Full Courage Now!

There is no need to convince anyone that we do indeed live in interesting times! I am amazed at the deterioration of the world (as opposed to the awareness of the Kingdom of The Son) as the lds gang (lucifer, demonic devils, satan) continue to fool people with the original trick: take in toxic beliefs (food of the knowledge of good and evil from satanic luciferian mindsets) to become like God when we have already been given God-likeness in Christ needing only to take and receive what Jesus won for all humanity: the fruit of the Tree of Life: fullness of Life Abundant not leading to death but glory to glory.

You can see what current “programming” the world rulers of this present darkness want to put in human’s minds by observing what sitcoms are modeling, new series being advertised (ads: advancing demonic satanism), what is on news and entertainment “shows,” spread by the internet and media outlets: the talking points of the lds gang to influence and budge public opinion. The good thing is the hidden darkness is being revealed to those with eyes to see so we can call forth the Light of Christ into the dark places. The “safe spaces” offered by the world are a part of the sham; the ONLY safe space is in Christ Jesus and the ONLY true protection for your spirit and soul and body is CHRIST IN YOU. Get Christ Spirit and get all of God. Get Christ in you and you get ALL of Christ Life in you that cannot be stolen, killed or destroyed.

The ONLY power that cannot be overcome is the Holy Spirit and fire that come down from heaven out of God to live, move and have Christ Being in you! Word! Truth! Life! The Way! The Door! The Resurrection Power of Life and Life Abundantly Full of God our Father! The Breath of Life! The Bread of Life: hidden manna in you is Christ in you! The Living Water of Life! Led by the Holy Spirit we are the sons of God! Christ in you makes you a Bride, wife of the Lamb! the Relationship of Pure Holy Righteous Intimacy with God!

Thank you Abba! Father! for sending The Bridegroom to bring us into your Being to live now and forever and ever! your Spiritual Kingdom amidst the physical realm! your Banqueting Table in the midst of our enemies! your Realm of Faith of The Son! your Holy Anointing upon us! your Holy Spirit in us! your Realm of Miracles with the Holy Spirit with and in us! your Realm of All Things Possible!

Thank you Father for ALL of Christ in ALL of me! We receive all of Your Son into all of our spirit and soul and body  now and forever and ever! Amen. Hallelujah!

We declare the mystery of the gospel boldly. God began a good work in us by sending Jesus; God completes the work when he sends Christ to live in us, His Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth and Life! We are made complete in Christ and Christ in us! “Abide in Me and I in you” The ball is in our court; God already did His Part, now we only have to receive and give what we receive from God our Father through the Holy Spirit!

Become partakers in God’s grace, divine power, glory, excellence, and divine nature! (Philippians 1:7; 2 Peter 1:3-4; John 17:22) God is our witness; where two or more are gathered, Christ is with us! When Holy Spirit is living, moving and forming Christ in us, Christ is both with us and in us in Spirit and Truth! Our “Two” is Holy Spirit and us (God as Witness).

Abba Father, abound our Love more and more; abound our Knowledge of You more and more; abound our Spiritual Discernment more and more so we may approve what is EXCELLENT (no more calling good evil and evil called good), be pure and blameless, and filled with the FRUITS (plural) of Righteousness and the Fruit of the Spirit: Christ in us grown from a tiny seed to a tree of life watered by the River of Water of Life from Above!!!!!!!

The Reality of Christ in us advances the gospel boldly without fear. We preach (manifest, express and if necessary use words!) Christ out of LOVE; we proclaim Christ resurrected, ascended, glorified and sent to live in us in the new form of The Spirit of God, The Holy One Anointing and The Living One in us: Christ in us! With the help of the Spirit of Jesus The Christ, The Living Holy Spirit with and in us, we rejoice and rejoice! We receive double Joy for our troubles and Christ’s Joy is our strength! He endured the cross for Glorious Joy; we endure trials and tests of our faith for Glorious Joy!

“Count it all Joy” for the full effect is Christ in us who is complete, perfect and lacks nothing! We take His Life and let Him live in and through us! Take my life of Adam and give me your Life of Christ, Abba Father!

With eager expectation we rise each morning to see what Holy Spirit is doing in and through us This Eternal Day of Christ! We are guided by the Living Holy One of God, not guided as the world’s mixed spirituality of good AND evil: guided by spirits of the dead who lead you in darkness and counterfeit light. Holy Spirit guides the sons of God in all Light, all Goodness, all Gentleness, all Truth, all Life (no more life and death), all Holy, Righteous, Pure Love; not love as the world defines that hurts and harms and has nasty side effects.

With full courage we honor Christ in our body with one Spirit and one Mind of God in Christ. The New Way of New Life is convinced of Christ in you and God confirms his Word with signs, wonders and miracles of healing, deliverance, and setting you FREE from the world of Adam and unclean spirits of sin, death and darkness. We conquer unbelief! We progress in faith and Joy or Glory in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We are not frightened in anything by our opponents, oppressors, persecutors, adversaries, accusers, life-stealers, life-killers, or life-destroyers (lds gang) which is a clear omen to them of their destiny: destruction, AND our destiny: Christ in you, hope of glory (substance and assurance of glory)! true Salvation is Christ in you! all of Christ Life from heaven out of God into YOU!

The external temple was completely DESTROYED in 70 AD and those who pierced Jesus and DID NOT REPENT IN THE GRACE PERIOD (40 years) wailed and were destroyed. NOW and is to come we each have a free will CHOICE to choose Life, glory to glory, or choose life and death and fall short of the glory.

The external conflict ended with Jesus and the holy angel army completely destroying the external temple so we could invite and receive the Christ Spirit to make our body God’s new temple so divine glory could return to our spirit and soul and body. But the synagogue of satan went underground and the hidden darkness, the bad leaven was stealthily injected into religion and spiritual groups so that the good seed grew up amidst bad seed. However, the weeds have grown up enough by NOW that nearly all can SEE if it is Holy Spirit or antiChrist spirits in a person’s heart. The fruit of Christ is the fruits of Righteousness, the fruit of Pure Light, the fruit of pure, holy Love, and the fruit of Holy Spirit: love, peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and self-control.

Ever since the fathers fell asleep, the anti-Christ seeds have continued to grow up with the Christ seed, and the fruit of the anti-Christ seeds are everything in the world that is killing life, what is WITHIN the heart that proceeds from their mouth that defiles: the principalities and powers of the hidden darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness, that are trying to destroy all LIFE made in the image and likeness of God. We WAKE UP and receive Christ Light to enlighten spirit and soul and body so we can COME and FIND REST for our heart, mind and will when our soul begins to REST in God through Jesus and learn Christ.

Only Christ Jesus can remove your veil so you can begin to SEE and BELIEVE and RECEIVE all that our Father has destined for you! We are only made complete IN CHRIST because this is how God designed you. Until you KNOW Christ in you (beyond knowledge) you will be restless, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, missing something, lacking something, limited and searching for happiness. You will try to fill the void with things the world of Adam offers and you will reap good and evil, light and darkness; things that harm you and lead you astray. Only when you come to Christ Jesus is the VEIL removed so you can see sin and the fruit of sin so you can TAKE OFF THE WORLD BAGGAGE and come through the NARROW GATE naked and humble to Our Holy Righteous Just God and be CLOTHED WITH CHRIST.

“Now to him who is ABLE to keep you from falling and to PRESENT YOU without blemish before the presence of his GLORY with rejoicing, to the ONLY God, our Savior THROUGH Christ Jesus our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority BEFORE ALL TIME and NOW and for ever. Amen.” Jude 1:24-25

(Philippians 1:3-28; Ephesians 5:14; 6:10-19; Colossians 1:9-29; Jude 1:17-25)



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  1. Kristi Ann says:

    Amen-Amein!! 💕

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