temple filled with the seven rivers of spirits from the throne,

your body the seven-part lampstand,

our Father’s Lamb your inner lamp,

our Father’s glory your inner light!

Then the adventure begins again, from glory to glory to glory!!!!!!!

(Ephesians 3:14-21; James 1:17; 2 Peter 1:19; Matthew 5:14-16; Malachi 4:1-4; Revelation ch 21-22)

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Citizens of Heaven on Earth!

You are being controlled to think what is not real, being lulled into the consensus trance, the hive mind of the antiChrist spirit, the world rulers of this present darkness, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness that want to obliterate all vestiges of Christ on earth: the One who has overcome the world, conquered everything including death; the One in whom you could live, move and have your being in Peace instead of going through tribulation that is guaranteed to those who demand that the status quo be returned along with its abomination, beast, false prophet, false religious systems, and harlot rule.

You have “sided” or aligned or united with the hate, mockery, derision, denial,  and rejection of the Real Life of the true, resurrected, ascended, glorified Holy One who is pure Innocence, pure Love, perfect Peace, pure Awareness, pure consciousness of God, pure righteousness, in right relationship with the Creator of all that is in heaven and on earth.

Do you not see that you are “stirred up” to use hate speech (what you used to defend against), mocking, deriding, arrogantly putting President Donald John Trump and his wife and his children down to make yourself look better by bonding with the spirit of the world to elevate yourself; the self that is man-made, an imposter, a mask, a false identity that the antiChrist spirit of the world has put on you; taught you to fear and be anxious; to feel unsafe and helpless…

to keep you facing the back wall of Plato’s cave in darkness, seeing only shadows on the wall lit by an artificial light, instead of turning around and walking with Christ into the real, true Light that enlighten all human beings.

You are bonding over hatred of a person (making yourself of antiChrist spirit), instead of uniting in the Spirit of God in the bond of peace of a new heaven and a new earth in Christ. You want to make yourself God instead of submitting to the Creator of heaven and earth and returning to the image and likeness of God; the Gift you have already been given over 2000 years ago (the two “times” after the “time” and now in the “half-time”; are you looking at luciferian images or Christ to be remade in the likeness of Christ?).

You want everyone to become citizens of USA instead of knowing the truth that all human beings are citizens of heaven on earth and are deceived into seeking paradise outside themselves instead of finding the kingdom of God within and waking up to their True Identity with Christ in God. Just as everyone can’t live in the the tiny nation of Israel, all are not destined to live in the USA, but all are to become sovereign nationals right where they are planted now, to receive the Living Water of the Spirit of God through Christ to root and grow into the Head, the Christ, and receive all of the inheritance of the Son as sons of God in their nation. The antiChrist is the cause behind every conflict, terrorist act and war; in Christ we all may enter Peace. The prophesy of Christ Jesus was not to all move to Israel (Jerusalem) or all move to USA (new Jerusalem?), but all to bring New Jerusalem into their own heart, to bring heaven to earth in each person in every nation on earth, every tongue, every tribe, every person know Christ in you.

You don’t know you are resisting and protesting against God, against his Perfect Plan in Christ that is hidden in your heart, and the ruler of this world has gone into hyper-mode to keep you from knowing the Truth that is the only thing that can set you free, and the earth free to transform into the new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells in every nation.

You are not destined to flood other nation’s borders, that is the antiChrist’s hidden agenda and hidden dark plan to overcome the resources of America by overwhelming her and try and make the last bastion of Christianity to fall. What the media called a “dark” inaugural speech was the opposite; it was a call to turn around in Plato’s cave, living in the shadows you are familiar and comfortable with, and take the hand of Christ and walk out of the cave into a new heaven and a new earth as Citizens of Heaven on earth in America and in your own nations as sovereign nationals and bloom where you are planted, being grafted on the tree of life with Christ in God.

If you saw the inaugural speech as dark, it is showing you the darkness hidden within. “You don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are.” If hearing that the darkness is of the antiChrist spirit within you, makes you self-righteously outraged and more arrogant instead of humbling you to your knees and repenting, you have confirmed the antiChrist spirit of the world in you…

The new heaven on earth now is found within each person who wakes up and receives the true Light of Christ that enlightens, now in Spirit in you and is to come physically manifested as you work out what God will work in you with Christ in you.

You don’t know yet, so you go with the flow of the spirit of the world not knowing that it is a fraud, a deception, a lie that you have bought into instead of waking up and receiving the Life, Truth and Way to your sovereignty in Abba Father through his Christ who comes into your heart and changes everything so  you can receive all you need and so much more! “God supplies all your needs” “All things are possible with Christ in you.”

Find Christ in you and you find your true Self: co-heir with Christ of all the fullness of God to dwell bodily. “Do you not know that the spirit of antiChrist is in you until you wake up and receive the Spirit of Christ?” “Do  you not know that your body is to be the temple of God that the glory returns to?” “Do you not know that your body is to receive of the River of Water of Life from the throne; the inflow of the seven rivers (spirits) from the throne, to become the outflow in the world that changes the desert wilderness to God’s garden oasis: not just Israel, not just America, but every nation in every person.

You don’t travel physically to the promised land in the new covenant; you invite the promised land to come in you: Christ in you, his River of Spirit in you, his Tree of Life in you that fruits only love, peace, joy, righteousness, light, wisdom, understanding, knowledge of Abba Father, counsel, power, awe, wonder and miracles!

Stop trying to change the world; let Christ in you to change you, to be the change you want to see, and be who you really are, not refugees trying to get into the USA, not paupers, not orphans, not widows, not syrians or somalis, not muslims or jews, but all citizens of heaven on earth with the birthright of God, in every nation to live, move and have you being in Christ and the Bridegroom in you! This is the only thing that will transform the world to a NHOEN. Let the Potter rework your clay instead of trying to change your physical geographical location; the kingdom of God is found within, not in the USA!

Wake up to your real identity in Christ and receive the inheritance in Christ, The Messiah for all human beings now. Don’t follow the antiChrist spirit anymore; receive the Holy Spirit of God to flow in you and lead you as a son of God right where you were planted!

Sing a new Song of the new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells (within those who let Christ in, not go looking for God in the world or a particular geographical area). Citizens of Heaven on earth awake! awake in all! all across the earth! reFORM! fill with Christ Spirit! arise! shine!

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Resist Not!

You do not need anything in the world to be different to be okay…

your upset is not about what is going on in the world,

and resisting it…

the upset is about what is going on in your heart…

and surrendering,

and letting Christ move in to your heart…

piercing through the dark layers with his pure light rays…

comforting and healing with his pure love…

washing the hurt with his pure Spirit…

regenerating the highest and best in you…

the image and likeness of God in Christ…

receiving the Holy Spirit River out of heaven from the throne,

to flow with the seven-fold river,

the River of fire and water of life to transform your heart, mind, motivation, and body…

making all things new!

being of a new Spirit…

pure, holy, righteous, life-giving, life-affirming, life-uplifting, delight-full, gracious, glorious, rapturous…

You do not need anything in the world to be different to be okay…

you just need to know Christ in you!


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What you resist persists…

when you lift your eyes, giving thanks to our Father and sing His New Song, what seems physically impossible is spiritually possible with Christ…

the Door is open…

we walk through him into the exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask, think, envision, dream or believe possible…

a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells.

Christ is the same yesterday, today, now and forever…

rest in Christ as he works in and through you

to bring into manifestation what is already done spiritually,

the end from the beginning…

the new beginning from the end!

I sing the new Song of the new heaven and earth where righteousness dwells! right relationship with God! right standing!

Don’t just know about the Door…

or stay in the old ways…

maybe looking at the Door…or not thinking about the Door at all…

walk through the Door to the other side!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome!

Walk through the Door to the new!

live, move and have your being in the new!

The “resist” mindset keeps you stuck in the past…

a mind set on heavenly possibilities here and now,

is part of the solution instead of adding to the problem…

With Christ in you, all things are possible!



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