Mistaken Identity


This is way too long….couldn’t stop….being passionate about true identity because only knowing the truth experientially can set us free from ourselves, and free from the world and free to be who we were created to be: the image and likeness of God. We need to encounter the substance of our Father’s Love to become Love without an opposite, living in Light without any darkness at all, present in pure Presence….awake, aware sons and brides of Love, royal sons and brides of God….royal kings and priests given all authority and power, carrying the presence of God, the ark, and the holy of holies in our body temple: the one body and one Spirit we share IN CHRIST as Christ beings. We are in Christ and Christ is in us, meaning we are one being, carrying all the fullness of God bodily. Wake up out of confusion of body, soul and spirit and reunite with your First Love….it is sexual and gender healing….plus a whole lot more…

Great compassion is called for! The world is suffering from a massive case of mistaken identity. When we don’t know who we are, we are vulnerable to lies and deception and all sorts of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual confusion and error. Confusion is never of God our Father; confusion is the calling card of lucifer (I do not capitalize on purpose because he is dead, barren and can bear no fruit in us in Christ). I have to be blunt and speak the truth in Love: yes there is a devil and fallen angels and their spirits are unclean and evil; they live in the lower vibration of the old heavens and old earth, what is commonly called the world, as opposed to the earth which is the LORD’s. The biggest deception of all is to think evil is a myth or just archetypal, or just a part of the human psyche. Yes, it is inside unsanctified man, but it came from outside of us, infiltrating everything in the world, including religion and spiritual groups. Evil wasn’t originally generated from our mind, heart and will (soul); we were created in the image and likeness of God. Evil comes from our fallen being, vibration or frequency that started with Adam and Eve. Mistaken identity is key because once you know you have died to Adam and are alive in Christ, you die to confusion and deception and you begin to live as a part of the new creation as a Christ being! Identify with Christ alone!

“Adam was a type of the One who was to come…the free gift following many trespasses brings justification…one man’s trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one man’s act of righteousness leads to acquittal and Life for all men…Law came in to INCREASE TRESPASS; but where sin increased, GRACE ABOUNDED ALL THE MORE…All who have been baptized into Christ (Water, Spirit, and Fire) were baptized INTO his death…and RAISED from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE…our old self was crucified WITH HIM so that the old body might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved…we have died with Christ, we also live with him…and never die again…yield yourself to God as beings who have been brought from death to Life, and your members to God as instruments of righteousness (right relationship)……yield your members to righteousness for sanctification…Now you have been set free…the return you get is sanctification and eternal Life” Romans 5:14-21, 6:1-23

There used to be two groups on the earth: Jews and Gentiles. But after Jesus changed time and space and his finished mission on earth, the finished work of the cross, there are only these two groups or types on earth: Adams and Christs (or put another way Harlots and Brides). Adams are going through confusion, tribulation, suffering, soul wounds, body and spirit disorders, sin, consequences of sin (karma), errors of judgement, listening to the wrong sources leading to dis-ease and distress. Adam is the old type of human and there are a LOT of glitches in the system! Adam’s are confused because their soul is enslaved to lucifer whose light is counterfeit. Adam’s type are flesh and blood, ruled by the lower mind of men, attached to the world of good and evil, suffering from lust of the flesh and eyes, pride, and egotism. They believe what their physical eyes see because they are blind to spiritual truth. They are enslaved to physical laws because they are unaware or unconscious of the laws of the Spirit of God. All unaware Adam’s fathers are satan, and their religions, or lack there of, are infiltrated with satan; their minds are infiltrated by satan and their thoughts are generated from satan’s mind. Their feelings are generated from inner conflict, mistaken identity, and a closed hardened heart from the hurts, wounds and traumas of living in a world run by powers and principalities of evil. Adam’s lineage and extended family mistakenly think, feel and believe that they are their physical body, a me, a separate self, and their ego is selfish, prideful, and only in relationship with itself. It’s soul is enslaved to satan and the world consensus trance mind. It is of the walking dead but thinks it is alive; it has no idea what real Love, Life and abundant Life (zoe perissos) are. I know because I was an Adam for so long! Until we wake up we are split, divided, conflicted and confused; yet we put on persona or mask, to deal with the world. Adams can be confused sexually, confused gender-wise, confused heart, mind, soul and spirit-wise. None of it matches up, not congruent or coherent with self, others or God; the insides and outsides are in conflict from one end of the spectrum to the other, in varying levels of intensity.


Human beings in the lineage of Adam are ruled by their flesh and blood, led by lust, devoid of Spirit, conflicted, divisive and based in fear not Love. Adams armor with things of the world. Satan reigns over them body, soul and spirit causing conflict, confusion, emotional pain and mental suffering. Because they have a mistaken identity, satan has legal right to enslave and rule over them. They unconsciously give consent to the powers and principalities of evil. They live as dead men walking in the world ruled by the prince of the air, satan. They mutilate the flesh because they don’t know they are not their body, their gender, not their physical sexuality; not their thoughts, feelings, intentions or will; not their two-spirit, or the community of spirits living in them. Jesus cast seven demons out of Mary Magdalene; all human beings today have at least two spirits in them and a divided house/body cannot stand. Confusion is from a divided house due to mistaken identity…

Great compassion is called for! Great compassion, mercy, grace and kindness is called for since the Truth at first causes great sorrow, conviction, shame, guilt, regret, anger, rage, etc. when we wake up and find out we have been sold a lie, deceived, controlled, manipulated and enslaved. Satan always condemns, but the Holy Spirit who convicts our conscience of mistakes, is the same ONE Spirit that resurrects life, heals, delivers and sets us free. We endure sorrow for a night to be woken in Joy in the eternal Day of the LORD, the morning star rises in our heart, the new dawn of glory breaks through, our spiritual heart eyes are opened and Light resurrects in us! We realize the only thing that was ever wrong with us, the only thing that was confusing and caused confusion was our mistaken identity.

We were conditioned to believe we were human beings when the Truth is we are Christ beings! Bruce Jenner said, “I am a woman” but that is a lie of mistaken identity. He is identifying with his enslaved wounded soul. All souls are female. His confusion and pain come from the powers and principalities at work in him; the spirits within him that generate negative and distorted thoughts. But we are not physical beings, not our body, soul or human spirit; we are no longer in the lineage of Adam or human beingness at all in Christ! Jesus was the last Adam. Christ is the new prototype. When Jesus died, he died as all Adams; when Christ resurrected in Jesus, all human beings resurrected into the new prototype. The confusion comes from believing you are a human being when the Truth is you are a Christ being!


Saying, “I am a man or a woman or gay or straight or black or white or jewish or muslim or enslaved or transgender” is mistaken identity from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of lies, enslavement by flesh and blood ruled by the powers and principalities of darkness. It is a lie, an illusion, a huge deception that keeps the world in tribulation and suffering while the powers and principalities feed off your negative emotions generated by the distorted thoughts the prince of the air interjects into your mind. Your soul is enslaved to flesh and blood, to mistaken identity, to elemental, unclean, evil and religious spirits and to the powers and principalities of evil. This is all delusion for we are new creations in Christ’s one body and one Spirit! When you know you are in Christ in God, your sanctified soul married to the Spirit of God matches with the outside; it doesn’t matter if you are in male or female body temple because both are the image and likeness of God!

The Truth is “I Am that I Am.” The Truth is “I am a Christ being” our new name in the new city of Light on the holy hill. Our true identity is the same “I Am”; we are Christ beings in our innermost being and when we wake up to the Truth, we begin to transform from the inside out as Light! Changing the outside to match the inside is matching our outside with death. The Truth is Adam’s being, legacy and lineage is dead, so all who identify as human being are living in mistaken identity and confusion. The Truth is in Christ there is only one body and one Spirit; our greater Christ being born of God. The Way to the Truth and our true identity is through Jesus who carried the fullness of the Godhead, who knew he was a Son and carried the Christ DNA: the exact image and likeness of God our Father. He was the visible expression of the invisible Father. Jesus had to take off the Christ and give up his holy Spirit to die; we have to put it on to really LIVE. Jesus suffered the greatest tribulation any human ever could so we don’t have to. We have been given the greatest Gift: a new identity, a new resurrected being, a new ascended life, a new legacy, a new lineage, a new heritage, a new Father, a new holy Spirit, and a new higher frequency dimension to live in. Adam’s type is dead and those who believe they are gender or sex confused, or think they are their outward, physical or external appearance, or change it to match their enslaved soul, are suffering from the greatest delusion hatched by the mind of satan. He and his demons laugh, mock, deride and put more and more deranged, deluded, confused, conflicted thoughts into the human collective mind to cause more and more pain, suffering, and tribulation, so the evil spirits can feast on our negative emotions as they hurt marriages, children and family’s lives. Fear begets more fear, begetting doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction and discouragement.

Mistaken identity is like God spelled backwards! We get the opposite effect!

Mistaken identity is like God spelled backwards! We get the opposite effect!

The Way to true identity is through Jesus’ body of flesh, his conquering and overcoming flesh and blood, worldly mind and human being/doing in Adam. There are only two types of human beings on earth: Adam and Christ. Which one are you? Adam’s father is satan and his mind is satan’s mind, his thoughts come from the prince of the air which lead to negative and distorted thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. All souls are female, but the unredeemed human soul in men and women is darkened, heart hardened, mind infiltrated and controlled by satan, and enslaved leading to the Romans 7 scenario: we do what we don’t want to do, doing even what we hate, doing what hurts others and ourself, leading to tribulation, suffering, pain, disease, and death. But when we receive the truth that we are suffering from mistaken identity or identity theft by satan, we go THROUGH the open Door of Jesus to our Real Father; seated with Christ in heavenly places, transforming our life on earth. We can’t know who we are until we know who are real Father is. In Adam we are orphans and widows but most don’t know it. When we are reconciled with our true Father, the Father of Light without any darkness at all, we become royal sons and brides! We learn our true identity: we are sons of God; brothers of Jesus; our true identity is not human being/doing but Christ being/doing! We are one body and one Spirit with the Christ of God! The Way to the Father is through the body of Jesus. The Truth is the Christ of Jesus! The Life is Christ’s Spirit IN US, AS US!!!!!!!!


Do not mutilate your flesh to match your physical body to an enslaved, darkened human soul or wrong spirit/spirits. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and ALL things will be given to you. The way to be comfortable in your skin is to find out who you really are! You are not a human being; you are a Christ being: one body and one Spirit with Christ’s Spirit. Know the Truth and the Truth sets you free! Surgery, hormones, plastic surgery, drugs, all change the physical body and will never set you free to be who you really are inside. An enslaved soul in a mistaken identity influenced by deceptive spirits cannot make an informed decision and cannot give informed consent (con sent; we are sent a con). We require TRUTH in our inward being and need God’s Higher Wisdom in our secret heart (Psalm 51:6). The enslaved soul’s heart is full of darkness, deception, lies, satan’s poison, wounds, scars; a repository for negative emotions, unmet needs and pain. The unsanctified heart is full of satan’s deception, corruption, and fruit of lies (Jeremiah 17:9). We have to wake up to our stolen, mistaken identity to learn the Truth. We pray Psalm 51; we need mercy because we were sold a bill of goods, fed a lie, deceived, tricked, manipulated; conditioned by the world and mind-controlled by satan and his demons who have played with our emotions to feed their dark agenda.

Great compassion is called for! We need to be extremely kind and compassionate to ourself and others and show great mercy and grace and loving-kindness. We need to be told the Truth about who we are so we can be innocent as doves yet wise as serpents to know the tricks and rise above them. We are Christ beings resurrected in the image and likeness of God; we are sons and brides of the Most High. We are no longer of Adam’s type or lineage; Jesus was the LAST Adam. We are of the new prototype, the new creation, new creatures born of God, in the order of Melchizedek, in the image and likeness of Christ. We are ONE body and ONE Spirit with Christ and we only need our soul to be sanctified: cleansed, washed, cleared, purified, and refined. We need to be made white as snow in the Blood of the spotless Lamb. We have already died with Jesus to all Adam-ness; we need the first resurrection with Christ to be who we were created to be: our true identity as a Christ being, a type of Jesus in the order of Melchizedek, who had no biological parents. We rise above physical laws and biological dominance to being a “little less than God and be crowned with glory and honor” (Ps 8:5 RSV).  The second resurrection, when we drop our earthly tent, is reunion in heaven with the Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth.

We have to know the Truth for the Truth to set us Free! Being unaware (unbelief) or unconscious is to be enslaved body, soul and spirit. The truth is all Adam’s type human beings are DEAD in CHRIST, yet alive in the old heavens and earth subject to deceiving spirits. We need to receive the TRUTH and give our old identity to Jesus who is the WAY to our real Father and true identity. It is again the fullness of time as the religious age is ending; darkness covers the earth and thick darkness her peoples. We have to wake up and begin to KNOW the truth so the truth can set us free to enter the kingdom age. We need the light and glory of Christ IN US to avoid the deepening tribulation.

Jesus is the WAY to our real identity, the WAY to know who we are, the WAY to match our outside with our inside and become congruent! We go through Jesus’ body in our physical body to our True Father. All human beings are living a lie until they receive the Light of Truth in their conscious mind! Don’t mutilate your flesh, cut, burn, surgically or pharmacologically alter your body when it is NOT who you are! We transform from the inside out: spirit to soul to physical. We GIVE OUR HUMAN BODY to Jesus and he takes you to your REAL PARENTS, Elohim, in whom you were before the world was formed! You are a Christ being, one body and one Spirit with the Living One, alive forever more; eternity was placed in your secret heart before the foundation of the world. We are spiritual beings of one Family in heaven and earth with one Father who is ABOVE ALL and through all and IN ALL! We are one body and one Spirit with Christ! Our soul is purified and refined by the Holy Spirit and Fire of God. Our body, soul and spirit is made white as snow, and we receive a new, right, willing spirit. We trade sin for Christ’s righteousness, meaning RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the one Spirit of God, the pure, holy Spirit. The two become ONE SPIRIT, our human spirit and God’s holy Spirit! Our body is the living sacrifice we give to the Holy Spirit of our Father and his Christ; we sacrifice our broken body, broken heart and broken spirit to RECEIVE Christ’s perfect, holy body, pure heart, and ONE holy Spirit. We are already reconciled body, soul and spirit with God; we have to WAKE UP and realize it, become aware of it, KNOW the truth and the TRUTH sets us FREE!


The key words are IN CHRIST! All human beings of Adam’s type and lineage are DEAD IN CHRIST. The enemy of our souls, our adversary, the accuser, the liar, the deceiver, the manipulator, controller, handler, mind controller, soul enslaver, body wrecker, relationship ruiner, family destroyer, marriage poisoner, prodigal children maker, source of all confusion, distress, disorder, disease, sin and death, satan and his fallen angels, lucifer, the devil, and all his other names Abaddon, Apollyon, Hades, Death, Sheol, Gehenna…, are not in Christ: “IS NOT” (Revelation 17:8-14). When we are unequally yoked with any of the dark entities listed above, we are outside the gates, outside of the kingdom, outside of Christ. They were banished from the new heavens and new earth and they want to take you down with them; they want to see you suffer their same fate; they hate you because you are made in the image and likeness of God and if they can keep you in the dark, steal your identity and give you a false one, they are adding to the misery of the old heavens and earth that they cannot leave: misery loves company. You can leave the world in Christ and enter the new heavens and earth in the ascension body of Jesus!

In Christ, we are resurrected and ascended into his one body and one Spirit, living in the higher spiritual dimension of the new heavens on earth (NHOEN)! God’s holy Fire and holy Spirit fill our physical body, transforms our soul, and transfigures our body. As we walk in the light and learn to overcome the worldly pull, glory begins to fill our body temple and we experience being raptured,  caught up in frequency, vibration, dimensionally into the kingdom of the Son! Our vibration rises as we cast off burdens, cares and weight of the world. We wake up inside of Christ’s greater Being, boundary-less, borderless, expanded, free, beyond gender, sex, race, age, nation or religion.  In Christ, we are already perfectly one with our Father, righteous, holy, perfect, blameless, irreproachable, complete, and lack nothing! We lack nothing IN CHRIST meaning we have an unlimited supply of all we could ever ask, imagine, dream or need! Nothing is impossible in Christ! Christ in us is the hope of glory! We merely need to know the TRUTH and the TRUTH sets us FREE!

Jesus is the TRUTH; truth is not facts, words, ideas, concepts, religion or beliefs. Jesus is the TRUTH; the Christ in Jesus is the TRUTH and we WAKE UP to the TRUTH by waking up IN CHRIST in the one body and one Spirit. We hear the truth, we take it by faith, we sincerely take the truth to heart, and we begin to speak the truth. We know we have already died to all of Adam’s typology in Jesus; we are aware that we have already been reconciled completely to our Real Father as a royal son with full inheritance, as a king with all authority and power in heaven and on earth, as a royal priest carrying the Presence of God, in the order of Melchizedek, with Jesus as our High Priest forever.

We have already been reconciled completely with our spiritual Husband, our Maker, our First Love, our True Love, as an eternal royal bride, on an eternal honeymoon with our Beloved. Our purified, refined soul is at perfect peace, resting on the bosom of our Beloved, his everlasting Arms are around us in an eternal embrace of pure Love. We are surrounded by supernal Light and manifest glory! We are completely satiated, satisfied, fulfilled and whole in his Love in our one body and one Spirit!



We do not have a divided mind or split personality or two-spirits in Christ! We are the new creation, Christ beings, the new prototype, the I am that I am; NOT ‘I am a woman” or “I am a man” trapped in a wrong body. NO, before we wake up we are all trapped in the wrong body! We are NO LONGER human beings, we are Christ beings and our REAL body is the one body and one Spirit of Christ! We match our Creator! Our soul just needs to be woken with Love’s True Kiss, the kiss of glory, the kiss of pure Awareness of Presence, and allow the River of Water of Life and glory Fire and Spirit to wash, cleanse, clear, purify and refine our soul! We don’t alter our body to match a mistaken identity; we let the Fire and Spirit purify and refine our soul to match our Christ being! Our spirit just need to be made new and in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the one holy Spirit of God, our Father!

“Behold, you desire TRUTH in the inward being; therefore TEACH ME wisdom in my secret heart. Purge me and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. FILL ME with joy and gladness; let the bones which you broke rejoice (Adam’s bones are replaced with Jesus’ bones to resurrect Christ’s body in us as us)…Create in me a NEW, PURE HEART, O God, and put a NEW and RIGHT SPIRIT within me. Cast me not away from thy Presence (manifest glory/holy fire/Light), and take not thy holy Spirit (Life, Truth) from me. Restore to me the Joy of thy salvation (complete, whole, perfect, lacking nothing), and uphold me with a WILLING SPIRIT” Psalm 51:6-12


All kidding aside, great compassion is needed! Great mercy, grace, kindness and gentle, tender, loving care is needed. With an old house, if the bones are good, you remodel it. With the human being, you don’t remodel Adam’s old bones; you get the new bones of Christ through faith and the Spirit resurrects your new Christ being from the inside out! The Sword of the Spirit pierces, surgically cuts, to the division of soul and spirit, joints and bone marrow, to fashion Christ in you! Wisdom builds her house on the Rock foundation of Jesus; building us up in Love; not remodeling the old Adam! Don’t fix the outside; let the inward spiritual being, united with the Spirit of God, transfigure you from the inside out in the Light of Awareness!!!!!!!!

Those still asleep are lion prey; serpent food; mind controlled; handled, deceived, eating poisonous, toxic, deadly lies from the tree of good and evil: satan’s duality tree. Jesus taught not to judge or go by outward appearances or physical appearances or anything external. The heart is made right and the rest follows suit! We receive a heart transplant and our being is transformed! In Christ, the same Spirit that was in Jesus, we are dead to Adam’s legacy of sin, tribulation, death and laws. In Christ we are no longer under physical laws; we are immune to laws of sin and death, immune to confusion. In Christ we rise in frequency and being-ness, is-ness, existence, life and awareness to Christ’s one body and one Spirit that is BEYOND male or female, beyond physical laws, beyond two-spirit-ness. We go beyond confusion, inner/outer conflict, beyond physical appearances, physical laws, biology, or genetics. We move past the world of confusion, pain, wounding, hurts, traumas, suffering and tribulation into a new dimension, a new identity, a new city, a new divine nature, a new Family, a new Husband, a new kingdom, a new name, a new status as royal son, king, priest, and bride; no longer polyamorous, concubine, harlot, whore, sexual object, gay, straight, bi, or part of a harem, stable, or brothel, sex trafficked, used or abused by satan and his trickery. We move out of gender and sexual confusion to our true identity as a Christ being in the one body and one Spirit of God, married to our First Love, raptured into ecstasy with one touch of our Beloved beyond physical, sexual or gender issues. There are levels of delight, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and rapture with our Beloved that this world has hardly begun to realize! WORD!

We move past the limitations of language, labels, diagnosis, categorization, distinctions, biases, preferences, partiality, lesser sexual and gender labels, into the Galatians 3 truth: “Now BEFORE faith came (evidence and substance of Unseen), we were CONFINED under the law (confined by sex and gender and confusion), kept under restraint until faith should BE REVEALED (we are not human beings with a body and soul that may or may not match up; we are Christ beings IN CHRIST: perfectly ONE with God: married/yoked/joined/dwell/abide as ONE BEING). So that the law was our custodian UNTIL CHRIST CAME, that we might be justified by faith (just as if we were never human or Adam prototypes but Christ beings from before the world was formed). But NOW that faith has come, we are NO LONGER under any custodian (not under the flesh or blood or satan or demons or evil or religion or anything  but our First Love, our prime Creator); for IN CHRIST Jesus you are ALL SONS OF GOD, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ (FIRE AND SPIRIT) have put on Christ. There is no more religion confusion/deception/division; there is no more enslaved souls, there is no more gender or sexual confusion (no male nor female); for YOU ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST…heirs of Abba, not heirs of Adam and his father Satan.”


Jesus brought the Way, Truth and Life to the world to obliterate the confusion, lies and deception of stolen, false or mistaken identity. The Way to our true identity is not through changing the outside; the Way is through dying to the body, soul, and spirit to resurrect with Jesus into our True Identity: royal sons, kings, priests and royal brides of the Creator of heaven and earth! We are Christ beings, perfectly one with our Father, with divine natures, living in the one body and one Spirit, the Kingdom of God; living, moving and having our being in God. We have the potential to transform everything in a twinkling of an eye when we are awake, aware, present, and walking in our true identity in all the fullness of God. All things are possible in God!

In Christ, with Christ in us, filling us with his Spirit and Fire, his manifest Presence, ALL things are possible. Christ in us is the hope of glory; Christ expressing through us is the glory that will cover the earth as we wake up more and more! Sex goes way beyond physical to levels of ecstasy, delight and rapture that is not of this world; it is a kingdom reality of Spirit and Fire manifestation. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies become ONE new, born of God BODY in Christ and we are filled with ONE pure, holy SPIRIT of the Most High and our soul can finally rest in our Beloved as our Beloved works in and through us. There is no gender or sexual confusion, doubt, fear, suffering or pain in the kingdom of the Son, emotionally, mentally or physically. In Christ we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Beloved Son and there is perfect Peace beyond understanding, perfect Love that casts out all fear, fullness of Joy, no conflicts or wavering or double-mindedness or two spirit-ness. There is only Life and Life Abundant (zoe perissos) and resting in pure delight, awe and wonder: satiated, fulfilled, complete, whole, and perfectly united in one being with God.  This is not science fiction; this is Reality in Christ in God!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Mistaken Identity

  1. Christophe says:

    “I AM Every Woman
    Anything you want done, baby
    I’ll do it naturally”


    The lyrics are quite amazing from a spiritual pov. (typical “I AM”/Christ talk!) and they apply pretty well to our current discussion!

    Happy Sun/Sonday!


    • Very “soulful” of you! Christ in us is the perfect soul, married to the perfect Spirit! Union! I have found the one my soul Loves! “You complete me!” says the feminine soul to the masculine Spirit of God!!!!!!!!


  2. Wow! The lyrics are amazing from a spiritual perception of the heart view! Thanks for sharing them Christophe! 🙂 Perfect Love: our soul and the Spirit of God united: perfect love does cast out all fear! The fire of Love burns through all the dead end, disappointing, illusory, delusory desires of our veiled soul, and she emerges as a bride married to Amazement, Awe and Wonder with her Beloved: the Spirit of God!!!!!!!!! Woo HOO! Happy Sonday indeed!!!!!!!! Arise, shine soul: for your Light has come and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you!!!!!!!!


    • Christophe says:

      Thank YOU! for inspiring us with your words day in and day out! Even when you repeat yourself, it is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED, because truth is so deep and yet so simple, our complicated worldly minds don’t necessarily get it the first or second time, but only through repeated meditations upon such concepts can we truly GET IT, and let truth transform us inside and out.
      Pop songs are rife with spiritual meaning. The more I study truth, the more glaring it becomes, and all other meanings become stale in comparison. If you don’t mind, I will keep posting songs and lyrics regularly so we can discuss them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • God often speaks to me through lyrics. When the fire fell and the Holy Spirit breathed me and caught me up to the Throne, when I came back to “normal” consciousness, the first song I heard on the radio amazed me because all I heard in the pop song I thought I knew was God’s Love; God singing a Love song over me! I said in awe and wonder, “this song is about God!” as I was astounded! God was Real and he was singing to me through a love song on the radio! I was a new bride married to amazement!
        Whether the song speaks about separation from Love or union with Love, its all about God: wooing us or lavishing us with his Love! He is either pouring streams in our deserts or we are under his waterfall of Love! We are either moving away from God or closer to Him; perfect oneness with Love or feeling the absence or withdrawal and everything in between: the whole spectrum of life! God’s Spirit speaks to us in a godzillion different ways every day and I love them all, especially the sudden surprises when you least expect it! 🙂
        Yes, repetition and hearing the same things in different ways are all Holy Spirit working in and through us to penetrate and transform us and re-form us into Christ beings who are one with our Father again! That is why I LOVE the bible so much because every day the Holy Spirit reveals something new! It could be a verse I know inside and out, yet there are infinite depths and heights in God and there is always more unveiling and revealing and new juicy uncovering with the fresh eyes of the heart we are given each new eternal Day! I LOVE daily apocalypse, revelation of Christ, in all things of life! 🙂


  3. Interesting perspective from a surgically transformed transgender: http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/78949.htm


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