Talitha! cumi!


Talitha cumi! Little girl arise! It is time to arise from the dead and shine the light you receive from Christ to be Beulah Hephzibah! Married Delight! Yoked to the Bridegroom, eternally betrothed, God’s Delight in you!

The Holy Spirit “God-breathes” us to take us from death to Life in Christ! asleep to awake in the Light of Christ! forsaken and desolate to My Delight in her, Christ in you!

“My Delight in her” is God’s consciousness married to yours! elevating, lifting, raising, uplifting, catching you up into rapture, bliss, delight, and fullness of Joy! You can stubbornly, rebelliously, willfully stay where you are in consciousness and look at the world through dark glasses, or fool yourself by looking through rose colored glasses, or you can let Christ UNVEIL you and see through Lord Jesus Christ’s perfect vision, the creation our Father made us, and us in His image and likeness!!!!!!!

Let the Holy Spirit unveil your heart! Let God circumcise your heart. The pain stored there hurts, but when we allow ourselves to feel what we couldn’t bear as children, the Light can heal the past, unfreeze the frozen parts, and the river of Life can begin to flow again–washing away and bringing NEW Life! Let Holy Spirit unveil your mind–it hurts at first to see the lies and deception we bought into, but we mourn for a night and Joy comes in the morning! Let Holy Spirit unveil your will, intention, motivation–to see how much of life has been ruled by fear and how receiving the Father’s Love changes everything!

We come AS WE ARE and receive not what the world gives–unforgiveness, condemnation, judgment, disdain, resentment, and conditional love dependent on what we can do for them, BUT our Father comes running before we even see Him, lavishes us with his BEST and FINEST. He immediately reinstates us in his royal Family with the Name above every other name. He never brings up the past again, or the mistakes we made trying to go it alone, and throws us a celebratory feast fit for a king. You thought you were a pauper, but you are a king in God’s Kingdom. You thought you were an orphan, but you are God’s son with all the authority and power to rule and reign in the kingdom within. You thought you were separated, rejected, forsaken, desolate, abandoned, betrayed, divorced or widowed, but you are our Father’s beloved First-Born’s new Bride! You are eternally loved, accepted, respected, honored, valued, cherished, nurtured, protected, provided for, safe, secure and FREE to give all you have been given!!!!!!!

True Peace is knowing who you are and WHOSE you are, then being in the world the PEACE you are inside with Christ in you!

Come as you are and discover who God created you to be! The world misled you, pushed and nudged you, herded you where you did not want to go; into places of being you were never created to be or do as the world does. When you EXPERIENCE the true, pure LOVE of our Father and God you won’t SETTLE for the world’s perversions of love again!

The Word is God-breathed: life and Spirit! When you are God-breathed, you are uplifted into Christ’s life and Spirit! Come as you are and go forth transformed, transfigured and reformed into the image and likeness of God, living in the garden paradise, new wine flowing in your new wineskin, the new temple of God, your body inhabited by the Presence of God, flowing with the Holy Spirit and glory river! now and forever and ever! Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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