Abide in Me, and I in You

First, we come to Jesus. “Come to Me, find rest, learn light and ease!” Learn Christ! Learn to abide in Christ.

Then the Spirit and Bride come down from heaven out of God and we see and enter the kingdom of God and his righteousness as we let Christ abide in us!

Holy Spirit-led sons abide in the Bride as she flows with the Holy Spirit! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” Christ as Bride; Spirit is God! rest and movement of glory! rest in the presence of the Bride, the glory light, love and Spirit on earth as it is in heaven, flowing with the river of Living Water!

Know Christ and the Power of his resurrection Life!

Forget the past! Don’t look back or turn to a pillar of stone, which describes most of what religion is today. Stone tablets that people use to hit each other over the head with; while Jesus is the living stone who makes you into living stones that flow with the river of water of life; flow in righteousness; kingdom flow as you abide in Christ and Christ abides in you! It is The Relationship that is the source of The Life; without this relationship you can do nothing; it is all dung.

Forget the past! Those who say “never forget” have an agenda; use sorcery to manipulate and control other people; lord their suffering over others; use victim and perpetrator masks (two sides of the same coin of satan) to get what they want, destroying the unity of the Spirit in the bond of Peace. Their hidden agenda is for there to never be Peace so they can keep milking the system, keep control, and manipulate others away from the Way, Truth and Life of Christ in God, who died once, FOR ALL to be FREE, healed, delivered, transformed, transfigured, made complete, reformed and rebirthed into the image and likeness of Christ.

For FREEDOM Christ set all humans free. If the Son sets you FREE you are FREE indeed! Die with Christ; rise with Christ and begin to live, move and have your being in God with Christ in you!

Set your mind in heaven! “A tranquil mind gives life to the flesh!”

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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