Restore Innocence!

How do I begin to relate the amazing “suddenlies” the turn arounds on a dime, the clouds parting and Son-rays piercing through the “stuff” of the world…and there is a lot of “stuff” in the world right now as people’s “stuff” is up…words can’t…Spirit can!

I remembered the dream this morning:

a huge room… at the bottom: DIRTY LAUNDRY was exchanged

the middle: a BIG BULL came in the room and DUG UP LOTS OF DIRT

and the bull OPENED THE WINDOW TO HEAVEN in the ceiling…

Pray that ALL dirty laundry be exposed, ALL the “dirt” dug up, the window of heaven OPEN so that ALL can begin to see and hear from hearts restored to God, and the whole earth restored to its pristine garden and shining-jewel newness!

THIS IS THE TIME to RESTORE INNOCENCE. Only ascended, GLORIFIED Christ Jesus can return us HOME to our Father who RESTORES us completely: spirit and soul and body!

There are many resurrected FORMS of Christ; all LIVING, breathing, alive, quickening, transforming, reforming, active; but none are dead forms of religion without the POWER.

The dead forms of religion without Holy Spirit power have REPLACED the glory of ascended Christ with images, myths, lies, dead idols, pomp and circumstance; fancy titles, robes and hats;

replaced Christ with Plato, “play-dough,” made DEAD statues and DEAD images; and offer “platonic ideals” instead of REAL TRANSFORMATION;

replaced Christ’s True Light that enlightens with luciferian lux;

replaced the Will of God and his Kingdom ON EARTH as it is in heaven with the worldly hegelian doctrine of “problem, reaction, synthesis” or “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” which FEEDS you SATAN’S tree of the knowledge of good and evil: a synthesis of good AND evil which DESTINES you to burn root to branch, the fate of evil trees, unless you WAKE UP and RECEIVE the TRUE LIGHT of CHRIST offered to ALL. It is a LIE from hell that true Christianity EXCLUDES people; ALL are invited, few COME to ascended, living Christ Jesus and go direct to our Father to be RESTORED as sons of God. Many go the wide easy road of religion or just try to be a “good person” not KNOWING GOD’S BEST: restored as sons of God, with Christ in you.

Those that PREY on humanity are destined to DESTRUCTION; the wrath of God only for those of the hidden agenda of the Deceiver, his angels and demons. Only the Destroyer is to be BLAMED, not humanity. The hidden hand of darkness, the world rulers of this present darkness of shadow religion and shadow government are BEHIND the present problems, behind the over-the-top reaction to the problems fueled by their PROPAGANDA, using humans as patsies to blame other races, colors, religions, nations, cultures, etc. instead of the satanic evil with its luciferian agenda to destroy the earth and human beings who have yet to awaken to their true identity in Christ.

It is MORE than TIME to UNITE in CHRIST; awaken HUMAN BEINGS, take back your true POWER in Christ, your TRUE identity, arise and shine! There is only ONE ENEMY of humanity and it is SPIRITUAL DARKNESS (Ephesians 6:10-20). The MYSTERY of the eternal gospel of God is Christ in you; the Will of God is a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness, purity, peace and INNOCENCE DWELLS; nothing accursed, evil, dark, unclean or deceptive can enter as it is FILLED with the Love, Light and Spirit of Christ in God!!!!!!!

Are you WILLING to MOVE from the world of darkness, good AND evil, into the HIGHEST and BEST God has for you: a new heaven and new earth where the GLORY of Christ lives, moves and has his being or existence or life in you???????

MERCY already acted! STOP GOING BACK TO THE BEGINNING IN AN ENDLESS WORLD CYCLE. Salvation is TODAY, NOW, HERE! Today is the DAY; NOW is the TIME!!!!!!! NO LOOKING BACK to DEAD THINGS, DEAD RELIGIONS, DEAD MYTHS, DEAD IDOLS, DEAD IMAGES for they keep you immersed in DEATH, SIN, and destined to live in the UNDERWORLD of HADES. (When my earthly dad transitioned, Death did not show up; Glory and Eternal Life did! and that foretaste of glory divine, delight, rapture, effervescent  uplifting, so powerful that I didn’t think I could keep from flying away, will never be forgotten)

We no longer consent to anything OF the darkness of evil. We do not consent to the hidden agendas and hidden darkness of the spirit of the world or god of this world or world rulers of this present darkness. We TURN and never go BACK to anything that is cursed on the tree/cross…

Resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ Jesus was given the Keys and he put His Blood on the Mercy Seat in Heaven and now and forever and ever we must live, move and have our being, our life, our very existence of and from His Blood, from Mercy, from Heaven to earth. It is already finished and now we must come into agreement and unity of Spirit in the bond of peace with God our Father and say, “It is done!

now I realize that I no longer want use all “caps” because it seems to symbolically represent “capitalism” and maritime law “legalism” (satan is a legalist) to those who use sorcery sigils and deceive, so I am drawing a line in the sand, exposing The Rock Foundation and permanently separating the evil from God’s Good in me and my life. I invite  you to join me in agreeing with our Father and his Lamb and say, “We thank you for the finished work of the cross, it is finished! and I declare, decree, proclaim it is done in me according to your Word, now and forever and ever, Amen. Hallelujah!”

Mercy already acted and now we can move through the mercy seat, from the heavenly throne, to sing a new Song of a new heaven and a new earth! We can move from His mercy to His glory, through faith to faith, grace to grace, to live move and have our being from glory to glory to glory!!!!!!!

Are you willing to live, move and have your being from the mercy seat? Are you willing to follow the Lamb of God from heaven to earth? Are you willing to follow the Lamb from the heavenly mercy seat at the throne, to his glory? glory on earth as it is in heaven in Christ? are you willing to join the King of kings and Lord of lords and his holy angel army in Victory as Conquerors and Overcomers in Christ? Are you willing to believe, receive, know, live,move and have your being in the restored garden on earth, a NHONE, as the jewels, the pearl, the brilliant gemstones lit with the fire of God, as living stones quickened by the Holy Spirit and fire of God; the new temples of God filled with his glory presence???????

Lamb of God, reveal  your glory in and through us! we are only worthy in You, filled with Your Righteousness! All things are Possible with Christ in us! We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us, transforms us, reforms us, refines us, purifies us, to make us his new heaven on his earth!

Let those who have ears to hear and eyes to see know what the Spirit is saying. The abomination is destroyed in Christ; the beasts and false prophet are destroyed in Christ; the harlot is destroyed in Christ, for the Lamb cancelled the bond with all its legal demands. We hereby withdraw all consent to evil and mixed good and evil. We consent only to the King of kings and Lord of lords, submit only under the banner of the Lamb of God and eat only of the tree of life in Christ! bearing his Fruit! So when we know Christ in us, abomination, beast, false prophet and harlot are destroyed and we get to live from Victory on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!! in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!!!!!!! the kingdom of God!!!!!!!

The Bride is the wife of the Lamb, not the lion who tears apart the “lying lion,” the “dark” who prey on humanity and whose agenda is to destroy the earth and human beings. The Bride is the wife of the all-powerful, everywhere-present, all-knowing, all-light, all-good, all-holy, all-miraculous, all-healing delivering and setting free Lamb of God!!!!!!! If the Son sets you free you are free indeed! For freedom Christ has set you free! Take it and partake of Christ in you, the freedom sent for all humanity!!!!!!!

We submit only to the King of kings and Lord of lords, right here, right now and is to come, in the new heaven under the banner of the Lamb on earth. The Sword is in the Lamb’s mouth and he slays evil with the breath of his mouth and Words that carry the glory and power! We come/follow with the Lamb under His Victory; the end was from the beginning so you can enter his Rest now and forever and ever! We speak His Words of life and Spirit! “TAKE the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God along with the rest of the WHOLE ARMOR of God and STAND FIRM.”

We keep our eyes on what Holy Spirit is doing; we keep our ears tuned in to what the Holy Spirit is saying; we live, move and have our being with Christ Spirit and his Spirit in us!!!!!!! Every time we forget it is finished, done, conquered, overcome and victorious, we can just breathe again the Holy Spirit and ask for Wisdom and Power and wait until it manifests, quickens you, activates the spiritual gifts in you, endows you with boldness and confidence, gifts you with all the spiritual gifts you can bear! and so much more!!!!!!!

We thank you Abba Father and your Lamb! Now, here, today, every day, Life begins with Christ in us! Holy Spirit guide us! Spirit of Truth lead us into all Truth! Restore our innocence with the Innocent Lamb; and protect our children’s innocence. Restore our purity with the Purity of your Lamb; restore our righteousness with the Righteousness of your Lamb; restore our spirit and soul and body with the fire, power and glory of your Holy Spirit, your Living, Breathing, Active, Anointed Holy One! Platonic ideals are replaced with the living, breathing Christ, every resurrected form we need to be restored to innocence now and forever and ever and ever, Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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1 Response to Restore Innocence!

  1. From Jeffrey Stewart:
    “I just had a Hebrew-roots lady try to tell me that we are still under the Old Covenant. She even provided links to support that position.
    I am going to speak some blunt words. While it is good to do word studies in Hebrew, we need to keep in mind that we are under a NEW and much better covenant than the Hebrews EVER lived under. OUR covenant is based on the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, not on the blood of bulls and goats. Our standing with God is not based on keeping the Ten Commandments, it is based on what Jesus did for us on the Cross. If you begin to think that you need to keep the Sabbath, to keep the Law, to observe the festivals, to wear a prayer shawl, in order to be RIGHT with God, you are in spiritual danger. It is ALL JESUS. And we stand in a Grace that obeying the Law could NEVER obtain for us.
    The Hebrew roots movement in the Church is DANGEROUS. It tries to encourage us to look BACKWARDS, to PRE-CROSS ways of thinking, acting, and believing. While it appears innocent at first, on the surface, Paul rebuked the Church in Galatia by saying “Who has BEWITCHED YOU?” in the Book of Galatians. It is a DECEPTION designed to keep you in bondage, and worse, for if you turn away from the finished work of the Cross, what else is there? JESUS is the ONLY WAY to the Father.
    The truth is, most of us were GENTILES before we ever believed on Jesus, and we NEVER WERE Jewish. So why would we even think that ANY of the Old Covenant applied to us in the first place? We have been GRAFTED into the promises of God, and are part of a NEW and BETTER Covenant. And today, it is actually impossible to live as they lived under the Old Covenant anyways, because to do so required going to Jerusalem, and sacrificing a bull or lamb on the Day of Atonement, at the Temple, WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS.
    I would earnestly seek the Lord if you are a part of this movement. Our citizenship is in Heaven. We are SONS and DAUGHTERS in God’s Household. Our righteousness is OF HIM (Is 54:17), not by works. We need to move into ALL Jesus did for us, so we can walk in ALL He has for us. And going back to doing things as the Hebrews did is not the way He wants us to go.”

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