Simply Natural


Who am I? The image and likeness of God: a divine human with the potential for all the qualities and nature of God. Pure potential is made manifest by surrendering all that the world has put on me and allowing the transformation into the original divine blueprint of creation. God is Love. I am love! Wake up and strip away all until you get back to Love!


What is my purpose? Love. Love like God: unconditional acceptance, unconditional approval, unconditional positive regard, unconditional love, unconditional belonging, and unconditional being. Be like God! It is finished! Now walk it out!

photo by Nikoinak

photo by Nikoinak

How? Let go of the past. Let go of beliefs. Turn from worldly conditioning. Release and surrender all. Forgive all. Let go of all gods and return to the Source, the God of gods. Become a blank slate and let the Spirit of God form Christ in you.


Allow the Shekinah Presence to be made manifest in your being. Enter the kingdom of God within. Ascend the holy hill in your innermost heart and live in higher consciousness.


Jesus is the door in your heart. The Lamb opens the seals and gates of your consciousness that can’t be shut! Enter the Rest of God on earth in the new heavens on earth now! Come up higher! Eat! Drink! Enjoy! Be satisfied!


Be led only by the Spirit of God in your heart of hearts; not led by instincts, feelings, thoughts, laws, experiences or beliefs. Be one with the Father! Be a tree of life sourced by the River of the Water of Life! Arise! Shine!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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