Type and Shadow


It is time to come out of the shadows! It is time to come out of the tombs, the tombs of our being! We have whitewashed the outside of the body through religion, meditating with counterfeit spirits; dolled up the exterior with makeup, steroids, plastic surgery or exercise regimens! Changing the outside, hoping the inside will change, is insanity! This is the “change we can believe in” the “yes we can” of empty promises of the world!

No matter how you dress up a pig, (remember the old lipstick on a pig soundbite?) it remains a pig. No matter how you dress up your persona, or try and fix your ego, our Adamic-human-being self, our religious self, our spiritual self, our lewd and lascivious self, pious self, lusting self, angry self, wild self, depressed self, anxious self, fearful self; our scientific, rational, logical self; our bitchy, witchy, sorcerer, magical or ritualized or conditioned self, our competent self, etc., etc.; we are still dealing with a separate self; a mask, an alter, a sub-personality, an archetype: a type or a shadow! We are still dealing with an old construct or concept: a CON!! This is the illusory, deceptive delusion of Adam’s legacy and inheritance. His soul is wounded; his consciousness or awareness is fallen. How is that working for you? How is that working for our world??


“Come out of her!” Come out of the world’s soul! Come into a new soul born of the virgin uncreated Light of our Creator and the Holy Spirit!!!! Be epikaizo-ed!!!! Like Mary said, “Let it be done unto me according to your Word!” Come into the new prototype: a christed-human being, the new creation of Christ! Come into the true Light that enlightens every human (John 1:9)! Let your clay be reformed into a new vessel revealing the transcendent treasure; the hidden splendor immanent in our earthen vessel! Christ in you!! Let the new wine of the new day, the morning star rising, the new dawn rising, rise in a new wineskin!!!! Let the dry bones rise and be clothed with the one body and one Spirit of Christ in you!! New flesh, new royal blood, new divine DNA, new heart of Jesus, new Mind of Christ, new Will of our Father, new Living Water, and new holy Spirit of God!!!!!!!!

Come into Christ’s one body and one Spirit!! Know and receive the Holy Spirit and fire of God to consume all that is false within you, reveal the Christ within, and fill you with all the fullness of God!! Empty yourself of Adam and his legacy/ inheritance, and be filled with the Christ of God, his legacy and inheritance of Wisdom, Understanding, Revelation, Counsel, Power, Strength, Highest Knowledge, Awe, Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Highest Love that surpasses knowledge, Peace that surpasses understanding, fullness of Joy, perfect harmony, and abundant Life!!!!!!!! Yes God! Amen!

Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!

Be careful what you think in your heart, speak from your heart and act on from your heart! Make sure you have Christ dwelling in your heart! The Son of God, Jesus the Christ, is not Yes and No (white and black stone), but IN HIM it is ALWAYS Yes!!!!!!!! (2 Cor 1:19) Christ in you is always Yes, the white stone, the new name, the hidden manna, the NHOEN, the city of Light, the city of the kingdom of God on earth IN YOU!!!! ALL the promises of God find their Yes in him (2 Cor 1:20); get Christ IN YOU!!!!!!!! Yes! Amen! “We utter the Amen THROUGH HIM, to the glory of God” 2 Cor 1:20. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know “it is God who establishes us IN CHRIST, and commissions us; putting his Seal upon us and gives us his Spirit in our hearts: a guarantee!!!!!!!! (2 Cor 1:22) Be sanctified in Grace!

The Word is Jesus’ Light waves (photons) and Sound waves of the highest frequency or vibration (Christ nourishes the sound within you); get his Word written on your heart and mind and be Light and his highest vibration to transmit Christ in the world; transmit heaven on earth! Be, expand, increase and multiply the Kingdom of God and His government resting on Jesus’ shoulders that is eternal! Glory, glory hallelujah!!!!!!!!

The inheritance of putting on the Lord Jesus the Christ through receiving his glory, his manifest presence and pure awareness, is the total inheritance of God’s Will: authority (exousia) and power (duanmis) and overshadowing (epikaizo) and awareness of Presence (glory) and the new heavens and a new earth in us (kingdom of God), and perfect oneness with our Father and God through Christ in each person!! Each person filled with Christ is a cell in the one body and one Spirit; flowing with ease and grace in the River of the Water of Life in the garden paradise of our Father; eating of the tree of Life; a pillar of Light within Christ’s Pillar of Light; a wheel within the Wheel of Christ’s never-ending supply of vitality and sanctified free energy; a watered soul garden in the Vineyard of our Father, on the Vine of Christ, blossoming, flourishing, rapturing, fruiting, blessing and being blessed!!!!!!!! O rapture! O glory divine!!


Instead of reckless words that pierce like sword thrusts and wound; the tongue of the wise brings healing (Proverbs 12:18; 15:1-4). A gentle tongue is a tree of life! Fire from the tongue both destroys and brings new life! The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God; Christ in your heart and on your lips!! Let the Holy Spirit and fire of God bring you to a blazing fire, consuming all that is false, revealing Christ, and making your tongue a Sword of Truth, Light and resurrected Life!!!!

Every symbol can be used for good or evil depending on the agenda of the heart. Nothing is unclean of itself, but the intent of the heart makes it either pure or impure. What is the motivation or agenda in the heart of those who speak; what effect do the symbols used by those with an evil agenda have on you? What is the offered “change you can believe in”, or “yes we can”? Who is “we” and what change is on their agenda? What god are they talking about? Whose agenda is it?? Let Christ’s Light reveal all hidden darkness and secret agendas!!!! Come out of the shadows and into Christ’s Light!!!!


Words come from the heart; the intent of the heart. Any secret agenda or hidden motivation can be discerned by those who receive the fire to consume all falsehood within and are full of the truth-meter, true discernment of the holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth fills us with our Father’s Christ Spirit, whom we CAN always trust. When we speak, our words carry the spirit that resides in our heart on our breath; either evil spirits or pure, holy Spirit of Christ. Get Christ in you and every word will transmit his Holy Spirit! We anchor our soul to Jesus (yoke/union/joined/married), the manifestation of the Word of God! The Word, sound and light waves, that Jesus manifested in flesh, is the invisible, uncreated, unmanifest Source of all creation; the Unseen, the invisible substance, essence, consciousness, awareness, presence, existence, or life that reveals or unveils the mystery, hidden for ages, yet is revealed to our generation: Christ in you is the hope of glory for our world!!!!

Spiritual intention of the heart is key. Whose spirit inhabits you; who’s your daddy (satan or God)? Whose light is in you (lucifer of Christ)? Who do you identify with (Adam or Jesus)? What spirit rules in you? What head have you grown into; the hidden capstone of the counterfeit luciferian light? Or are you rooted and grounded in Love, grown up in Love, a cornerstone of Love grown up into the Head of Christ, reconnecting you with our Father and God who is ABOVE all and through all and IN ALL! Put on the Mind of Christ and watch Christ manifest in your Life!! NHOEN!!


What is the hidden agenda coming from the spirit or spirits you let in through your eye and ear gates, mouth gate, 5 senses gates, unguarded body gate, sin gate; speaking negative words, thinking and feeling distorted, manipulated emotions; through being exposed, naked and vulnerable without the garment of Christ’s Light? Whose spirit is  inhabiting your body and soul (heart, mind, will), and what is their hidden agenda? What is your heart motivation? Do you have an agenda, or have you gone beyond agendas, surrendered your will to do the Will of Jesus’ Father on earth as it is in heaven? The work of the devil is to steal, kill and destroy the life of Christ in you. The work of Jesus and the work we are called to do is the Will of our Heavenly Father: heal, deliver and set free. Then we can do the greater works Jesus said we could do by receiving his Spirit: Christ in you! Be clothed with Light!!!!


Have you awakened to the Truth and let Christ give you his Light, Awareness and Presence? Have you realized all the “selves” and spirits in you are the impostors, the posers, the emperor with no clothes, the masks, the personas that have caused the mistaken identity, therefore the resultant grief, regret, shame, anger, lust, sorrow, sadness, guilt, worry, fear, wavering, doubt, deception etc., etc.? Do you realize you can put on the armor of Light; put on the Lord Christ Jesus like a garment? “Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead and Christ will give you light”

Come out of the tombs! Let Jesus replace the tomb in you with his resurrection Life!!!!

Light of Christ

Turn to God and be healed! Receive the Holy Spirit and fire! Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher, guide, helper, comforter, gardener, vinedresser, counsel, advocate, intercessor, GPS or God positioning system, and Lover who fills us with our Father’s perfect Love without an opposite!!!! Get grafted on the Vine of Christ!!!!

It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me! God inhabits me and his holy Spirit lives in my body temple!!

Oswald Chambers said that the ONLY Lover of the Lord Jesus the Christ is the Holy Ghost who sheds abroad the very Love of God in our hearts. He takes us and remakes us!! To glorify Jesus, the Holy Spirit takes our heart, nerves and whole being, body, soul (heart, mind, will) and spirit, and makes us ablaze, aglow and shining with Light and Love and devotion to Christ Jesus to the glory of his Father!!

Be consistent always! Consistently focus on God, not on problems; focus on the spiritual solution, not the issues, circumstances, physical appearances, or physical experiences! Focus on the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Love, the holy Spirit in Christ in God IN YOU!!

Oswald Chambers said that God has to BLAST religion, divisive prejudices, creeds, man-made laws and precepts out of us to be able to fill us with his Christ: his Spirit, Truth and Life!!!!!!!!

I call to life, Christ in you!!!!!!!!


We no longer want to be ruled by types and shadows; counterfeits, impostors, hidden agendas, secret societies, false religion, counterfeit spirituality, supernatural magic or dark occult! We want the REAL super-natural of Christ, the Power and Wisdom, the true Light that enlightens, the real morning star and sun of righteousness, the true signs, wonders and miracles, the real transformation of our mind, heart and will (soul transformation), the transfiguration of our body (conformed to Christ’s one body; made into the image and likeness of the first-born Christ, the ascended Jesus), and washed and regenerated by, through and in the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!!

Key: what and who is in your heart; whose spirit? Do you have an agenda apart from God? What is the intention of your heart; is it a spiritual intention? What you think in your heart, you are! What you speak from your heart, you create in your life! What we think, speak and act on from your heart determines collectively what our world will be like! We either add to the light or the darkness of the world!

No longer cover up what is in your heart! Let the Light of Truth in; let the other spirits out! Be transformed by the Spirit of Christ! Get out of your head and into Christ’s Heart in the one body and one Spirit of God. Turn, change your mind, let the fire and Holy Spirit consume all that is false and leave all that is Christ in you. Empty of the world’s influence and attachment, take back all consent (we were conned) consciously or unconsciously given to evil; and be filled with the new heavens (new levels of conscious awareness) and the one body of Christ in you (the new earth), and flow with the one Spirit of Christ as streams of living water!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ingest Christ, see Christ, hear Christ, taste the goodness of Christ, live Christ, and walk in the Light of Christ! Become ALL Jesus said you could be and do his greater works empowered by his Spirit in you! Be all your Father and God created you to be: his image and likeness!!!!

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love!!!! The Holy Spirit is the Lover of Jesus in us!!!! Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth; the truth in us!!!! Holy Spirit is the power and authority in us!!!! Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ Jesus, is ALL the fullness of God IN US!!!! Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory!!!! Make it manifest, concrete, proven, enlightened, awakened, anchored and REAL IN YOU!!!!!!!! FIRST seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and ALL these things of Christ will be given to you!!!!!!!!Eternity is hidden in your heart; find it!!!! Christ is hidden in your heart; find her Wisdom and his Power!!!! The kingdom of God: heaven on earth is hidden in your being, find it within!!!! Become perfectly one with our God and Father, Jesus’ God and Father, by receiving his free Gift!!!! Receive, Know, Walk it out, Live it, Become it, Be it!!!! Christ in you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Type and Shadow

  1. Christophe says:

    Nice post as usual! Could you please expand the meaning of that astrological diagram? Isn’t it akin to superstition? Like “observing days and months and seasons and years” even though “God has his own appointed hour which man knows not of” since God operates outside of time and space. Also, I’ve seen similar graphs being used by conspiracy theorists trying to debunk christianity as a mere astrological cult, so I might be a tad biased against it, and I would love to know the truth of the matter, or at least understand what you see in this, why it’s meaningful. Thank you!


    • I put it in to illustrate that symbols can be used for both good and evil depending on the intention of the heart. “Nothing is unclean of itself” For freedom I am taking back all symbols for Christ; satan’s counterfeits are sent back to the cross. Jesus already made all things clean and reconciled everything in heaven and on earth, and God declared everything good and very good, so so be it! For Freedom! Immunitas! Libertas! Liberte’ Freedom! L’Chaim!


      • Christophe says:

        Good, good, good! Totally makes sense! I actually made a similar remark a few posts ago, when we were surveying the state of pop culture, Disney symbolism… so what goes around comes around!


        • He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, so let’s take back the earth from the “world” and claim it for Christ! Not religion but relationship to the Creator, our Source of Life; his Spirit dwelling in us! I no longer am willing to shrink my world to avoid darkness; I am taking the Light straight into the darkness! That is what Jesus did and I am sticking with his plan for life and life more abundant! For freedom Christ has set us free! If the Son sets us free we are free indeed! I choose to expand his kingdom! Seeds are growing! Light is increasing and glory is rising higher and higher as darkness rises in the world; it can never overtake the true Light!!!!!!!! Spirit pour upon all flesh!!!!!!!! Heaven continue to invade earth and exponentially increase, multiply and expand!!!!!!!! The true Light is already shining!!!!!!!! Victory is won and it continues eternally now and forever!!!!!!!!


        • Christophe says:

          Yes! Yes! Yes! Heaven rejoices! Fear shall not enter our hearts! Let us rededicate the whole world to God instead! To Him Be The Glory!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. We do not consent to the world and its constructs and concepts (cons!); we come into our right minds! we see the Light! we are the Light! Jesus said we are the light! we are sent from heaven to earth to know, see, increase, multiply and expand the Kingdom Jesus brought out of heaven to earth from God; Jesus made us a Kingdom! we choose to live in his Kingdom for eternity starting right now! we are the first-borns of God of whom Jesus was the first born of the first-borns!!!!!!!! We have the greatest Father: Love Itself!!!! ! We have the greatest Mother, the Holy Spirit! The most awesome Comforter, Teacher, Guide, Vinedresser, Nourisher, Cherisher, Lover, Helper!!!!!!!! We have the greatest brother, Jesus the Christ, pure Awareness, pure manifest Presence, the Glory on earth, perfect love, peace and harmony; fullness of joy, abundant resurrection Life and more abundant ascended Life!!!!!!!!!!!! We are the royal family of God and we are humble only before God, we cast our crowns at the throne and wear them on earth… we know the Truth and the Truth sets us FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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