Like a Virgin 2017

There are only two types of souls on earth now (in men and women): of the Bride or of the harlot.

There are only two types of spirits on the earth now: of Christ or of the antiChrist.

Like the five unwise virgins who have no oil (Holy Spirit), do you march under the banner of madonna in a huge sex magick ritual, under the standard and ensign of crude language, hate speech, inciting disrespect, disorder, and violence against our President; marching for one DIVIDED nation under satan with the presence of lucifer…

or like the five wise virgins, do you march under the banner of Christ, the banner of Love without an opposite, under the standard of righteousness and respect, marching in grace and glory for one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty, justice, freedom and healing for ALL, with the powerful PRESENCE OF GOD our Father with you who is ABOVE ALL and THROUGH ALL and IN ALL in those who accept Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords of their LIFE, having PASSED from sin and death to LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANT?

The only spiritual discernment you need is to look into madonna’s eyes in the photo of her spewing expletives, inciting violence and hate, to SEE the window to her soul and recognize which spirit is at work…

and look into Jesus’ eyes and SEE the open window to heaven…

even as I write this I gasp in shock at the deep, fathomless peace and compassion in his eyes,

the fiery Love that pierces your soul, drains the swamp and FILLS you with pure, unadulterated AWE,

suddenly OVERWHELMED with joy you never thought possible,

his GLORY takes your breath away into a holy HUSH…


the LIGHT so brilliant and pure that you can finally SEE CLEARLY,

as you are filled with His Breath of Life, His Spirit, and EVERYTHING of the world melts away like candle wax in a flame,

everything trembles, quakes, and shakes until only that which cannot be shaken is left,

and his Kingdom, a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit DWELLS opens up to you,

as you enter into Himself and the Name above all names which only He Himself knows (Revelation 19:12),

and you begin to KNOW beyond knowledge that you have found HOME at last, as well as family, community, belonging, true acceptance, true safety and security, a REFUGE, true Love, First Love, Peace in the midst of circumstances, fullness of Joy despite external situations, Peace beyond understanding in the midst of the world, REST FOR YOUR SOUL as your heart-mind comes to rest in His Still Waters in your heart,

his Unveiled Face of glory reflected on the waters of your soul

as you are held in his loving, kind, gentle, all encompassing embrace in the green, verdant, lush Pasture of His tree of Life,

as He leads you in His Paths of Righteousness

to TAKE and PARTAKE of His Water of Life, the Living Water that becomes a Fountain of Life springing, welling up in you to Life everlasting,

from life in a new temple body,

to Life in the glorified Body of Christ,

clothed with White Light as your armor,

clothed with Christ Jesus,

wearing the royal robe of His Righteousness,

dressed as a Royal Bride,

crowned with a Crown of Christ.

Our Father has already prepared the Banquet Feast for you to eat with the Bridegroom of your soul,

as he lifts you up to heavenly places to rule and reign with him

in His Royal Kingdom of grace and glory, mercy and righteousness, compassion and forgiveness, goodness and honor, love and respect, gentle and kind, yet all Powerful,

valuing ALL LIFE,

stewarding the mystery of God,

sowing ONLY Christ seed therefore REAPING CHRIST, sharing CHRIST, giving CHRIST freely, fully and abundantly to ALL!

The Government of heaven AND earth is upon Christ Jesus’ shoulders,

has been INCREASING since his resurrection, ascension and glorification in ~33 AD,

and HAS NO END!!!!!!!

Free will allows every human being to CHOOSE, but ONLY CHRIST in you gives you the FREEDOM to choose Life instead of death, blessings instead of curses, choose the glory of Christ Light beyond darkness and light, choose Goodness beyond good and evil, choose Purity, choose Righteousness beyond right and wrong, choose Love beyond eros, choose Honor, Respect, true Nobility, Humility, Gentleness, the Water of Life, the Bread of Life, the Tree of Life, the NHOEN, the River of glorified Spirit, the Name above all names, the Highest and Best, the Kingdom of God: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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14 Responses to Like a Virgin 2017

  1. I concur that Madonna has extreme issues that the Government should address. I also agree that Love is an eternal path to home.
    My difficulty is always the choice of some words and Bible verse quotes.
    When you say you look into Jesus’s eyes, did he visit you? In person or a dream? Was it a picture replicating him from which you take your inspiration?
    Understand: The way back to home comes from self, no external force or entity controls that. I know this is true because I was told this directly from the Angels that spoke to me. I also was able to understand this from histories I have read regarding the Teacher, the one that came before that in one life was named Jesus.
    I always enjoy your love of God so do not hesitate on your messages, just try to understand a bit more than what you read in the Bible.
    God loves you all and will never turn away from you. You make the choice of when to return home and you have eternity to find your way home.


    • Christine says:

      The way home does not come from “self” but from Jesus Christ.

      Any “angels” or anyone else telling you it’s “self”, is demonic: only satan glorifies the self, in which nothing good is found. There is no good but God, the Father, Christ and Holy Spirit.

      Be careful that the light within you is not actually darkness.


      • Christine says:

        By the way, your difficulty would come because Yvonne comes as a true Christian under Jesus’ blood. This is the Bride.

        …And it appears you come from a New Age bent, channeling angels, citing love as an eternal path (He came once physically to this earth, and hasn’t had “multiple lives”, but we have eternal life through the peace made by His Blood, the only way home is Jesus through His Blood, He alone is the Truth, the Life and the Way), and listening to the self. This is the harlot.

        The Bride and the harlot, are polar opposites. This seems to be where the difficulty comes from.


    • Welcome perspectives!

      “When you say you look into Jesus’s eyes, did he visit you? In person or a dream?”

      yes, yes, yes and more ways

      “Was it a picture replicating him from which you take your inspiration?”

      no, the Holy Spirit inspires me, feeds me, nurtures, nourishes, heals, delivers, sets free, guides, teaches, leads, downloads, helps, advocates, counsels, advises, convicts or checks my spirit, empowers, embodies, flows, consumes, lightens, brightens, reforms, revitalizes, refreshes, renews, reminds, anoints, points things out, directs and a whole lot more!

      Spirit of Truth, lead us all into your Truth!


  2. Trey Tomeny says:

    Only Christ in you is capable of writing this Truth. Thank you!


  3. jesusandtina says:

    so lovely,I want to be as a true vigin bride for Jesus spiritually and for him alone,I love Jesus so deeply so much and long to be with him


    • Ask and receive; seek and FIND; knock and the Door will be opened. Jesus says, “I am the Door!”
      The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” Hear and Come; thirst and desire and TAKE the water of life without price! (Revelation 22:17)
      God bless you Jesus and Tina!

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  4. This brings up many thoughts for me, Yvonne. I’ve reached a point in my life with the Savior and my wife, that I really just want to live in peace and enjoy the time I have left here. But our culture seems to have taken a turn, one encouraged by the government and sponsors of radical leftism, that seeks to deny people a simple life of peace and safety. In a way, I see the turn our nation has taken like that of Sodom and Gomorrah – and no – I’m not talking about homosexuality at all. Rather, I’m looking at the bigger picture of a culture, where gangs roamed the streets, dragging people from their homes and doing evil to them, all while the government turned a blind eye to their doings. Christians tend to believe God destroyed those cities for the cause of homosexuality, but Jewish scholars – and the Jews wrote the OT – believe God destroyed them for the cause of justice. People weren’t even safe in their own homes – in their own persons – always living under threat of a mob imposing their evil will upon them.

    So what goes on today is in many ways similar to that … mob mentality, albeit often on the internet – or marching in the streets and damaging property. It’s not a safe place to speak truth any more – some even forced by mob thread to give a false confession. Not a world I want a part of, hence living a quiet life and turning my own little corner of God’s earth into an Eden with the HIs help.

    Another thing that I’ve been thinking about – probably seems off the deep end – but is symbolic / metaphoric for where we are today – even a kind of modern-day parable of scriptural truth. This culture is so fascinated by zombies … the essence of which is a soul-less crazed walking dead person who feeds not off of the spiritual food provided by the Creator, but off of other people – trying to extract the proverbial pound of flesh or obtain self worth by destroying others. In the parable of the virgins, aren’t the 5 who run out of oil trying to feed on the 5 who still have oil? That’s zombie-like … or how about people who claim to believe, but instead of going to the Creator to get their own manna, feed off of men or insist we share out manna with them. I know it’s a bit gruesome, but there’s a real sense in which the zombie-craze is symbolic of what’s going on in the spiritual …

    Hope this ain’t too crazy, Yvonne … just writing some stream of consciousness stuff – what I’ve been seeing and considering lately. We live in frightening times. I do hope one of these days, we wake up to a new world where all the crazies are gone. I’m mindful that where Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah are examples cited in scripture, that it was the WICKED who were effectively removed from this world, leaving the righteous to continue living for the Creator in peace. Though I sure wouldn’t mind going home too.

    Hugs! Jack

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    • Thank you so much for sharing Jack! Hugs to you and your wife! I appreciate your stream of consciousness stuff! not crazy at all! the world is crazy, not His sons!

      “This culture is so fascinated by zombies … the essence of which is a soul-less crazed walking dead person who feeds not off of the spiritual food provided by the Creator, but off of other people”

      so true!

      “Not a world I want a part of, hence living a quiet life and turning my own little corner of God’s earth into an Eden with the HIs help.”

      yes and amen!

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  5. Hate will never drive out hate; darkness will never drive out darkness; judging and labeling will never help people rise to their highest, God-given potential, but bring judgment upon themselves giving them more to hate and project and blame something or someone outside themselves.

    What you are see and hate in Donald John Trump is hidden in your unconscious in your soul; what you see and are hopeful about in Donald John Trump is hidden in your unconscious in your heart and mind. What you don’t see in you, the highest and best for you, is Christ in you; eternity hidden in your heart from before the beginning! “First seek and find the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you”

    Expose the darkness inside you with the Light of Christ; repent (metanoia-change your mind); ASK and RECEIVE the new birth of God, of the Spirit of God to reveal the hidden treasure in you, Christ in you!


  6. We either belong to Christ or we belong to satan


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