Sun Light

I am floored! I am truly floored! I am undone! I give! I give every square inch of my living body to the Holy Spirit and Holy Fire to inhabit! There is a “no vacancy” sign on my body, because I have given it to the Father of Light and his Son,  the pure holy true Light that enlightens all (John 1:9), to live as their dwelling place! Welcome home Holy Spirit, my body temple is your new temple! Welcome home, Father and Lamb, my body is your new temple and your throne is in my innermost spiritual heart! There is no more game of thrones in my body or life (I’ve never seen it but the title seems to say it all?)! I have chosen to enthrone one King of kings: the King of Glory in my land, in my consciousness, awareness and being!

I welcome my new being who is one body and one Spirit with Christ Jesus! The two become one! Welcome Home son and bride of God; the two become one new Being! I am reborn of God anew! I am born of God anew from Above now and is to come! I have rebirth in the image and likeness of Christ now and is to come in greater and greater glory as my capacity to receive increases; as my land or consciousness expands in greater and greater awareness! I have had an even greater dawning of the awareness of God’s Presence in me, around me, and clothing me! O mystery of love at last I found you (again and again, deeper and deeper, higher and higher)!

God made me laugh this morning with his super-fun surprises that keep us in continual awe and wonder! The delivery of the newspaper to our neighborhood is always in the dark of night. This morning, just as the birds began to sing the new song of the new dawn, the newspapers were delivered, just as the full realization, the daybreak of new awareness hit my consciousness, delivering even greater Good News! Ever-expanding awareness of Presence; ever-increasing knowledge of who God is, who I am, and what our relationship really is! All news is transmuted into the Good News of the finished work of the cross by the Fire and Spirit of God in the glory cloud of Presence! The new dawn, the eternal daybreak, the rising morning star is always Good News; always good tidings of Great Joy, bringing Peace on earth and Good Will toward men! Let that news be delivered to your home, to your awareness!! The Light of Awareness dissolves all darkness, ignorance, misperceptions, misunderstandings, and miscreations from human wisdom and the knowledge of good and evil.

So what is the Good News again?

Christ in us!!!! The finished work of the cross made EVERYTHING brand new in the image and likeness of Christ! Behold,  I make ALL things new! But you say, “Then why is the world covered in darkness and thick darkness the peoples?” Because the “world” (kosmos) is in the dark, ruled by the prince of the air, satan; and her people are eating of the fruit of lies that come from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is unripe, toxic, poisonous, human engineered and contains no life! It is barren of Life, nutrients, nourishment; contains no risen Christ manna or living water! The finished work of Christ is the new earth, our new body temple filled with the Holy Spirit and Fire; filled with the new heavens: our transformed heart, mind and will that are one with Christ! We are not of the world (kosmos) if we are living in the NHOEN in Christ!


Our new Christ mind-set of God’s higher thoughts and ways, our pure heart enthroned with the Father and his Lamb’s pure emotions, and our pure spiritual intention: our personal will equally yoked to God’s Higher Will, are the new heavenly transformed soul that is married or perfectly one with our Maker, our First Love! The new heavens is our purified, refined, white gold body, mind, heart, will and spirit that is equally yoked with Christ Jesus! Our body is the holy temple filled with the train of his Glory, filled with his Presence! Those who are awake and aware that Christ lives in us, as the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily, live on the new earth in the Kingdom of heaven on earth! “Christ is all, and in all” Colo 3:11.

Christ’s Body fills all in all! Christ is the fullness of Presence; Christ is the Glory; Christ is the cloud of witnesses; Christ is our wedding garment of Light! We who are in Christ are no longer of the world; we are of the NHOEN. We begin to live as the Light of the world; cities set on a hill; new cities, the new bride! We who are in Christ are the Light shining in the darkness; the Lamb of God within us is our inner Light that shines from our spirit man to the dark world! We are no longer externally focused seeking something outside ourself, or externally controlled. We know God’s kingdom is within us! We do not judge by physical appearances; we let Holy Spirit within us be our discernment! We perceive spiritually through the spiritual senses; we see and hear with the eyes and ears of our heart! The eyes of our heart have been enlightened by the true Light of Jesus! (John 1:9; Ephesians 1:18).

The unveiling of Truth gives Light to our awareness! The unveiling of Christ in us by the Spirit, causes us to behold his glory, which changes us into his likeness! The Fire removes the dross and impurities; the Spirit reveals and forms Christ in us as we behold the glory! The unveiling reveals the seed of Christ in all, that is activated and initiated and quickened with the Holy Spirit and Fire to crack open the seed to explode, ignite and release the hidden Light of Christ. It grows in intensity until it enlightens our whole being: body, soul and spirit, and rises to meet the Father of Light in the air, in the Cloud, in the heavenly places, up above the highest heavens to unite again with the Source of all Light: the Father of Glory and his King of Glory! We are truly in the dark until the Holy Spirit and Fire unveils us! Jesus made this possible by the finished work of the cross; pick it up and RUN with it! Raise the finished work as a banner of Love and Light over your life! Be unveiled and add to the Light which unveils the world!

If your religion is keeping you in the dark; if your religion is literally veiling you, or I should say veiling half of you, COME OUT OF HER! If your religion is circumcising your male sexual organ instead of your heart; or if your religion is genitally mutilating girls and women; or if your religion is telling you to change the outside without cleansing the inside, you are still veiled by religion and your soul is enslaved. The true God is Light without any darkness; perfect Love that removes all fear; perfect Peace that surpasses understanding; Spirit and Fire, Glory Presence, Christ-like Love that heals, delivers and sets you FREE! The Love of Christ fills your being and expands it to the height, depth, length and breadth of God!

This True Love is God and it does NO HARM to anything or anyone in all creation. It circumcises your HEART; it does not mutilate the body or veil the face, or veil the visible manifestation of Love: Jesus the Christ of God, the spotless Lamb. Jesus died to free us from the separation: the veil between God and human beings; to remove the veil between heaven and earth ONCE AND FOR ALL so we could walk in Love, Peace, Righteousness, and fullness of Joy, as Jesus walked the earth. He was in the world but not of it; being a citizen of heaven on earth: representing our Father, the perfect image of the invisible God, the invisible Presence of Love, Light, and Spirit. Jesus made us a kingdom and priests in the order of Melchizedek to carry the full, awake, aware Presence of God. Jesus gave us the power and authority our Father gave him over heaven AND earth. Jesus gave us the glory his Father gave him, meaning he gave us EVERYTHING he is and more! We move on earth from glory to glory; we are raised in Christ above the world of duality!


The revelation, the new dawn, the eternal Day of Christ that broke forth anew as the morning star arose in my heart, was the new Awareness that the Glory is our wedding garment! The Cloud is our white wedding attire! The bright, luminous, shining, glowing, glistening, shimmering, splendiferous, light-filled, water-filled, love-filled, eternal life-filled, Spirit and Fire-filled Glory Cloud of God’s Presence is our wedding garment! The treasure is found in the darkness of this world when heaven invaded earth! Jesus brought heaven to earth and filled the earth with the Father of light’s Glory! A dream that has percolated in my spirit revealed Christ in us is the pure gold surrounded by the sea of glass, the holy sea of our body of water, our body temple, and the glory fills the earth like water covers the sea! His glory train fills our body temple, covers our body of water, our sea with the Cloud of his Presence! Divine Glory fills the body temple! Heaven with its streets of gold and sea of glass is our new floor! Whoa! Mind Blown! Awe! Wonder! Rapture! Delight!

I laid in my bed and cried, wept, rivers of tears of Joy, gratitude, appreciation…beyond words…great thankfulness and thanksgiving…

The finished work of the cross made it possible, only through Jesus’ sacrificial Love, completing the work our Father gave him to do, and completing the work he began in us…he will complete in you, making you perfect and holy as our Father is perfect and holy. The Lamb of God is the only being who was ever found worthy…the ONLY perfect human EVER. He changed everything; he changed time itself; changed our timeline; changed our DNA; changed our name and nature, and fulfilled the purpose and will of God to get his children back and make us into his spotless, pure bride so he could marry an equally yoked wife. But we cannot get married, yoked, joined, reunited, made perfectly one with our First Love, our Spiritual Husband, our Source of Love, until we put on the wedding garment.

This morning it was unveiled in me that when Jesus resurrected he told Mary Magdalene not to touch him because he had not ascended yet, because he hadn’t put the wedding garment (cloud) of oneness back on yet. He ascended IN THE CLOUD: he became perfectly one with his Father again by wearing the wedding garment: the glory cloud! He had to take off his garment to be crucified because NOTHING  can touch you in the cloud of glory. He had to be stripped naked of the glory cloud, the perfect, seamless, impenetrable wedding garment of perfect oneness with the Father of light, to take sin into his body and for death to be able to touch him. When he was ready to ascend he got back into the cloud: the wedding garment! It raises our frequency UP ABOVE the frequency of the world! In the cloud of glory we are above the vibration of the world; therefore, above the frequency of disease, disorder or distress!


He comes again to us in the bright cloud, in the wedding garment, in glory; fills our body with the cloud by the power of the Holy Spirit, to raise us up in the cloud, into the glory, into the wedding garment, into his ascension Body! We can only receive this ULTIMATE FREE GIFT by:

  • yielding our body clothed with the world’s polluted garment (both light and dark spots), with our broken heart, broken spirit, and wounded soul, to the ascended Jesus
  • conquer in the place of the skull, your personal Golgotha, 1) crucify human/world mind, 2) resurrect Christ’s Heavenly Mind in your neo-cortex, resurrect the Living Holy ONE in us! 3) Put on the helmet of salvation: eye salve to see as Christ sees; salvation for our mind, senses, mouth and neck. 4) Put on the breast-plate of righteousness: come into right relationship of oneness with God in our breath/lungs: consciously breathing Holy Spirit as our breath; in our heart: enthroning Father and his Lamb as our inner Light, receiving the Holy Fire to purify, refine and make us white as snow; receiving the River of Water of Life to flow in our blood stream to carry Christ’s Light and Life to every cell, into every molecule of our body, making it a holy temple; and into our will: uniting with God’s Higher Will; expanding the twelve gem stones into a field of God’s jewel rays of Light 5) put Truth over our loins; 6) put on Jesus’ shoes: the gospel of peace, the spiritual shoes that already walk in the NHOEN; 7) be completely clothed, without a single bare or uncovered spot, with the shield of faith: evidence of the unseen and the substance of hope; the substance of hope makes you pure as he is pure (1 John 3:3); 8) wake up and Christ gives you Light to realize that the Sword of the Spirit is in your mouth to declare, decree, claim and proclaim the Truth: as Christ is so are you in the world! Take the authority and power the finished work gave you! Walk it out; live it; prove it to yourself; become it; be it!
  • be lifted up, drawn up with Christ, caught up into the cloud of glory; raptured into the ascended Jesus’ frequency of Light which is beyond the human spectrum of light!
  • receive the glory that Christ gives us; the same glory his Father gave him**
  • put on the wedding garment of glory; be completely enclosed in the bright cloud; completely surrounded by the illuminated, white cloud of Christ’s Glory
  • eat the Wedding Feast: drink the living water in the cloud, eat the hidden manna of the cloud, and become the glory and become perfectly one with Father and his Lamb: become the Bride, the wife of the Lamb, the new creature, the new city, the new name/nature, the new eternal Awareness of Presence!
  • begin to flow streams of living water; flow Presence; be present in the Presence now and is to come in greater and greater glory; live, move and have your being in the Glory Presence!

**”The glory which thou hast given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and thou in me, that they may become perfectly one” John 17:22-23

“In that Day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20

“Christ is all, and in all” Colossians 3:11

KNOW the Truth and the Truth will set you free! If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed! For freedom, Christ HAS set you free! Receive the finished work of the cross and be liberated! Put on the wedding garment and be joined in perfect oneness with God! Put on the bright glory cloud of our Father of Light, and receive every good endowment, every perfect gift from Above coming down from the Father of light that never varies, with no shadow of change! Live, move and have your being in the ILLUMINATED CLOUD OF GLORY: God’s pure Presence flowing with crystal clear Awareness!



Be a flourishing, well-watered branch on the Vine of Christ, on the Tree of Life, in the NHOEN! Bud, blossom, fruit; seeding the world with new trees of life, until the world is filled with trees of life shining with the bright cloud of Glory filling the earth like water covers the sea! Then ALL will see there is no more world, no more kosmos, no more “world order” coming out of chaos; but only Divine Order coming from the Kingdom of God within each Christ-like new being! There is no need for external revelation, external Light, external supply or resources, because the bright glory cloud surrounds us, guides us, leads us and provides us with unlimited supply of all our needs. The kingdom of God is within and as kings we have been given all power, authority, Presence and Awareness of Presence: the Light within that dissolves all darkness! We have been given the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide and help-mate; the Holy Fire to consumes all untruth; perfect Love to cast out all fear, perfect Peace, fullness of Joy, and Life Abundant! We are zoe perissos clothed with epikaizo in Christ, with Christ in us! Woo Hoo! Yippee!! Glory!

I am truly, truly floored because Holy Spirit showed me this morning that our new floor is heaven! When we are in Christ and Christ is in us, we are walking in Jesus’ shoes! After we have let the living Jesus wash our feet of the serpent dust/food, we can be a part of his Body and wear his spiritual shoes! This is what crushes the serpent’s head, destroying the tree of good and evil; the Fire of God burns it root and branches! We can’t walk as Jesus walked without him washing our feet. We have to allow him to serve us, which is impossible if we think we are still human without Christ’s finished work in us. Peter said “no” and Jesus said, “then you can have NO PART IN ME.” The rest of us is made clean in the Blood of the Lamb, washed and regenerated by the Holy Spirit. The Blood of the Lamb contains both the water and blood that flows with the Spirit and Fire of God! We are a body of water; let the Father of Light’s Glory cover you like water covers the sea! Glory! Glory Divine!!!!!!!!


Let the Father of light unveil you as a spotless bride for his Son of light; you are the light of the world! Jesus said so! He cannot lie, for he is Truth, for he only says what the Father of Light, pure Awareness, told him to say! Word! Glory! Glory Divine!!!!!!!!




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  1. It is time to stretch…strrrrreeeeeeeettttttttccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh….our awareness…

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  2. I pray for all to receive the Holy Spirit and Fire baptism of Jesus, receiving his Wisdom and Understanding. Beauty comes from the Spirit of God within us…


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