God is both WITH and IN us! Where can we go from his Presence? The key is to be aware of him! to KNOW him! not just know about him, or head knowledge, or with your mind…but to KNOW him, closer than your spouse or children or family…closer than your breath moving through your being…Christ is your being, your life, your purpose, your meaning, your reason for being…

Adam has the appearance of being alive, but he is dead inside so he puts on a pretense, a persona; but the Good News is Jesus was the LAST Adam…with Christ in you, you have the appearance of being alive AND you are alive inside because Christ’s Life is in you!

There are two kingdoms on earth…two ways of being…two ways thinking…two eyes!

Adam is carnal; his way of being is fallen, the old heavens and earth. Adam thinks like the father of lies so that is who he looks like. Adam’s eye is not sound, his view is based on a lie, so he is full of darkness…he is separated from God and like a concubine he waits to be invited into the throne room, longs for a touch from God, prays out of neediness, loss, limitation, less-than and lack…is needy so has to manipulate life to get those needs met…he is focused on himself, his issues, his life and getting what he needs or demands or deserves…if he doesn’t get his needs met he separates, withdraws, gets in a huff, gets angry, punishes, goes somewhere else to get his needs met in a sense of entitlement or divorces himself from what he blames his unhappiness on…

On the other hand, in the kingdom of the beloved Son, Christ’s eye in your heart is sound, making your body full of light…your eye is focused on God, his sound eye in you…you think like your Father, Jesus’ Father and God, so you begin to look like Him! Jesus’ kingdom is spiritual and is in your spirit and soul and body! It is a new heaven and a new earth that you carry in Him! Like Jesus, you know that God lives with AND in you…you are in continuous intimacy with Christ and know Christ is in you so everywhere you are, there God is! You get ALL your needs met in Christ…are fulfilled in Christ…filled with Christ to an overflowing, never-ending fountain of goodness, grace, glory, light, peace, joy and love! You are not focused on yourself and your issues, for you are focused on God! His Life becomes your life! Instead of trying to get your needs met outside yourself, with an external locus of control, you are met by AND in God in ever-increasing intimacy as you spend time with your First Love!

I see it all as refuse now, except to KNOW Christ and his ascension, glory, and life in me AND through me! Instead of wishing Dan Mohler lived here to “get something” he carries, what I got yesterday and this morning and will keep getting tonight is to just be in God’s Presence and know God’s Presence in me in increasingly intimate ways! To not focus on what is wrong, lacking or in need, but to focus on what I am becoming spending time with God! We become what we behold, spend time with, value, cherish, adore, put above all else!

My goal is: to be AWARE of his Presence 24/7 both in me AND with me! to be a Bride, not a concubine, pregnant with Him! full of his Fullness! fulfilled, satisfied, satiated, filled, overflowing and flowing with his Spirit, Truth and Life! To let His Life flow in and from me to multiply and replicate Him!

We replace the lies with his Truth! Where we believed we were broken; we believe that in Him we are complete and whole! Where we believed we had to GO to the throne to get grace; we begin to know that the throne and grace are in AND with us! Where we believed we had to cast out spirits; we begin to know that filled with Him there is no room for anything else! We let ourselves be washed, fired up, swept clean and FULLY occupied with God! No Vacancy for anything but God!!!!!!! Nothing matters except God!!!!!!! Simply, wondrously, awe-filled, joyous, all-consuming knowing instead of knowledge; being instead of striving; being so aware we are Loved AND experiencing the Love, that we become Love AND can help but love!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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10 Responses to And!

  1. The beginning of the journey of intimacy with God is Revelation 22:17, “The Spirit and Bride say, ‘Come!’ Take the water of life without price!”
    Now walk in His Light, filled with His living water, filled to overflowing, leaving streams in the desert, rivers in the wilderness, causing Him to begin to spring up EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Jesus IS everything to everyone!!!!!!! Christ in you is complete and uniquely YOU! the you that God created in his image and likeness!!!!!!!

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  2. First-Born Church!
    This video is so good! Unity in the Spirit! Honor every part of the Body, even though we may not understand what the foot is doing, or what the eye is doing, or what the hidden liver is doing! Even the parts that seem to be “less than” have a role to play in the Body!

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    • Christophe says:

      “We have to strive to enter the rest.”


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      • Hi Christophe! Yes, we do! Yes, we BE all God says we are in Christ! (No more “yes we can,” sorry Obs!) We BE! loved and beloved! We rest in Christ! ahhh! We let God grow us and stretch us and teach us and move our tent stakes out and broaden our horizons, expand our pillar of light, increase, heighten and deepen our knowing his Love in us; being his Light; flowing with his Spirit!!!!!!!
        I see the Christ in Christophe! 🙂 My new name in Christ is a Christ-i-ann! I am a Christiana! I see Christ! we once saw through a glass darkly, but now we see face to face! We see the Light! We come to the Light! We take his Light and shine! I see Christ in his first-born church! his Being in us! First-born; eternally new in Christ and he in us! So Good!!!!!!! So Abba!!!!!!! So Beloved!!!!!!! So much Glory!!!!!!! Transform and conform us! Potter us into new creations in your image and likeness!!!!!!! Christ in us!!!!!!! The Best of the Best!!!!!!! for His Glory!!!!!!!


  3. “Jesus said the Holy Spirit abides with us and makes his home with us (John 14:16–17). By home he means home. You are not a motel room for the Lord. You are a walking, talking, living, breathing temple of the Holy Spirit. He is not going anywhere.” – Paul Ellis

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  4. “What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends on what we look for. What we look for depends on what we think. What we think depends on what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.” – David Bohm

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  5. 19maude56 says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome video. I can identify to this blessed truth. God is doing a great work today. The Church of The Living God is being Revealed more and more. Light is on the scene destroying ALL DARKNESS. Thank God for the unity of His Church. “AND” we go forth in the power of His Might! To God be the glory forever and ever Amen!!!

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