Christ in You!!!!!!!!

God's Saving Hand

See beyond what you already know and expect! Begin to see things differently; see with beginner’s mind, new eyes of a child! Explore new perspectives; let your approach to life be awe, wonder, curious mind and open heart!! Have eager expectation of good; expect to move from grace to grace and glory to glory!! Expect to be unveiled and for the “new things” of God to be revealed to you, in and through you!! Christ in you!!!! In the place of open wonder let there be Light!! Let there be full Awareness! Let there be beauty, wisdom, alive peace and Joy!! Christ in you!!!!

Sanctification is another word for “Christ in you” according to Oswald Chambers! The beginning of the journey is conversion; in my case it was the fire falling, the Holy Spirit breathing me and lifting me up to be absorbed into Love indescribable and Joy unspeakable! I came back to normal waking consciousness in Love with God, KNOWING he was real!! If you are open, sanctification can continue by emptying of all that is not God, detaching or stripped of what the world, others, and myself think of me, to be FREE from everything BUT GOD!! Sanctification is being made one with Jesus; it is not something Christ puts into you, it is Himself IN YOU!! You go from me to we!!

Oswald Chambers goes on to say that the mystery of sanctification is the perfections of Jesus Christ IMPARTED in us instantly, when by faith we enter into REALIZATION that the holiness and perfection of Jesus is being made manifest in us!! “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you” Romans 1:11 We don’t imitate Jesus, but allow the perfections of Jesus to manifest in our flesh! The two become one flesh! Our soul is purified, refined and made equally yoked to Jesus, married or joined; the two become one body and one Spirit!! “It is His wonderful life that is imparted by faith as a sovereign GIFT of God’s grace” Oswald Chambers

“Sanctification means the impartation of the QUALITIES of Jesus the Christ. It is His patience, His love, His faith, His purity, His godliness, that is MANIFESTED in and through every sanctified soul” Oswald Chambers

Sanctification is impartation of all that the ascended Jesus is into our being! Oswald Chambers also says that in Jesus is the PERFECTION of everything and the mystery of sanctification is that ALL perfections of Jesus are at our disposal!! “It is no longer I, but Christ lives in me” Gal 2:20 “Christ in you, the hope of glory” Colo 1:27 “Christ is all, and in all” Colossians 3:11

“Know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fulness of God” Ephesians 3:19

Allow, let, open and willingly receive the perfection, wholeness, completion, oneness, and freedom of God!!!!!!!! Empty to be filled with all of Christ in you! The fire of God clears out the old so the Holy Spirit can form Christ in you!! The Christ in Jesus is the same Christ in you, the same Spirit of God that raised Jesus, that is imparted to you to manifest and lift your body, soul (heart, mind, will) and spirit! Christ in us is the mystical body of Christ that fills the earth and transforms it into the new heavens on earth (NHOEN)! When Jesus returns bodily it will be the new heavens on a new earth (NHONE)!!!! We can KNOW God intimately, personally and in us!!!! Glory, glory hallelujah! Rise up O sons and brides of God!!!!

A Melchizedek priesthood choir from Pleasant Grove sings “Rise Up, O Men of God”:

This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it Shine!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Christ in You!!!!!!!!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    What a marvelous, wonderful, blessed truth to know and walk in, through, and out daily!!! Christ in us our hope of glory is truly becoming a reality more and more each day. Each new day with new eye opener as we seek, listen, and obey the Holy Spirit’s leading us!!! Blessed beyond measure!!!

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  2. shradha99 says:

    Beautifully written… we are the brides of Christ…we will be showered with spiritual gifts and we will enter the banquet of love ..and dwell in the Holy Presence of God aka Love!

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  3. frank2marie says:

    I love reading your posts. Thank you so much for liking mine. It means a great deal to me as I am still new to blogging 🙂 this message is sent with cyber hugs and blessings from Marie Therese at

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