All Together NOW!!!!!!!!

Валентин Жиганов Photo

Валентин Жиганов Photo

O Love that will not let me go! The greatest is pure Love that will not let you go! Love that surpasses knowledge or gnosis!!!!!!!! Peace that surpasses understanding!!!!!!!! JOY! Fullness of Joy!! The Joy of knowing Christ Jesus and his glory in your body, soul and spirit on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!! Glory Divine foretastes in the world keep us hungering and thirsting until we are FILLED with ALL the fullness of God on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!! We hunger and thirst for righteousness until until we find our fulfillment and satisfaction in Christ in God!! Only “Christ in you” truly, truly satisfies!!!!!!!! We come to Jesus and find rest for our souls!!!!!!!! Then we abide in him as HE ABIDES IN US!!!!!!!!

The God who created heaven and earth also abides in your secret heart!!!!!!!! Seek and you will find! The kingdom of God is within!! You could seek an entire lifetime and never find the kingdom in this world, because the kingdom is not of the world! You could fix, work on, try to change, protest, fight, war, or battle for a lifetime and all you had to do was simply come to Jesus, surrender your “I”, your separate self, pick up the finished work of the cross: already dead to the old/past, already resurrected and ascended with Jesus, and follow the Lamb of God to the new heaven on a new earth (NHONE), our true Home!!!!!!!! We are in the world but not of it!

We listen, hear and obey the Word of God: COME OUT OF HER lest you share in her sins, plagues, tribulation and second death. Come out of the kingdoms of the world, all ruled by the prince of the air: UNCLEAN SPIRITS that give you a dirty mind, dirty heart, dirty intentions and cause you to act on them. Come out of her!!!!!!!! Come into the Kingdom of God, ruled by the Holy Spirit of God and his Lamb: the kingdom of heaven on earth, a spiritual dimension or realm that is beyond the old heavens and old earth of Adam that is utterly destroyed when the all CONSUMING fire of God and Holy Spirit, the baptism of the ascended Jesus comes into your being, consuming the wrong spirits, the perverted spirits, unclean and evil spirits of the seven mountains of influence around you and in you…

The holy fire prepares the way for the second coming of Christ IN YOU! Truly, truly rapture and delight!!!!!!!! The Holy Spirit transforms everything in YOU that Jesus changed in time and space in his earthly ministry! In the old covenant with God, humans and God were separated by a veil between the holy spiritual dimension and the old heavens and earth dimensions. The old ruler was duality and all human beings ate of satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil and picked a side! They have been in battle in your mind ever since! This is what you must conquer: your own mind; Jesus conquered EVERYTHING else!!


The old heavens, old thought forms, were of good and evil, manifesting both good and evil physical forms in the world. In the FULLNESS and FULFILLMENT of time, Jesus changed time and space on earth over 3 1/2 years fulfilling not only time and space, but ALL laws and prophecy, giving us our true IDENTITY BACK: the image and likeness of God!

In the world you will have tribulation, suffering, disease, distress and disorders: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disorders, BUT Jesus said, “Come to Me” and “IN ME you will have Peace” Come out of the kingdoms of the world and COME HOME to the spiritual Kingdom of God in you! ALL together NOW in Christ in God NOW; God is only found in his eternal spaceless, timeless NOW!!!!!!!! We are in the world, but we are not of the world; we are of the Kingdom of God!

The physical city-state nations of the world are D.C., Vatican, London within London, among others, yet these are just types and shadows of the REAL spiritual city-states CHRIST SPIRIT nations: Christ IN You sovereign nations, the new cities, the Sought After cities of God, the human beings that remember and KNOW Christ in God in YOU! The Christ-Spirit city-state, nations are human beings; sovereign healed nations ruled by the holy Spirit of God at the top (unlike the hidden capstone of the city-state nations of the world), surrounded by the seven holy mountains of God, the seven pure spirits from the throne of God. Body temples filled with pure awareness and pure Love, Light, Peace and Joy: each transfigured body is one nation under God!

These converted, sanctified, transformed, and transfigured nation human beings have God’s laws written on their mind and heart, an internal locus of control, the eternal government of the Kingdom of God within, Christ’s Wisdom and Power within, and have Jesus’ prophetic words of the new marriage covenant fulfilled in them! They become the city that comes down out of heaven from God, the new spiritual Jerusalem, the new brides of Christ in God, the wife of the Lamb in God; equally yoked co-heirs with Christ; the two: son of man and Son of God become one new creation! The OLD has gone, the old heavens and old earth have been dissolved and melted by fire (2 Peter 3:7-14), the NEW has come (past tense): the NHONE!!!!!!!!

The Holy Spirit and fire bring the new heaven (singular: Christ’s Spirit) to your being and it forms a new earth in you: a new form with a new name, a new married name as a city of God in a state of Christ, a sovereign nation under one God, one banner of Christ, one flag of one Kingdom of God for ALL human beings REFORMED into the image and likeness of God and his Christ!!!!!!!! You are MOVED by the Holy Spirit from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son!!!!!!!! You begin to live, move and have your being in God as his new city, new bride, new spiritual Jerusalem, and divine glory fills your body temple!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awe! Wonder! Amazement! Be astonished!! Mouth open!! Filled with the Holy Spirit!!!!

Knowing YOU are the nation of God (Rev 22:1-1-5), his kingdom within you, his Christ, the tree of life, in you watered by the river of water of life, the ever-streaming flow of Christ-consciousness, the flow of God’s pure, holy Spirit from the throne above the highest heavens, filling you with the seven pure spirits from the throne, makes YOUR BEING a new heaven on a new earth! It makes you a new sovereign nation under God! Your nation is healed by knowing the dead Adam is resurrected and ascended Christ IN YOU! Know the truth and the truth sets you free!! You are a new name; a new city; a new Bride! YES I AM!!!!!!!! No more “yes i can”; that is of the world and we are of the Kingdom of God, the spiritual kingdom of heaven on earth in the midst of the world!!!!!!!! Yes I Am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All together now: Our new name/nature is Christ-Spirited nations under God!!!!!!!! We are made in the image and likeness of our God and Father through Christ in us!!!!!!!! We are reformed; we are no longer viewed as human beings with our biological name! We are the new named, spiritually married ones, new city-state nations of God, sovereign with diplomatic immunity: the perfect immunity of Christ Jesus!!!!!!!! We have the simplicity of Christ (2 Cor 11:3): I Am!!!!!!!! And I Am is greater yet I Am!!!!!!!! We are IN I Am; we are spiritually yoked or married in I Am!!!!!!!! Before time: I Am; now: I Am; is to come: I Am!!!!!!!! Yes I Am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We speak Truth, Life and Blessings to our real being and its holy temple:

  1. Crown, be crowned by the Spirit of the LORD; rest on my crown forever! I do not let anyone or anything seize my Crown of God! (Rev 3:11) Pour your Spirit upon all my flesh! Give me dreams, visions and prophesy! Show me your wonders and confirm your Word in me with signs! Let your eternal Day be in me! Manifest your latter glory in me! Make me full of Joy with thy Presence!! (Acts 2:17-28)
  2. Brain, reveal Christ’s Mind, Light Bulb, Name, Nature in me! Interpret all data, facts in the Light of your Truth! Interpret all stimuli through Christ’s Mind in me!!
  3. Five senses, upgrade to Christ’s spiritual senses!
  4. Mouth, speak only Christ’s Word, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Make my tongue a gentle tree of life!
  5. Lungs, breathe only the pure breath of Life: Holy Spirit Air! Worldly prince of the air be gone forever!
  6. HEART: feel, love, emote and relate only as Christ’s Heart! Eyes of my heart, wake up, open and be filled with the Light of Christ. I see the Light! Eyes be enlightened as the Lamb’s Lamp making my whole body full of light and his glory! Open my spiritual perception and sanctified imagination: the new city-state, nation of God in me!! Father pour your Love into my heart through the Holy Spirit! Flow your streams of Christ-consciousness in me continuously! Let me forever flow with your Pure Awareness!!!!
  7. Solar plexus, from now on only do the Will of Jesus’ God and Father!!
  8. Digestive system, digest the world as Christ; eat and drink only the ascended Christ of God Almighty! You are what you eat!! As he is so are we in the world!!!!
  9. Belly, womb of God, bear ONLY Christ’s relationship with the Father: perfect oneness!!
  10. Root, sexual organs, unite or yoke or join or marry ONLY with Christ holy Spirit, his spiritual marriage, his pure Love that conceives ONLY Christ! Purify, refine and make me white as snow from the soles of my feet, my soul (will, heart, mind), spirit, to the top of my crown! Make me a never-ending Fountain of your water of Life! Make me your tributary flowing rivers of living water to those who are thirsty!! (John 7:37-39) Make me a blessing to bless all I encounter in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end is the new beginning! Start now!! All together now!!!! Conquer your mind; overcome the mind of the world! Be lifted up into the place in consciousness Christ Jesus prepared for you before the beginning of time! Jesus promised he would not leave you desolate but he would send his Holy Spirit and fire to prepare your being to be a new habitation for his Father and himself, an equally-yoked bride, a new city of God,  a sovereign city-state, nation under God!!!!!!!! No one knows the time, day and hour because you have to conquer your own mind, take the Way and Truth and Life to heart, and make it your own by making it REAL in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). Christ in you is light and  there is no darkness at all: a spotless bride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of the world, a pure heart of God

In the midst of the world, a pure heart of God



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