Catch the Fire, Not a cold or flu!

Holy Fire of God

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5 Responses to Holy Fire of God

  1. perrcy says:



  2. Drew Willard says:

    Thank you for your uplifting and hopeful blog. Would like to use this beautiful image for our church bulletin and as a Powerpoint slide. Blessings, Pastor Drew Willard (United Church of Christ)


    • Thank you for your kind words Pastor Drew! I do not own the images used on my blog. I give glory to God, to the Source of all inspiration, and deep thanks to the artistic genius of the creatives who made the images. If you or anyone finds the source I would love to give them credit and thanks! God bless you!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I thank the lord for the things he has done for me and he said to my family that they need to do things right and don’t try to kill yourself and my mother said at the age of 12 and up that GOD will be recording you and your bad dicision’s and whatever you do wrongh and what ever you do my grandad was a really good people of GOD and my mother said that someday I would be preaching the thing i wanted to do and i have told my paster everrything and he said child you need to b prayed and i rebuked that devil and said that i love my family and doesn’t ever want to do anything wrong to them or any thing.


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