Are You?

Are you hurt? Yeshua is the Healer

Are you lonely? I am your friend

Are you alone? I am your Spouse

Are you worried? I am the peace that passes all understanding

Are you tired and lacking energy? I am abundant Life force

Are you sad? I am fullness of Joy

Are you discriminated against? I am all in all

Are you hungry? I am the bread of life

Are you thirsty? I am the Living Water, the fountain of Life

Are you hated? I am unconditional Love

Are you lost? I am the door

Are you in darkness? I am the Light of the world

Are you confused? I am the way

Are you tired of lies and deception? I am the truth

Are you having conflict? I am the peacemaker

Are you making mistakes that are causing you pain? I am the Savior

Are you angry? I am healing balm

Are you tired of the cacophony of the world? I am the sound of many waters

Are you in doubt? I am the Living One, here now

Are you?             I am

God is                  I am

I am that I am

Are you?

Make the connection…….there is a bridge!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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