Unveiled to See

Christ unveils us to see.

See and be changed from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth. That which is born of flesh is flesh, but that which is born again of Spirit is spirit.

Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life of God; Christ remains forever! In Christ we remain forever with God! The Word remains forever and does not pass away! Abide in the Word and the Word in you. Christ unveils us to see! Know the Truth and the Truth sets you free! Jesus is The Truth! Come to know God and His Christ! Be taught by the Holy One anointing and the Holy Spirit! Know the Lion of the tribe of Judah ROARED and the Lamb of God OVERCAME this world; The Word is King of kings and Lord of lords! The Word is the Sword of the Spirit!

Let it be done in me according to Thy Word! a new heart and right Spirit! Take Heart! Take the Mind of Christ! Take the Will of God on earth as it is in heaven! Take the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! Take the Joy of the Lord as your strength! The Lamb is theTrue Shepherd who leads you to the springs of Living Water (Revelation 7:17); the Lamb is Lord of lords and King of kings and those with Him are called and chosen and faithful (Revelation 17:14). The Lamb has overcome! The Victory is won in spirit, now come and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for God is at work in you. Do all things without grumbling, that you may be blameless children of God without blemish in the midst of  a corrupt, perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world [in Christ and Christ in you; apart from Christ NOTHING]. Hold fast the Word of Life. (Philippians 2:12-18).

Join your spirit to the Holy Spirit in Christ and Christ in you; the Victor who wears the many Crowns; everything is under His feet in this age and the age to come! NOW and is to come!

God accomplished His plans and purposes in Jesus “when He raised him from the dead and made him sit at His right hand in the heavenly places, FAR ABOVE ALL rule and authority and power and dominion, and ABOVE EVERY name that is named, NOT ONLY IN THIS AGE, but also in that which is to come; and God has put ALL THINGS under his feet and has made him the head of ALL THINGS for the church, which is HIS BODY, the FULLNESS of him who fills all in all. And you he made alive, when  you were dead through trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air (lying words of the enemy of our souls), the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience. Among these we all once lived…following the desires of body and mind, and so we were children of wrath, like the rest of mankind. BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy, out of great Love He loves us, even when we were dead through trespasses, MAKES US ALIVE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST (by grace you are saved) and RAISES US UP WITH CHRIST and makes us SIT WITH HIM IN the HEAVENLY places IN CHRIST JESUS” Ephesians 1:20-2:6

“All who are led by the HOLY Spirit are sons of God” (no longer be led by your feelings, thoughts or your past choices apart from Christ, but be transformed by the renewing Mind of Christ; take every thought captive to obey Christ with spiritual weapons of true righteousness and holiness that cast down strongholds of fallen thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of this world; Come out of her; come to Christ, both the Wisdom and Power of God).

Come to Christ, yoke, learn, and find rest for your soul in God, while Holy Spirit works what the enemy meant for evil to good.

Come and drink of Christ’s glorified Spirit and rivers of living water will start to flow from from you.

Come to the Spirit and the Bride; thirst, desire, take the water of life without price.

Come and see from the perspective of God our Father and his Christ; keep your mind on things Above, not on things that are on earth (Colossians 3:2); receive the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge of God and his glory of Christ, fear of the Lord: reverential awe!

Sing the Hallelujah Chorus! The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth! King of kings and Lord of lords, and He shall reign for ever and ever! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever” Revelation 11:15

“Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of the brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God. And they have conquered him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. Rejoice then, O heaven and you that dwell therein! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his TIME IS SHORT” Revelation 12:10-12

Abide in Christ and Christ in you, to dwell in heavenly places spirit and soul while your body is in the world BUT NOT OF IT. Be crucified with Christ so it is no longer you who live, but Christ who lives in you in the flesh by FAITH.

Behold, I have given you AUTHORITY to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy; and NOTHING shall hurt you” Luke 10:19

“Because you have made the Lord God Almighty your refuge, the Most High your habitation, no evil shall befall you, no plague come near you, for He will give His angels charge of you to guard you in ALL your ways” Psalm 91:9-11

Because you have kept My Word of patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial, which is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell upon the earth. I am coming soon; hold fast to what you have, so that no one many seize your crown [Christ]. He who conquers…God will never go out of” Revelation 3:10-21

You are more than conquerors IN CHRIST, but apart from Christ you can do nothing. In Christ you are delivered from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of the beloved Son in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:13-14). Take the Truth of the Word and use it as a Sword of the Spirit to conquer!

In Christ is ALL the fullness of God and we come to fullness of life IN CHRIST who is pre-eminent in ALL things. Through Christ, God reconciles ALL things on earth and in heaven, making peace by the Blood of the Cross of Jesus. “And you who were once estranged and hostile in mind, God reconciles in Jesus’ body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy, blameless and irreproachable before Him, provided you continue in the FAITH of Jesus…not shifting from the GOSPEL…which HAS BEEN preached to every creature under heaven” Colossians 1:15-23

“Therefore I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined by fire…white garments to clothe you…and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may SEE. Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and REPENT [turn from this world to Christ]. Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one HEARS MY VOICE and opens the door, I will come in to you and eat with you and you with Me. Those who conquer, I will grant to sit with Me on My throne as I Myself HAVE CONQUERED and sat down with My Father on His Throne” Revelation 3:18-21

“My sheep hear My Voice and they will not follow another”

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt of every foul spirit, a haunt of every foul and hateful bird; for all nations have drunk the wine of her impure passion, and the kings of earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants have grown rich with the wealth of her wantonness…Come out of her, My people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues, for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Render to her as she herself has rendered and repay her double for her deeds; mix a double draught for her in the cup she MIXED. As she glorifies herself…give her a like measure of torment and morning. Since in her heart she says, ‘A queen I sit, I am no widow, mourning I shall never see,’ so shall her plagues come in a single day, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she shall be burned with fire; for mighty is the Lord God who judges her. And the kings of the earth who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment…in one hour thy judgment come…who made slaves of human souls…all nations were deceived by thy sorcery. And in her was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints, and of all who have been slain on the earth” Revelation 18:1-24

Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for his judgments are true and just; he has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication, and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants…Amen. Hallelujah!…Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and exult and give God the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to be clothed with fine linen, bright and pure, for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints” Revelation 19:1-10

Crown Him with many crowns! Jesus was given all power and authority in heaven and on earth!

King of kings and Lord of lords! Faithful and True; in righteousness He judges and makes war [on evil]. His eyes are like a flame of fire and on his head are many crowns. The name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, follow him on white horses. From His Mouth issues a sharp Sword of the Spirit to smite evil and rule with a rod of iron. He will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed: King of kings and Lord of lords (Revelation 19:11-16).

“Vengeance is Mine, I will repay…The Lord will judge…It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. Recall the former days when after you were enlightened you endured a hard struggle with sufferings…Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that you may do the Will of God and receive what is promised. ‘For yet a little while, and the coming One shall come…but My righteous live by FAITH, and if you shrink back, My soul has no pleasure in you. But [in Christ and Christ in you] we do not shrink back and are destroyed, but we have FAITH and keep our souls. Now faith is the substance and assurance of things hoped for, the conviction and evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 10:10-11:1

“See the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, the likeness of God” 2 Cor 4:4

Take this heavenly treasure in your earthly body, the transcendent power to become a new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells: Christ in you, the hope of glory; the life of Jesus manifested in your body; keep your eyes on the unseen, not the things of this earth (2 Cor 4:7-18; Colossians 1:26-3:17). Do you not know that your body is designed to be God’s holy temple where the fiery Holy Spirit and glory of Christ dwell?

The law of the old covenant was but a SHADOW of the good things of the new covenant: the true form of true spiritual realities; be reformed, restored and regenerated in the likeness of Christ. Be warned! the repeated sacrifices of the old keep you UNDER the law that consigns all to disobedience; the door remains open to the enemy. BUT when you come to Christ Jesus you receive HIS SACRIFICE that was ONCE for all; NO REMINDERS OF SIN but reminders of the righteousness of God IN CHRIST. The Blood of the Lamb of God makes all PERFECT who draw near: be dead to sin and alive to righteousness IN CHRIST and CHRIST In YOU. Trade your consciousness of sin through the Holy Spirit conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment for the consciousness of God through Christ by the Holy Spirit and fire sent to true believers.

“We have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all yet priests stand every day repeatedly offering the same sacrifices that can NEVER take away sins…but by ONE SINGLE OFFERING Jesus has PERFECTED for ALL TIME those who are sanctified. And the Holy Spirit bears witness…have CONFIDENCE to enter the sanctuary by the Blood of Jesus, by the NEW and LIVING WAY, opened by Jesus through his flesh…draw near with a TRUE HEART in FULL ASSURANCE of faith with our hearts sprinkled CLEAN and our bodies WASHED with PURE WATER. Hold fast without wavering, for he who promised is faithful…But if you sin deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the Truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful prospect of judgment and fury of fire which will CONSUME the adversaries…much worse punishment is deserved by ones who spurn the Son of God and profane the blood of the new covenant and outrage the Spirit of grace” Hebrews 10:1-29

“Do not judge by outward appearances, but judge with right judgment” Jesus in John 7:24

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I NOW live in the flesh I live by FAITH in the Son of God who loves me and died for me” Galatians 2:20

Stop denying Christ and deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus to the Cross, once and done, resurrect with Christ; learn Christ; walk in light as a son of light; walk in the Spirit; worship in Spirit and in Truth. God is Spirit. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. Take off your spotted human garment and put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed are those who are AWAKE keeping their white garment of Christ, not found naked or exposed (Revelation 16:15). Those who repent, sealed with the Holy Spirit, the seal of God our Father and His Christ on their forehead, are not harmed during the horrors of the seven trumpets of Revelation 8:6-9:21.

“You have heard, now will you see all this, and declare it? hear new things, hidden things which you have not known. They are created now, not long ago” Isaiah 48:6-7

Make the Word of God fully known; the mystery hidden for ages and generations NOW revealed by Jesus and made manifest to God’s holy people by the Holy Spirit. God is pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the hope (substance and assurance) of realizing and seeing the glory (see and be changed into Christ likeness to reflect God our Father of Glory). Christ we preach and proclaim, WARNING and TEACHING in all wisdom: comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God, that we may present every person MATURE, full-grown into the Head of Christ, fully initiated, activated Seed (Word of God), complete, perfect: lacking nothing in Christ and Christ in you, the Holy Anointed One of God, the Messiah; with all the superhuman energy Christ kindles and mightily works with you (Colossians 1:25-29 AMPC).

Bottom Line: Abide in Christ and Christ in you.

Apart from Christ, the True Vine, saved, cared for, pruned, watered, nourished, healed, protected, nurtured, established, and kept by the Vinedresser, you can do nothing; the double-minded receive nothing; but in Christ and Christ in you, all the promises of God are “yes” and we say, “amen.” Hallelujah!

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4 Responses to Unveiled to See

  1. I can’t stop singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and this version has a joyful, vitally-alive conductor with red hair.
    Philippians 1:19-21 says, “Yes, and I shall rejoice. For I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out…with full courage now as always, Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. If it is to be life in the flesh it means fruitful spiritual work.”
    God inhabits the praises of His people. We enter His gates with thanksgiving; His courts with praise. We praise God until we enter true worship in the Spirit, united with Christ where we dissolve and we are lost in His Love, and enter the glory, His presence, where we are changed from glory to glory! I so love “foretastes of glory divine” now, and with eager anticipation look forward to permanent glory with Christ Jesus, eternities to eternities!

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  2. ourkairosnow1017 says:



  3. Amen….I cant stop singing Tracy Chapman’s “Talking bout a revolution” especially the line–“Finally the tables are starting to turn!” Think Haman who built a gallows for Mordecai, and all those trying to kill off humanity. Hallelujah —“Poor people gonna rise up and get their share”—–Well, Tracy, I hope instead of rising up, that they are lifted up into Christ and inherit all things in Him.


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