Who Has the Last Word?


Still Lake in New Zealand

I am so filled with thanks, appreciation and gratitude for the One who keeps me in perfect peace as my mind STAYS in Christ and I TRUST Christ is in me! When I experience less than perfect peace I know I have strayed from his Mind in God and I remember the TRUTH and reconnect! You are one thought from living in the Presence again! The Presence of God can only be left by a human mind that forgets who and whose it is! All nature, all creation, knows and is in the Presence of God, its Creator! All creation is groaning and travailing for HUMAN creation to WAKE UP and RECEIVE the TRUTH that sets us ALL FREE to leave entropy and death from sin (unbelief) and ENTER THE KINGDOM of eternal life now and is to come in greater and greater glory!

Stop trying to be or become a good human being! All you will end up with is TRYING! Only WAKING UP and RECEIVING Christ, all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, will make you a NEW creature in the image and likeness of Christ. Jesus had the LAST WORD from the cross, the cursed tree of the knowledge of good and evil, “It is finished!”It is great HUBRIS to deny the crucified, resurrected, ascended Christ, and let your PRIDEFUL, religious or not, ego to believe, think or say otherwise.

Awake and RECEIVE the Light of Truth: Christ and His righteousness. Humble yourself like a child and enter the spiritual kingdom of God where ONLY righteousness can live. You only kill, give up or lose, what was never YOU in the first place! You gain Christ in you as you lose your old human life, leaving it on the cursed tree. You gain your new Tree of Life VINE of Christ by losing your false, illusory, fake persona as a human doing. Mindfulness changes you from a human doing to a human being. Heartfulness, a heart full of Christ, takes you from human being to divine being: the image and likeness of Christ as you practice the Presence and prove Christ in you to the real YOU! “For through the law I DIED to the law, that I might LIVE to God. I have been CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the LIFE I NOW LIVE in the flesh I LIVE by faith IN THE SON OF GOD…I do not nullify the GRACE OF GOD” (Galatians 2:19-21)

“We are crucified with Christ in weakness, but live by the power of God [Christ in you]…Examine yourselves, to SEE whether you are HOLDING to your faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you? — unless you fail to meet the test!” 2 Cor 13:4-5

“I glorified thee on earth, having FINISHED the work which thou gavest me to do” John 17:4

Let Jesus have the LAST WORD! “It is finished” is the last word in the Redemption of man” (Oswald Chambers). His last word is the beginning of our new redeemed Life in Christ. The beginning of “It is Done!” “Behold I make ALL things new!” (Revelation 21:5-6) which is Christ in you! When we TURN to Christ Jesus in our brokenness as a human, he can say to us, “TODAY you will be with me in Paradise!” Let Christ have the LAST WORD so you can MOVE into his FIRST LOVE again! Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last! BOTH/AND!

Let his promise be fulfilled in you TODAY! “Today is the Day; NOW is the time” It is always today until you let go of the past and your mistaken identity and YIELD your body and soul and spirit to the Living One, the Holy One, the Faithful and True One, The Word of God, The King of kings and Lord of lords! to sanctify you wholly spirit and soul and body! He flips you from upside down to RIGHT SIDE UP! Spirit First! Holy Spirit filled, re-formed, and overflowing!

Let Jesus have the LAST WORD and go from groundhog day, living a lie over and over, to the eternal Day of Christ in you! Can you BEAR THE TRUTH yet? It has ALL been a lie and you were never what you thought you were; not what your parents conditioned you to be; not what the world programmed you to be; not even what religions taught you to be! You are NOT what philosophers, psychologists, doctors, experts, authorities, educators, governments, presidents, cultures, societies, humanists, scientists, feminists, racists, sexists, priests, popes, religions, atheists, socialists, fascists, marxists, nations, republican or democrats say you are! You are who our Creator of heaven and earth, our Father and God says you are: his children made in his image and likeness who WAKE UP and receive the Messiah, his Christ appointed for ALL human beings, his Son, his Lamb who FINISHED the work he was sent to earth to do! You enter into the FINISHED WORK of the cross of Jesus, into Paradise, a new heaven on earth, when you can BEAR the Truth and let go of the LIE and come to Christ, take his yoke of ease and light, learn from Him in RELATIONSHIP, growing in intimacy until you become a spotless Bride, a new heaven on earth filled with Christ, the Word made flesh, The Light of God, and the Spirit river flowing within and through you!

When you give up the LIE as you can BEAR the Truth, you can KNOW the Truth (let it fill you within) and the TRUTH will set you FREE! The Way, Truth, and Life of God is CHRIST IN YOU! Awake, Receive, let it be Revealed to you from the inside, and make it REAL in you! the eternal DAY of Christ risen in you! the bright morning star rises in your heart! the dawn of Christ breaks in your spirit and soul and body! the Holy Spirit and fire remove the old and fill you with the NEW; your eye becomes single and sound, and your body is filled with the Light of Christ! a NHOEN in you!

We cannot transform or transfigure or re-form ourselves! only the Spirit of God can!

You are what you think in your HEART reconnected with God’s HEART! You are what you can bear to see now! a false view from the ego or the Christ View from resurrected being; the Heavenly View from perfect oneness with our Father with Christ in you! (John 17:22-23) Let the thoughts, feelings and sensations of the false-self be SEEN for what they are: NOT YOU! they are false evidence appearing real (FEAR), the antithesis of pure, divine, first LOVE! In autoimmune disorders you fight you–a house divided is conquered and falls; a divided kingdom cannot stand. But with divine, diplomatic Christ Immunity–heaven returns to earth in YOU–Christ in YOU–the real you loves the Real in you–Christ in you–resulting in a unified Kingdom of God–standing on the Truth–immoveable—invincible–immortal–glorious–luminous–full of Amazement and Astounded Awestruck Wonder!!!!!!!

In Christ, even death has been defeated! Arise, Shine! now and is to come!

In Christ, Christ in you, holding no part back, you are given immunity from fallen human nature and when it comes tempting you to fall back (and it will over and over again until YOU overcome or conquer) you will SEE it for what it is, all LIES, and turn again to your Father of lights, the Father of glory and speak the Word of Life to it and it has to go. EVERYTHING bows to the Christ in you when you are AWAKENED to RECEIVE and PARTAKE in Christ, taking his authority and power, TAKE his Water of Life, His river of glorified Christ Spirit to live, move and have your being in God as you yield your body to receive his Christ in you!!!!!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to Who Has the Last Word?

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Yes! Yes!Yes! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! I Am united in Him!!! We are One!!!

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  2. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Yah! Weh!
    What a friend we have in Jesus.
    We are His and no one can take us away from Him.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yah! Way! Yes!
      We are our Beloved’s and He calls us His own!
      We have found the One our soul first Loved and oh! how He LOVES us!
      His Love never fails! Nothing can separate us!
      Yes and Amen!
      We know beyond knowledge and receive the peace beyond understanding in the Spirit beyond words and live in the kingdom beyond physical appearances! So GOOD! So God! Oh, how we Love Him! 🙂

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  3. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    He loves us, Yes and Amen!

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