Get Real

Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart

I love pico de gallo! It is fresh, raw and bursting with flavor! Bottled salsa, however, is processed and filled with artificial chemicals. It is a poor counterfeit for the real deal!


I love flowers! Yesterday I bought two dozen gorgeous roses, yellow and orange! They are filling my house with beauty and they lift my spirits and scream happiness to me! Every time I walk past them I stop and drink in their beauty. I can’t help but smile: start my love engine (thanks Chun Li).


On the other hand, I have some artificial flowers that while decorative, have no real life, are one-dimensional and lack the essence and substance of the real flowers. They are merely imitations and counterfeit the real deal!


I lived for 42 years with religion and counterfeit spirituality. I was a Christian for 33 years until everything crashed and burned. Everything was a disappointment; nothing had lasting satisfaction. I wanted to die; I had no Real Life in me. I was part of the walking wounded, the walking dead. I had all the disses: discontent, discouragement, disappointment, disillusionment, distress, disorder, disease, divorce, disgust, dismay, and every other diss. I tried everything this world has to offer, nothing lasted. None of it could satisfy the divine discontent…

Until out of desperation I opened a bible and Living Water poured out! The Real Deal showed up: True Light, True Love, Fire, Spirit and the Water of Life! The Spirit of God poured into me, opened my eyes, showed me Truth, and rescued, saved, delivered and restored me from death to life, blindness to sight, critical spirit to Holy Spirit, lack of trust to Trust, lies to Truth, crying to Joy, sadness/depression to happiness, worry/stress/anxiety to Peace, closed heart to open heart, distorted mind to Christ’s Mind, wrong beliefs to Knowing God, fear to faith in the Living One, dis-ease to Wholeness, separation/divorce to oneness with the Beloved, and chains binding my heart to Freedom!!!! My soul was reunited with its Beloved and my spirit soared!!!!!!!

Travel Adventures

Travel Adventures

Now I am truly satisfied! I am content because my soul rests in my Beloved and my Beloved lives in me! I am one with God, whole and free because the Real touched me and poured its Spirit into me. We can’t do it for ourselves. Self-reliance works in the world. God-reliance works in the new heavens on earth. Self-righteousness is a religious spirit. Christ’s righteousness substituted for our mistakes is the Real Deal! We can buy a million self-help books, we can go to doctors and therapists, we can consult experts, we can practice religion and go through the motions. But unless we are touched by the Spirit of Jesus, we remain part of the walking wounded on earth. Unless we are transformed in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, the Real has not touched us. Religion without transformation is empty. Power without Love is sorcery.

Nothing truly satisfies until we taste the Living One! What is the Living One’s new name? Seek and find; knock and the door will open; ask and it will be given to you. Keep seeking, knocking and asking!!! Get Real!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Get Real

  1. james says:

    Those colors of Yellow and especially Orange have been screaming out to me lately. The Scotch broom is in blossom around here now and it is probably about the brightest yellow of any flower I have ever seen. Was in Yosemite this past week and purchased an undershirt that was the color of California poppies. I was drown to it’s bright yellow orange color. I was told a while ago by the Lord that the color Orange represented “revolution” in the spiritual realms and physical. For the last week I seem to see it everywhere I go, it just shows up in the weirdest places as a reminder to myself that there is a God that communicates with His children in the most amazing ways!


    • Yes, I know, right? I couldn’t decide between the yellow and the orange roses so I bought them both! God is definitely speaking through every created thing, subtle, then whispering, then a little louder and louder until we finally pay attention! To God be the Glory! “Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God now and for ever and ever!Amen.” Rev 7:12


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