Heaven’s Leaven!!


The old leaven is malice and evil. The unleavened is sincerity and truth. But the new leaven, the heavenly leaven, is the Holy Spirit within us! The new leaven is like yeast, the kingdom of heaven within, with bubbles rising in us, being caught up into heavenly places of consciousness with Christ!! God rehabilitates our body and then inhabitants it as his house, his building, his new temple! God surrounds us with his field of consciousness, awareness, divinely inspired pure holy energy, the twelve jeweled wall of glorious Light!! We are the new temple of God, the habitation of the Most High, flowing with the Holy Spirit and the River of Water of Life, crystal clear, making us a fountain of Life Abundant!!!!!!!!

(1 Cor 5:6 to 1 Cor 6:20; Matthew 13:33; Revelation 21-22)

Heaven’s leaven leavens our whole body with the new heavens on earth!!!!!!!! Those who are in right relationship to God are the NHOEN! Jesus prayed that we would be perfectly one!!!!!!!! We are the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!! Be filled, overflow, and go proclaim the message!!!!!!!!

All glory, praise, dominion, majesty, honor, blessing, wisdom, thanksgiving, power and might be to our God for ever and ever! Amen. (Revelation 7:12)


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Heaven’s Leaven!!

  1. gmichaud1017 says:

    Yes and Amen 💜
    Our Kairos now…In His Love
    Praise to the Glory of God
    Amen sister 💜

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  2. Hodgepodge 4 the Soul™ says:



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