The only way we can offer forgiveness to those who hurt us, especially those who hurt us to our very core, is a revelation of Jesus, the Cross and the totally free gift of healing salvation that flows down like a river of balm into our deepest wounds where shame hides and fear lurks telling you there is something wrong with you.

The spirit of fear tells you lies that you can never be loved in the way you need so desperately to be loved; that you are not good enough; not enough, not worthy, damaged goods and if someone got close enough they would see the ugly place that you have hidden so long. You armor yourself with defense mechanisms, harden your heart, become hyper vigilant, limit your life to what seems safe, and do things you hate, things you never wanted to do. You don’t even know who you are. You just survive…

You put on a mask and be who people think you are. You could be different people to different people. You survive.

If you were taught to squelch emotions or that anger is wrong, you turn your rage within and it is a silent time bomb that goes off when you least expect it. Stuffed anger and unforgiveness fester and deepens, covered up with a hard shell, while you put on a happy face and go about with a half-life; split off parts of your soul, broken, lacking, limited, but surviving…

There is a scab that grows over the deepest cut and things of the world tear it off and it becomes a fresh wound with the circumstances you go through in your life, and you do anything to not feel the pain there. You believe that if you feel it you may  never recover, it will kill you, or you will start crying and never stop, or you will go insane with the demons hiding there. If your trauma occurs pre-verbal, or you have stuffed it so deep into your subconscious, you don’t even know what it is, there is just an underlying sense of dread that shows its head from time to time, and you never feel safe

and you don’t really trust anyone…

you just survive…

There are ups and downs until there is a downward spiral and you despair of life and begin to think that death must be preferable to this; disappointments, disillusionment, discouragement begins to overwhelm. You reach the end of your personal resources, at the end of your rope…

But God! takes your last shred and pulls you up, gives you hope, shows you truth, breathes life into you, and gently, safely, tenderly begins to let you  know God as Father when you need Fatherly love, God as Mothering love when you need a Mother. God becomes to you EVERYTHING you need, when you need it, when you begin to trust God and see He delights in you. He loves you and understands you because He created you and He wants the BEST for you and will NEVER hurt you.

BUT GOD! The only one who can touch the deepest cut, the most shameful wounding, and pour a river of mercy, lovingkindness, healing grace and forgiveness is Jesus. He takes you on a healing journey and brings up things as He strengthens you to be able to see it and allow Him to heal it and you can start to forgive: forgive God until you realize it was the devil who came to steal, kill and destroy you; forgive those who hurt you until you realize it was the thief who sent them to steal, kill and destroy you, forgive those you blamed, and finally forgive yourself. Forgiveness sets YOU free; God deals with unrepentant perpetrators.

Forgiveness is a river that sets you free. We can forgive when we receive and KNOW God’s Forgiveness and the finished work of the Cross. The river of God is NEW every morning, a river of mercy, grace, forgiveness, redemption, salvation, justification (just as if you had NEVER sinned or fallen short of the glory), sanctification, and yes, EVEN glorification that blows our mind and transforms our spirit and soul and body to be LIKE Christ Jesus! Then we shall live as one who has been forgiven and set free!

We can do NOTHING apart from Christ; we can do NOTHING of our own volition. It is impossible to forgive without the Wisdom and Power of the Holy Spirit. But we can do ALL things WITH CHRIST who strengthens us; all things are possible with God! NOTHING is impossible with God: total healing, deliverance, being set free to love, forgive, live life abundantly; open and receive every good endowment and every perfect GIFT from the Father of Glory to help others get free! Everything we need to live the LIFE God created us to live, we are given!

We give Jesus EVERYTHING we are and He gives us EVERYTHING of God! We empty daily and Christ FILLS US through the Holy Spirit! Thank God!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Forgiveness

  1. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of God.

    All we have to do is repent and receive forgiveness and redemption; receive the Holy Spirit Power and Wisdom to change our way of thinking, seeing, and being. Receive to listen, hear, and act on what we hear as quickly as we can, yielding to Christ within, staying awake with ascended, glorified Jesus until we experience the shift.

    We give Jesus the rule and reign within us and his Spirit moves us into all good, true, right and beautiful. We focus on God, not problems; we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and he takes everything that is wrong and makes it right when we trust God and wait with eager expectation!

    He NEVER fails; he never leaves you or forsakes you; only you can separate you from God in Christ, and no one in their RIGHT MIND chooses to separate from the Pure Love of our First Love! If you are not in your right mind or clothed with Christ, Jesus CAN and WILL change that! “Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

    I heard him say it, I came, and the rest is history, and I am now in his everlasting LIFE!

    “Therefore, if any one is in Christ, she is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come. All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to Himself” 2 Cor 3:17-18

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  2. Become the Word! let the Holy Spirit form Christ in you! Do not conform to the world, but be TRANSFORMED by letting God give you the Mind of Christ to ever-renew you by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    “The only scripture that we really know is the one that we can walk out–God doesn’t want us to just be quoters…He didn’t say, “Be professional quoters.”

    The first thing the Word does is that it cuts us and separates the way that seems right to a man…the carnal mind. It’s at war against God. We can’t afford to read the Bible with a carnal mind, and think that we know it because we can quote it. We can’t afford to read the Word and memorize it and think that we have everything down. We have to live the Bible out in action.

    I pray the scriptures come alive to you today…that the Word would come alive in you and penetrate your heart so that you can walk as a living epistle!

    It’s the best thing ever!” ~Todd White

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  3. When there is nothing left to hide, you are free. When you know you are forgiven and you can forgive and be free, you are free indeed! When the Son sets you Free you are Free Indeed! When you KNOW the Truth, the Truth can set you FREE.

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  4. Don’t live half a life managing symptoms when you can be healed and made whole in Christ.

    “By his stripes we are healed; by his chastisement we are made whole”

    God made us His righteousness with Christ; God made us a Kingdom and kings and priests to God and his Christ to rule and reign with Christ in everything; to carry His Presence on earth.

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  5. There is NO condemnation in Christ; we are MORE than CONQUERORS with Christ in God

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  6. If there is healing and wholeness for one, it is available for ALL with Christ.

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