Pray, Vote, Stand

starts at ~ 58 minutes into the broadcast

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4 Responses to Pray, Vote, Stand

  1. lynnabbott says:

    It was amazing and wonderful!! Glad you posted this!! ❤️ and hugs!


  2. amen thats what we need to happen, good to hear from you, may God richly bless you Yvonne


  3. And Thanks Yvonne I needed to see this, to know some are getting it. God Bless You Richly


  4. Yvonne this just came to me and I posted on fb and Twitter I know theres more to all this than we think because of the urgency to get the message out to stand, what do you think about this: We are all so well learned and look at everything literally, [well the mark is already in our head and hands, by whom we serve and work for, r we working for God or self, I know there’s literal mark also] Mat 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.[ but in fact we are not standing for him now, we cut down the one’s who are, just asking could you be really showing whom you stand for, God or the devil, and if so this would be denying him, something worth thinking about, but we have chosen the actual mark way before we take it, its already in our head and hand by who we serve, and work for, what if this is really asking if we will stand for Jesus or not, I think they be a lot denying looks to me like, something to think about, I don’t make this stuff up he reveals it to me, makes sense to me, because how could so many decide at one time, and you are choosing whom you will follow the world system which is OWO or Jesus, I would pray about it, because there’s something we are not seeing here! could he be testing the Church now? please would love your input, thank you.


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