Jesus is NOT a Christian: from “oy” to Joy!!!


Jesus is BEYOND human concepts of religion; beyond world religions; interested in your heart and a relationship of perfect LOVE with us!

It is time to turn religion on its head! There is a new Spirit in town and it is refreshing, rejuvenating, renewing, restoring, regenerating and reimagined life! The new Spirit is the same one Spirit that was in Jesus; the same one Spirit that is in his God and his Father; the same one Spirit that can be in you and I!!! Religion is man-made and changes as human beings change. The one Spirit of God has never changed!!! Man’s conception of God has changed and the physical has evolved, but the one Spirit of God has NEVER evolved, never changed, and is the same one Spirit that can now be in you and me!!!

Jesus is not a Christian! Labels and concepts are man-made. Jesus came from the Invisible God to make God visible to human beings because they had gone so far astray and religion had become a nightmare. Jesus was Jewish and a rabbi but he was the most critical of the religion of his day. He taught the Truth that Life was being born again in the Spirit from Above. He did not come to start a religion; that was man’s interpretation. Jesus came to give us Life and Life more abundantly! Jesus came as the Christ to set us free from religion!!! Jesus came to set us free from ALL man-made concepts, labels, hierarchies, prejudice, bias, partiality, rules, laws, dogma, doctrine and elementary spiritualities. The law was fulfilled in one word! Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil: the counterfeit light, the fallen morning star, the fallen angels, the lyin’ lion who steals, kills and destroys what God created and said was good and Very Good! Jesus came to remove duality, trinities, and quadrinities!!! He said the “two can become one” and he said we can be “perfectly one” with God as he was, is to come and is now!!!


When Jesus died, he took everything that was corrupted, distorted and twisted: thinking, beliefs, emotions, physical, soul and wrong spirit. Jesus died to everything, including religion! When Christ Jesus resurrected he said to Mary Magdalene “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to MY GOD and your God” John 20:17. “Fear not little flock, for it is your Father’s GOOD PLEASURE to give you the kingdom” Luke 12:32. AND MOST MIND BLOWING: “Truly I say to you, THIS GENERATION will not pass away till ALL has taken place” Luke 21:32. It is ALL already DONE! It is truly FINISHED!!! The kingdom of God is within!!! It was “near” before Jesus died. The old heaven and earth passed away with Jesus. The new heavens and earth were born with Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. The new heavens on earth can come into our new body when we are baptized with the Holy Spirit AND fire from God. We become one body and one Spirit with God when we receive the fire and Spirit from our perfectly One Father and his Christ!!!

Jesus said we are to be “perfectly one” as he and his Father are one!!! This is your destiny! Be perfectly one with God now and let the kingdom of heaven on earth come alive in you!!!


The second coming has no date and time because only the Father knows when you will be ripe enough to receive the manifest Presence of Christ (the visible manifestation of the Invisible Presence). Abba Father spoke to Jesus from a cloud on the mount of transfiguration and Jesus was pure light shining. In a similar experience I experienced Jesus coming in a “cloud” when I was in meditation, he spoke and I was “lifted up to meet him” and my body transformed with the Light of the Presence. Chains were broken, my heart was opened, and Light poured in!!! Transfiguration is EVERYONE’s destiny while on earth!!!

There is no time in the spiritual realm. Christ Jesus was, is to come and IS NOW present depending on your level of awareness/Light/conscious awareness. Revelation 1 puts “IS” first. Now is the time for the Isness of God in you! The fullness of time already came, is to come and NOW IS!!! Now is the fullness in the kingdom of God in our body; yet to come is more and more and more Goodness and fullness!!!

If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, the Spirit can come with fire and transform, transfigure and transmute your physical flesh and blood to be a new spiritual, royal bloodline with Jesus, in King David’s lineage, with Jesus as your King of kings and Lord of lords. You and I become kings and lords with royal blood, royal DNA, and a royal inheritance that you receive NOW because Jesus already died!!! You receive everything of Christ as a royal son and daughter, as members of the Royal Family! At the cross Jesus changed relationships for ever! He changed the definition of family and relationships from biological/physical to spiritual! He changed John’s mother to Mary and changed Mary’s son to John. Jesus said, “who is my mother and brothers but those who do the Will of my Father”

earth in lotus with butterflies

Jesus said he would not eat again “until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God”. Jesus ate and so it IS FULFILLED!!! The kingdom of heaven on earth is available to ALL and EVERYONE who says “yes” SAY YES!!! The gate is narrow because human beings want to do their own thing, their own way, are rebellious, stubborn, closed-minded, stiff-necked, hard-hearted, walled-off, defended, armored, excuse-makers, ignorant, entranced by the world and religion, asleep, dead men walking, zombies with twisted minds, split personalities, double-minded, etc., etc., etc. Oy!

Wake up!!! It is already finished! Christ Jesus has made ALL things new for every one! The kingdom of God is already here but you have to get the keys!!! The full Presence of God is waiting for you to ripen and awaken so it can come into your  body through an open door! The full Presence will not break down your doors, you must invite it in!!! The Creator of Essence wants to reunite with your essence to give you new Life, make you a new creation to live in the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN). But you are sold out to religious spirits and concepts of God instead of receiving the Living One and all the fullness of God into your body. Your body is supposed to be the temple for the Holy Spirit. The external temple was destroyed so it could be rebuilt IN YOU AND I. Jesus’ body temple was restored in three days. You can be restored in a twinkling of an eye!!! Receive your Joy!!!!

Heart in hand of God

Jesus is not a Christian and he is to be our exemplary example! He said to follow him; that the kingdom was not external, but internal. The kingdom is within and is about being who we were created to be: one with God, spiritual, royal, the image and likeness of God! Ponder that!!! Mind blowing!!!! I am a new creation! I am a body temple of the Holy Spirit! Christ Jesus is in my Father and I am in Christ and he is in me; we are one body and one Spirit! This is the perfect gift from above from the Father of lights; we are the lights!!! Jesus said he was the light of the world AND you are the light of the world!!! Be the light! Live in the kingdom of the new heavens on earth now; live in the garden paradise that Jesus said the repentant thief could be in with him TODAY! It is for everyone who repents (metanoia = changed your mind) and turn for Jesus to heal your mind, heart, soul, body and spirit!!!

Go from “oy” to Joy now in the manifest Presence of God!!!! Let go of religion, concepts, beliefs, and the old world. Say “yes”, open and receive the new Life of God into every atom, cell, organ, system of your physical body, your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Be made new now! Enter the kingdom of God! Receive the River of the Water of Life WITHOUT PRICE!!! All the sacrificing is already done! We are to reap what Jesus sowed!!! It is a FREE GIFT!!! It is available in the present, now, for every one! Let your mind be reborn! Let your heart be made new! Let your soul be purified, refined and made whole and white as snow! Let your spirit be made right with God = oneness!!! Be remade into one body and one Spirit with God!!!!! Be free from religion! Be free to be who God created you to be: pure Love!!!!!


Wake up! Human beings have evolved beyond religion; it is now time to live your destiny: intimate knowing of God, with her Presence within your body. Know God as your Father with a Mother’s heart! God is beyond gender, as well as beyond all concepts! Be filled with ALL the fullness of God’s Presence! Have a constantly flowing River of the Spirit and Water and Life of God in your physical body! Eat of the Tree of Life and become a tree of life in the garden Paradise of the NHOEN!!! Be a new bride of the Beloved, a wife of the Lamb, now and for ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

Jesus is not a Christian! Go from oy to Joy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to Jesus is NOT a Christian: from “oy” to Joy!!!

  1. “It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt of every foul spirit…Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues…the kings of the earth have committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail with her burning…they made slaves of human souls…the merchants of these wares gained wealth from her…then a mighty angel took up the millstone and threw it into the sea…all the nations were deceived by [religious and counterfeit spiritual] sorcery. And in [religion] was found the blood of the prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on earth” Rev 18:1-24

    Come out of religion. It has devolved into conflicts with divisive spirits leading to infighting, animosity between religions, division, separation, terrorism, war, killing, death, shaming, guilt, fear, tribalism, haves/have nots, prejudice, bias, partiality, competition, self-righteousness, derision, mocking, scoffing, recrimination, retaliation, removal of rights, removal of freedom and abhorrent practices.

    Come out of every religion, people of God. There is one body and one Spirit and we all share it when we remove the external religions, gender, race, and nationality. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for YOU ARE ALL ONE in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28. Human beings are not slaves; we are made in the image and likeness of God. We are free and have the right to eat of the Tree of Life by simply repentance and turning to be healed and made whole, delivered and set free. We put off our differences and we put on one Spirit in the bond of peace. Religion says, “peace, peace” but it is not Real Peace. The kingdom of God is within. The One Spirit of God comes into our human body to bring Real Peace, Real Love, complete Joy, perfect harmony and perfect oneness with God. Unite in the one Spirit of God as human beings made in the image and likeness of God. Be whole, free and one with God.

    Come out of religion; it has devolved. Human beings have evolved enough since the fall to be able to step into our Original Identity, made new by Christ, the image and likeness of God. Be who you were created to be: one body and one Spirit with the Living One God! Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!


  2. 19maude56 says:

    To God Be The Glory, Forever and Ever!!! Freedom, is the blessed abundant life Jesus came to give us all. Just being it is an expression beyond words, a life so full of love and light others are noticing like never before. It is so wonderful to be awake, and see others wake up and come out of darkness. The earth is being filled with the knowledge and glory of God! Yes, It is Finished!!!


  3. Bank.Light says:

    Reblogged this on (( The Emptied Bank )) and commented:
    ((( Jesus is not a Christian; He’s more than that! Stop labeling God, Christians! Stop hating other faiths or non-faith! Asking in Love. Amen )))


    • Jesus is the spiritual atomic bomb that destroys the mistaken identity of human beings, destroys the works of the devil, destroys the perverted DNA, disarms powers and principalities and changes our adamic atoms in our body to Christ’s perfect life embodied. Christ in us is the hope of glory! Christ manifested in our atoms, cells, body and life is glorious! Glory to glory in the likeness of Christ! Christ is golden honey sweetness, life and spirit! Christ in us is freedom! Freedom from religion and false teachings that keep us separate from one another. Freedom from being manipulated into hating others different than ourselves. Freedom from letting the media and propaganda start race wars and gender wars and religious wars! We are free in Christ and free indeed! Free to love with compassion! Free to accept others! Free to love God! Free to love others as ourselves! We are free to stop judging by outward appearances and love from our hearts! Yay Jesus!


    • Thanks Bank.Light! I appreciate you! Here’s to freedom to Love unconditionally!


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