Christ’s Tribe


Love’s tribe is synonymous with Christ’s tribe! It is beyond religion, concept or words; its calling card is a transformed heart! Religious institutions and information without heart transformation are dead works. Transformation into Life and Life that is abundantly peaceful, joyful and unconditionally loving is the hallmark of Christ’s tribe. It is a simple substitution: you give your imperfect life and you get Christ’s Perfect Life for free!!!!! Grace!!!!!!!

Christ’s Tribe replaces tribalism (us versus them). Christ’s Tribe is beyond nations, religion, beliefs, thoughts, words or symbols! The twelve tribes become one: Christ’s Tribe is the one new creation on earth; a new heavens on earth; a new Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven! Christ’s Tribe consists of those who have died to the old covenant and resurrected and ascended with CJ to the new covenant with God in right relationship = perfect oneness! Human beings cannot do this on their own; it takes a relationship not religion! To return to our original created value: image and likeness of God, sons and brides of God, we can’t do it with our human will power or effort or good works. It is a free gift of Grace! She (Grace) is the calling card of the Tribe of the ascended Christ Jesus! We give all our imperfection and receive Jesus’ perfect resurrected and ascended Life for free! We give our human being and receive Christ’s Perfect Being! We give up our spirits of fear, doubt, confusion, unrest, conflict, separation, worry and depression, and we receive the one Spirit of God and his Christ!


When we receive the Holy Spirit and God’s Fire from the ascended Christ, the new city comes down out of heaven from God, the new Jerusalem (Sarah) and this new kingdom sets up rule in our transformed heart! The Christ Yeast raises our whole body to the ascended Christ’s level! We become the new bride, clothed with Christ’s glory garment, betrothed forever to God who has asked us to call him “my Husband” (Hosea 2:16). The King of kings can be enthroned in our secret heart at the right hand of his God and Father (they come and manifest to us and make their Home with us: John 14). Our Jesus-perfected higher being sits at the ascended Christ’s right in the heavenly places if we are able to conquer the pull of the world, change our mind, and turn back to our Abba with the Help of Yeshua. Counterfeit Israel is still looking for a savior; True Israel has already found, recognized, and received the Savior and the finished Work! Those who find are transformed into Israel, just as Jacob became Israel in the old covenant, Jesus was Israel in the new covenant, and we become Israel through the ascended Christ! Then we ascend beyond the created things to the Uncreated, Unmanifest, Never-born, Never-dies, Eternal Now, one with God’s Presence, living in the new heavens on earth now!

For the Christ Tribe, it is done on earth as it is in heaven, from our innermost enthroned heart in perfect oneness with the Heavenly Throne of the one Living God above the highest heavens! The Tribe of Christ is the Love Tribe! The Christed Love Tribe is not of the conditional love of the world; it is unconditional. There are NO conditions! The highest heavenly Love is without an opposite, beyond tribes! It is the “more excellent Way” (1 Cor 13) of Love: the Way, Truth and Life of the Christ of God. Christ’s Tribe has left tribalism and division (old covenant) for the kingdom of heaven on earth: the kingdom of God on earth that Jesus brought us! We are made kings, priests, sons and brides and given this heavenly kingdom to rule and reign from heaven with the ascended Christ while living on the earth. Our Mind, Heart, and Spirit is in heaven in Christ and our body is on earth!!!!


Christ’s Tribe is living the new covenant with God, making the old obsolete! The new covenant is Love, Peace, Joy, Righteousness and Power in perfect oneness with Abba Father! The new covenant is the Spirit of God above, within, and through us! The new covenant is the reconciled relationship of perfect oneness with Jesus’ God and Father! The new covenant is unconditional Love, unconditional Acceptance, and the Power of the Word of God: the Sword of the Spirit that is nonviolent, non-resistant, without force or striving or warring or conflict: the True Power of Real Love from above! The Power of Love is peaceful, kind, gentle, lamb-like, loving, joyful and loves even those who make themselves an enemy! The Word is True Power in peace; war is force from the spirit of tribalism and the spirit of the antichrists. The sword of war is force; the Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God: peaceful and healing for all! War is of the old covenant where human beings were separated from God. The new covenant’s Power comes from Love: pure, holy, unconditional Love that Jesus brought back to earth!

Jesus changed time; no other human being has done that. Jesus changed the covenant with God; no other spirit has done that. Jesus changed our identity; no other being has done that. Jesus removed the past, removed sin, removed darkness, and reconciled all human beings back to God; no other spiritual being has done that! Jesus made us kings, priests, sons, and brides of God; no other being has done that! Jesus made us a kingdom of heaven on earth where righteousness reigns and there is no more war or strife or disease or suffering or death or devil; no one else has done that! Jesus transforms hearts through Love!

The resurrected, ascended Christ has a new Tribe that is beyond tribes! The twelve tribes were united into one Tribe of Christ who are seated with Christ in the heavenly places and live in bodies on earth! Their Power does not come from force, but from Pure Love!

“Beloved, let us love one another; for Love is of God, and she who Loves is born of God and knows God” 1 John 4:7


Adam and his ancestors were born of this world. Jesus and his ancestors are born of God! Jesus was the last Adam and the first-born of the dead to Life and Life Abundant. Life abundant is eternal Life, living in the eternal now, perfectly one with God, and living in the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN). Those born of God are those who die with Jesus to the old covenant and resurrect with Christ to the new covenant. The Spirit-borns begin to live in the NHOEN as they allow CJ to lift them up to have their being with his ascended Being!!!!!!!

Those reborn into God by the Spirit of God on earth KNOW God because his Spirit has physically entered their body and true transformation has occurred. I was blind, but now I see. I was injured, but now I am healed and whole. I was hurt and sad, but now I am happy! I was mourning many losses, but now I am in Joy! I was jealous and angry, but now I unconditionally love! I was ignorant of the Truth, but now I KNOW God! I tried to be good but continued to fail, now I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! I was disappointed, disillusioned, disappointed and despairing; but now I am eagerly expecting my good to elevate to very good! I was sinful, missing the mark and making all kinds of mistakes; but now I am given Jesus’ holiness, righteousness and identity as a son of God! I was homeless, an orphan, a widow, separated or divorced; but now I am Home at peace, with an unconditionally loving Father, married to a Great Spouse, perfectly one and a bride of the Most High!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in the Tribe of Christ? How about you????


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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