Begin Again!


I love new beginnings! Today is April 1st, the beginning of a new month and I have a new name, a new city, a new kingdom, new Royal blood, and a new Being! I have new Beingness!! It is a free Gift and it is for everyone!!!

I woke up with these words: Inspiration, Revelation and Creativity! My new Being loves to inspire, reveal and create! I Love to dance, sing, romance, music, eat, musical theater, flowers, soak in the awesomeness of nature, gaze at the sky, enter into the hush of timelessness, let my heart soar, appreciate Life and Beauty, be grateful, extend compassion and become all that I was created to Be!  It brings me Joy! I rejoice! Again, I rejoice!!! Joy!!!!

Joy is the most precious Gift! Joy is my most abundant resource! I let the seeds of Joy multiply! I harvest more and more Joy!

What lies behind me and what lies in front of me, pales in comparison to what lies inside of me: Christ! (thank you Ralph Waldo Emerson!). Because all things are new, I go back to the beginning and know it again for the first time! (thank you TS Eliot!). I am calling Christ Jesus by a new name beginning on this new Day; a name that is personal to me: CJ. I am not suggesting any one else call him that; I am doing it so no one can mistake my CJ with any false christ or false christianity. CJ is my new name for the visible, manifest Presence of my Invisible Abba within me!!! I belong to CJ!!! I am one with Abba because of CJ! Great, Exceeding JOY!!! Good News!!!!

  1. CJ died: it is not finished, “don’t cry for me”; the old blood died in the collective
  2. CJ resurrected: it is not finished, “don’t touch me”; new blood has risen in the collective
  3. CJ ascended: it is not yet finished, new blood ascended in the collective
  4. Holy Spirit descended to baptize with fire and Spirit: it is not yet finished; old human beingness is “burned” in willing individuals creating space for the New to come
  5. Second coming: Abba and CJ make their home in us, manifest in our physical body: we are filled with new Royal Divine Blood that replaces our old human blood. We are transfigured, transmuted, transformed, and made New making us royal family and heirs to the fortune of Abba: the entire divine Inheritance!!! It is finished!!!! Come! The wedding feast is on the banquet table of your heart! Eat! Drink the Water of Life! Rest! Enjoy! Be hidden with CJ in Abba in your secret place: safe, secure, provided for, protected, and kept from tribulation! Know your physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit!

I sowed in tears, now I reap in Joy!!! I reap what CJ sowed!!! I am in Joy!!!! I belong to CJ!!!


I have a new attitude: a be-attitude!!! I live the risen, ascended, embodied Life of CJ within me!!!! I found the Way, I discovered the Truth, and now I choose to Live the Life!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Joy unspeakable!!!!! I am eternally grateful! I appreciate the enormous sacrifice and the free Gift!! Abba!!!!

I receive new inspiration. I receive new revelation. I receive new creativity! My new being is to Be all that Abba created me to Be! I choose the fullness of Joy! My overarching goal is to know my Abba more and more! I choose to know and express the resurrection and ascension Power more and more! I choose to know the Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Spirit of CJ more and more! I choose to embody more and more the Presence of God!!!


I have CJ’s Life! I am Abba’s kid! I Be it! I Become it! I Live it! I enJoy it! I give It!!! I am in Gratitude! I am in Appreciation! I am in Joy!!!!! Joy is the most abundant resource in intimate relationship with CJ! I re-Source! The kingdom of God is within! The Lord is at hand! Happiness is living in the Presence of Abba in our physical body! CJ in me is fullness of Joy! With Joy within us we harvest more and  more Joy!

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” George Eliot

Pray: stay in continual connection with Abba. Supplication: make your requests known to Abba.  Worship: be in the Presence of Abba in our body continually, constantly; in communion, connection and oneness. This is wholeness and oneness and freedom! This is Joy unspeakable!

“My heart stands in awe” Ps 119:161

“Abba restored my fortune like a watercourse! I was like those who dream. My mouth is now filled with laughter and my tongue is filled with shouts of Joy. CJ has done great things for me! I am glad!” (paraphrase of Psalm 126: A Harvest of Joy: A Song of Ascent!)

I sing a new Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today, I choose to embody the Knowledge of CJ and the Truth of CJ!!! Joy!!!!

The earth is filled with your Glory!!!!

New Wholeness. Oneness, Freedom with Abba Within

New Wholeness. Oneness, Freedom with Abba Within

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Begin Again!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Oh, the joy to begin again each new day is truly without words to express, but a life that can manifest it best of all. You do express your new life with Him so eloquently, so inspiring as if you were expressing my own relationship I’ve found and continues to find afresh and new each day. The richness of heaven discovered each day, the joy, the peace, wonderful, full blessed abundant life. I praise Almighty God for the blessed gift He’s given you to articulate this wonderful life we’ve inherited through His Precious Son Christ Jesus. Again I say to you today “Be Blessed my Sister”!!!


  2. Ah, “the richness of heaven” rediscovered each day, yes! Thank you so much for commenting 🙂


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