Your Body On Love!

Water of Life

Wow! When it rains it pours! I got up this morning and made my cup of french press coffee, went out on the deck to have my coffee with Jesus (thanks Ron Johnson!), my meditation/devotions time. After all the rain we have had (take that drought!), the air was pristine and sweet, the waves crashing (my favorite sound!) but the sky was gloomy gray with darker clouds. But as soon as I opened my journal, I noticed sparkles of  blue twinkling at my left hand. I heard a clickety-click, tinkling atmospheric change at my left ear and as I turned my attention inward, my heart leapt and thrilled, my whole body lifted, my spine spontaneously adjusted, and Joy flooded my being!

As the upward vibrational adjustment occurred, I looked up and noticed that the big bush off my deck has transformed (our external environment will change as our inner being changes), revealing something new. While I was in Iowa for my Dad’s transition, tree trimmers came and cut the tall middle branch revealing a distant palm tree as if in the middle of this green verdant bushy tree; the top of the palm a perfect three-pointed looking crown sitting in the midst of seven top branches of the bush, which made it resemble a menorah with Christ crowned in the center! Wow, have I got an active imagination (been told this and I take it as an extreme compliment; a precious Gift from God; what the world means for evil, God means for good 🙂 ). This reminded me of Revelation 1:12-16 and Ezekiel 41:17 to 43 “The Divine Glory Returns to the Temple”! Remember the audible Words God and the angels spoke to me in the last hours of my Dad’s earthly life and again in the middle of the night, “Divine Glory!” I perceived an external representation of our glorified body as well as greater Glory when we take off this body garment! With God we move from glory to Glory!

Remember the old commercial “this is your mind on drugs” using an egg as a representation of the mind? Well, God showed me a representation of the body as his temple! Our physical body on drugs or alcohol is filled with darkness and starts to break down. Have you ever seen the pictures of a beautiful young girl’s face before and after meth addiction? The drug causes shocking deterioration, turning beauty into something dark and ugly. Our physical body on anger, resentment, bitterness, anxiety, worry, doubt, fear, stress, hate, depression, or sorrow, also breaks down. Our physical body on Love flourishes, blooms, regenerates and renews!



Without God, when the physical body dies, you are dead. Those born of God return to God! With God, when the body breathes its last breath, you pass from this world into the Presence of the One! On earth, in meditation, you can also pass from this world into the Presence of the One. The Presence is everywhere present; it is your consciousness that changes, your state of mind, your vibrational frequency that changes to allow you to enter; you do not geographically travel, you vibrationally travel up dimensionally in consciousness! You go up, not geographically, but vibrationally, up the vertical Light frequency axis which is all in the NOW, where beginning, present and end all exist as one now!

What is this world? The lower, fallen vibrational frequency or dimension of the human being. What is being in this world, but not of it? Being born of God as a new creation, no longer considered human, but a divine-natured spiritual being in the likeness of the ascended Christ Jesus! How is this possible? With God all things are possible, ALL things! The prerequisite is to believe that it is possible with God! If you cannot conceive of it, you cannot be it! As you think in your heart, so you are! It is done unto us as we believe! As Christ is, so are we in the world. We move from faith to Faith! Faith is the EVIDENCE of the  unseen and SUBSTANCE of hope. We move from belief to faith; then we move from faith to the Faith of Jesus, knowing we are perfectly one with God, knowing the answer is always Yes and Amen! We are in the Invisible Father and the Father is in us! The Invisible Source of Life is in us as a visible manifestation: Christ is formed in us by God who is Spirit! Christ, the visible presence, is the Way to the Invisible Presence in us!

Kingdom living is to live in the Presence of the One. We enter and experience the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven on earth, being in the world but not of it, when we have the Mind of Christ. The Mind of Christ is the spiritual perception and the higher thoughts of God; the higher dimensional Mind that is above the highest heavens. Heavens are mindsets, thought fields, a hierarchy of dimensional or vibrational fields of consciousness or awareness. Different perceptions are from different levels of vibrational energy or dimensional frequencies or mindsets. A mind on drugs is at a lower vibrational frequency, more dark, than a mind not on drugs. A mind in Christ in God is at the highest, Light-filled vibration where instant manifestation can occur! Followers of Christ go from light to Light, grace to Grace, and glory to Glory as we know God more and more and know his dunamis Power more and more!


The Way to the Invisible Realm of Source (Christ’s Father), the Causal Realm above the highest heavens and above the astral realms of disembodied spirits, is by the visible manifestation of Christ in our body! Within the body of Christ we are awake, aware of the Truth and experiencing the Life of God in our body temple! “Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?” John 14:10. Believe and do as Christ does, and greater works than Christ will I do…whatever you ask in My  name (divine nature Mind) if you ask anything in my name, I will do it” John 14:12-14. The laser-focused Light of Christ burns to allow new skin to grow, a new creation, born of God grows! The Father, Invisible God, is glorified in the visible if you ask anything having the same Mind as Christ, same Light frequency and nature of Christ!

The Mind of Christ is the purified heart with enlightened eyes! Human beings cannot purify their own heart. The purification is not physical or external; it is internal, spiritual and a matter of the heart (Romans 2:28-29). Those who say you don’t need a Savior, think again; you do if you want to transfer out of the world of suffering into the kingdom of Light, regenerating into divine being in the likeness of Christ! Your dreams have been too small! Your consciousness has been too contracted. Enlarge your borders, expand your tent stakes, get out of the box of human conditioning! Enter the Mind of Christ, which is to enter and experience the Kingdom of heaven on earth! Ask for your heart to be purified, refined and made white! The Mind of Christ is enthroned in our purified heart! The pure in heart see God! (Matthew 5:8)

Our mind is our perceptions, thoughts and imaginations. The purified heart contains the higher spiritual perceptions and higher thoughts of God! Higher divine thoughts come from a heart on Love, full of Light, Joy and eager expectation of Good! The Mind of Christ is pure Love in a pure heart which rises up (our heart leaps, thrills! lifts) to spark in the brain as a divine thought, transforming the Invisible into visibility! There are more connections from the heart to the brain than the brain to the heart; the EMF measured around the heart is also much greater than the brain! Our unconscious body processes also become filled with Light when our eye is single, sound and full of Light! We become a temple for God, shining Light to the world. When more and more humans are born of God and become Light, the world will get brighter and brighter!

Three Streams

We have three brains: the head brain, the heart brain and the gut brain. We have three parts to our being: spirit, mind and body. We have three parts to our head brain: cerebral cortex (neocortex), limbic system (mammalian brain), and brainstem (reptilian brain). When we put on the Mind of Christ, the three become One in our body temple: Father (Invisible Presence), Son (visible presence), and Holy Spirit (Life, Flow, Breath). When we put on the Mind of Christ, our body becomes the temple for the Invisible Presence of God! When the two become one, Christ and I, the head brain is as the Son of God, the heart brain as the Father, and the body brain as the Holy Spirit as we fill the entire body with the holy breath of Life, watering the body with the River of Life (my left ear filled with high pitched tones that lifted my vibration again, heart thrilling, quickening, shift happening!). Every cell, all 70+ trillion, becomes conscious, alive in the Spirit, receiving only Good, filtering out all darkness, impurities, toxins or unclean messages!

We become a holy petri dish living in a sacred environment of Light without any darkness at all, growing only Christ-like cells!!!!! 70+ trillion cells in our body temple become the Mind of Christ, in the body of Christ, which is the Church! Don’t do church; be the church! The True Church is the body of Christ in us: transfigured, purified, refined body temple filled with the Mind of Christ, washed and made white in the Blood of the Lamb (Rev 7:13-14)!   When we meet together, the kingdom of God is expanded exponentially!

When Jesus was healing, delivering, saving, loving, freeing and making people whole on earth, he often went to a solitary place to pray, spending the night on a mountain alone or “Go apart and rest for a while”. The Son, represented by the head brain, would go to the Father, represented by the heart brain, to Rest and commune and regenerate! We think less with our attention focused in the heart, and we BE who we were created to be: the likeness and image of God! Resting apart, in the purified heart, we renew, regenerate and are continually washed with Spirit’s breath! The human head brain is a representation of the world, with a monkey mind, the evolutionary mind with constant mental chatter, doubting, skeptical, atheist or agnostic or religious, judgmental, critical, resentful, angry, bitter, stressful, worry, depressed, anxious or fearful. This is the human mind…

The Christ Mind in us rests in the pure heart of the born again of God giving us Pure Awareness! Those who crucify the human being in the place of the skull with Jesus, resurrect a Christ Mind, ascend to a heavenly Mind, and the Spirit of God comes down out of heaven to live in our body temple. God becomes enthroned in our purified Heart Mind! Having the same Mind as Christ, we live in the new heavens on earth, the kingdom of God!!!!!!!


“Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer (union with God) and supplication (ask with the Mind of Christ) with thanksgiving (give thanks in gratitude and humbleness) let your requests be made known (in your purified Heart with Abba). And the Peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep YOUR HEART AND MIND in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4: 6. This is cause for Joy! Rejoice, again I say Rejoice! Twice the Joy! Enjoy in Joy! The Lord is at hand (Phil 4:4-5). “Repent [change your mind] for the kingdom is at hand” Our hand is an external representation of our internal heart (no wonder so many have pain in their hands)! We change our human mind to the Mind of Christ and God comes out of heaven to live IN OUR SPIRITUAL HEART! God moves from external to internal in our awareness. Then we ask whatever we desire from the Throne of God in our heart, and consciousness rises up to our head brain like a flame igniting a stick of dynamite (dunamis Spirit Power), and it is manifested by our inspired thought and spiritual perception! Our spiritual imagination (seeing as Christ sees), a Gift of God, is made reality! The body is showered with supernal, holy Light that rains through our nervous system in the intricate tree-like neurons and nerves. Our body temple with the Mind of Christ lights up like a Christmas tree!

The human body without God is a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, dual or carnal minded and fleshy. This tree produces unripe or barren fruit. When this body dies, it is dead; it goes from dust to dust. The mind of satan, the knowledge of good and evil, produces distress, disease, discouragement, disillusionment, tribulation, and sorrow. Hence Jesus’ mission to earth to remove the fallen mind from human beings by taking it on himself to death. When Jesus put on the mind of humanity, filled with satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil, his “soul became very sorrowful to death” (Mark 14:33). He became distressed and troubled as he took on betrayal, abandonment, travail, labor, enmity, affliction, and infirmity (Lamentations 2:11 and 3:1-2). To receive the tree of life we follow Christ to crucify this human mind infected with the virus of satan’s tree of good and evil. We become sorrowful until we die to being human and are resurrected a being like Christ. We are filled with Joy when our body is on Love! Be Joy to the world!

Jesus said, “Remain here and watch.” Pay attention to the tension, contractions and pains that come into your body from satan’s tree leading to “dark spots.” We need to watch with Christ, be vigilant, stay awake and notice; be alert to the temptations of satan to not let his dark thoughts and perceptions into our mind. These old heavens or mindsets need to be dissolved with the Light of Christ, pure Awareness! We need to travail and labor until Christ’s Mind is fully grown in our body; until his Light is in every inch of our body temple and there are no more spots of darkness, no more religious leaven to expand and perpetuate separation. Instead we want the yeast of Christ’s Light to rise and expand in us until our whole body is filled with Christ’s Pure Light; filled with pure Awareness; perfectly one with God!


We need to stay awake and watch with Christ so when a temptation comes, a pain, symptom or negative thought, we can remind ourself that we are no longer considered human. We are a new creation, with the same Mind as Christ, filled with all the fullness of God, Light without any darkness at all, and the old heavens and earth DISSOLVE and melt in the Awareness of Truth! The new heavens and new earth are regenerated, renewed and made manifest with our Mind of Christ in our purified heart! When our physical body is the church, the Body and Mind of Christ ruling and reigning in us, we are continuously guided to springs of Living Water that wash and regenerate us in the Holy Spirit! We are purified, refined and made white. “We are before the Throne of God [in our spiritual heart], and serve God day and night within his temple [in our body]; and he who sits upon the Throne [in our heart] shelters us with his Presence. We hunger no more, neither thirst any more…For the Lamb in the midst of our body Throne is our shepherd, and he guides us to springs of living water; and God wipes every tear from our eyes” Rev 7:14-17.

Waterfall in jungle

God wipes our tears because there is still evil and darkness in the world, but we are not of the world, we are of the kingdom of heaven on earth with the Mind of Christ. The spiritual tree of life leaves are healing to us because we are in the world but not of it. We let evil still do evil (Rev 22:11) because we are in the world, but not of it. We are only called to LOVE as God Loves; love our enemies and pray for those who have not woken up and are still living in darkness with a human mind. We share the secret of the hidden wisdom revealed in Christ to those who ask, show interest, are open; and we plant seeds by praying in the Spirit unceasingly for those who are closed-minded, hard-hearted and stiff-necked. We bring Light to the darkness. We walk in the Light and spread Light wherever we go as long as we stay awake with Christ.

When you are uncomfortable, let the Holy Spirit Comforter comfort you. When you don’t know what to do, let the Holy Spirit Counselor counsel you. When you need Wisdom, ask Wisdom, the feminine personification of Spirit who is Teacher, Guide and Christ anointing. An example of Wisdom was the woman at Bethany anointing Jesus’ head and feet with oil, as she wiped her hair on his feet she received the same anointing of oil! The anointing with Spirit (oil) teaches you ALL things! Church goes from external to internal; one body and one Spirit with God! When you have a need, Christ is “mother comforting her children with consoling breasts” (Isaiah 66:11-15) which allows us to see as Christ sees: “see and your heart shall rejoice; your bones will flourish like the grass.” When you have the same Mind as Christ, the same pureAwareness, you heal and are made whole and complete, perfect and lacking nothing! The trial turns into Joy unspeakable! Let Christ be a mother to you!  “A hen gathering her chickens under her wings” (Matthew 23:37) and Malachi 3 “the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in her wings.” Drink! See! Rest under her wings! Heal! Be blessed and let God shine his face on you like a warm, comforting uplifting sun; let God lift his countenance upon you and give you Peace!

When we have the same Mind as Christ: one Spirit, making our body like Christ: one body perfectly one with God and anointed, our heart thrills into rapture and we become daily delight to God in her perfect delight! When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, with the River of the Water of Life flowing above, in and through us, we become a womb of delight, a well-watered tree of life who can bear the fruit of Love in every season!


We travail and labor only until Christ is formed in us as we change our mind to Christ’s Mind! Isaiah 66:7-9 says this is possible without pain and before labor if we only believe it is possible with God! In a twinkling of our eye! Jesus came to me in a cloud of meditation, but only after the Holy Spirit came in Fire in my pain and despairing of life. Jesus comes to us in bright clouds of dreams, visions, meditation, or dark clouds of pain and crisis. Everything is possible with God! Christ can even come in an iCloud, on the internet 🙂

Our soul (mind, heart, will) will be sorrowful until death of our human mind and death of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil within us! Our soul is uplifted, inspired, and thrilled (raptured) when we are lifted up vibrationally with the ascended Christ! We become perfect delight: filled with the Holy Spirit and Wisdom from above! We see Light and walk in the Light as sons of Light! Sparkles, glimmers, blinkles, and shimmering hidden splendor become visible and thrills us, literally! Our vibration lifts, our Light increases, our countenance changes, our soul is quickened by the Spirit of God; we rise! Our human being dies like a seed of wheat, cracks open in the dark soil, and begins to grow with the Growth from God into a new creation, with a Mind of Christ, making us the visible body of Christ, the image and likeness of God! Woo Hoo! Everything is possible with God!


The River of the Water of Life continually flows above, in and through our body temple as we live in the new heavens on earth with the Mind of Christ! The old human is dead, crucified with Jesus; the new creation with a divine nature is resurrected and ascends to live in the heavenly places of consciousness in the Spiritual Realm of God on earth! The flesh needs to be crucified with Jesus so the regenerated, renewing body temple can be filled with the Spirit, which waters the “born of God” divine being!

“Who can restore the daughters of Zion?” Lamentations 2-3. The devastation of the daughters is “as vast as the sea”; the feminine is “in ruins.” But with the Spirit of God in our body, with the Mind of Christ in us as us, we return to “the perfection of beauty, the Joy of all the earth” (Lamentations 2:15 and Psalm 50:2). When we are reborn of God, the soul thrills and the body raptures in perfect delight! Become a bride of God!

“Pour out your heart like water” (Lamentations 2:11-20). “Let your tears flow like a torrent day and night” until Christ is formed in you! God tears are the Holy Spirit washing and regenerating you! “Before the Presence of the Lord lift your hands” (lift heart up vibrationally). “Look and See as Christ Sees” Put on Christ! Have the same Mind! Enter the kingdom of God! Experience the same fullness of God as Christ! Have the same Light! Have the same dunamis Power of Spirit as in Christ! Be dynamite! Be Fire of God that exposes and shines gold! Be the perfection of Beauty and the Joy of all the earth with Christ! Let your heart thrill and see!

Live on the Mountain of God

Live on the Mountain of God

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