Holiday Stress?


God is Love. Period.  Stress is a barometer of how far away from Love we are in our thoughts, words, images, feelings, beliefs and actions.

Jesus said, “Come to me and find rest!” Rest is the antithesis of stress, worry, fear, anxiety, and depression. The holidays are notorious for stress with all the added busyness, activities and financial obligations. This year, say “no” to stress! Say “yes” to Love! Rest in peace is not just for after you die; it is for now! Come! Rest!

The banquet is laid before you. Come! In the presence of your enemies is a wedding banquet ready for your marriage feast with God. Come! Eat! Rest! Be love, beloved!

The kingdom of heaven is within you. Come! Eat! Begin to spread the kingdom of heaven to everyone and everything you encounter on earth.

You are the light of the world! Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”, therefore we are the same as Jesus and he is the express image of the Father! We are made in the image and likeness of God, the Creator of all. Jesus said we could do all he did and EVEN GREATER things because he was going to the Father. When Jesus ascended to heaven, he lifted us up to where he is. This is the greatest news: we are already lifted up in consciousness to ascended beingness. This is the reason we can and should be doing even greater things in the world than Jesus did! We are already heavenly, spiritual, divine beings sitting in consciousness with the ascended Christ! We are little Christ-ians. We are the anointed ones! Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship, a way of being, and a lifestyle. Stop being religious and start being Love! Start being who you were created to be! There are no more Adams or Eves in the world. Jesus was the last Adam. All human beings made from dust and life breathed into them are gone! All those who were born after Jesus ascended and the temple was totally destroyed in 70 AD, are the new heavenly, spiritual beings in physical bodies!!!

You have only forgotten who you really are!

When Jesus was lifted up in his ascension, he drew all human beings up with him and only your mind can negate the perfect gift! Only your ego mind can reject the greatest gift, the good news, that it is already finished, already done, already heaven on earth! Holy vibration batman! Wake up! We are already ascended! There are no more human beings: Homo sapiens; we are all Homo luminous! We are light! We have no need of external light because we are LIGHT!

We have already been saved, delivered, healed and set free by the perfect gift of Love in the person of Jesus! We have already been taken out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. Wake up! Be Light! Arise, Shine! It is already done! It is finished! Wake up and shine! Wake up and see from your open spiritual eyes of your heart.


The world has been deceiving you. Your ego lesser mind has been leading you astray. In trying to fit in or conform to the world you have rejected your true identity, your divine nature, and your Light of Spirit. In the truth of your being Light, nothing can harm you! In the Light that you already are, you are already whole, healed and set free!

Hear the Truth: God loves you, is never mad at you, and has never judged or condemned you. The old human being, the Adam prototype, is dead and gone and took sin with it. All of the old is dead on the cursed tree in Golgotha. It is dead and gone. It has already ALL been done. It is finished. Wake up! God has a purpose for your life that is way bigger, way more awesome, and way more amazing than you could ever imagine!

Everything changed when Jesus came to earth. Love came to earth and transformed and transmuted everything, including human beings to their original state of being: LOVE!!! It is finished! Jesus died to everything wrong or bad or sinful in human beings. When he resurrected, we resurrected. When he ascended, we ascended! Wake up! The free gift of righteousness and abundance of grace (Romans 5) has already been given. We give Jesus our sins and he gives us his perfect being, his perfect righteousness. Say Yes! The free gift of transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration has already been given. You and I only have to wake up and receive what has already been given, already been bought, paid for, wrapped in beautiful light, and sitting at our feet waiting for us to stop, drop (surrender, humble ourself, yield) and open the gift!

Step into the finished work of the cross. Step into the finished work of the gospel. Step into the finished work of the good news. Stop listening to the bad news of the world. Stop listening to all the voices except the Voice of Love, the Voice of God!  This is the good news! Just open the gift!

Say yes to Love. Ascend in being. Be Love. Spread Love. Spread the Truth of Jesus’ good news: it is already done! The Truth will set you free! If the Son sets you free you will be free indeed. Start the rallying cry, “Freedom!” Freedom to be who God made you to be! Freedom to be whole, perfect, complete (all your needs are already met), holy, righteous (right relationship to everything: oneness).

You are accepted just as you are right now. You belong right now. You are loved beyond measure right now! It is not about doing something to change or working hard to try to be good or follow rules. No! Come as you are right now! Accept the free gift of grace, mercy, forgiveness and all-encompassing, unconditional Love now. Make today the day that the past is left on the tree in Golgotha, and the new real you runs to Pappa!!! Father me God. Mentor me Holy Spirit. Jesus live in me as me. Yes!

Be Love, beloved; you are Love already, you just had a case of mistaken identity. Be the Light of the world and there will be no more darkness. Be joy and enjoy! Be peace and rest! Be loved, beloved. The Beloved loves and favors you. You are God’s favorite, well-loved son/sun/light (and so is everyone)! The Father of lights (you and I are the lights) wants to give you everything: every perfect gift from above and every good endowment (James 1:17). Say yes now! Yes!!!

You need nothing but to know you are already the light of the world, beloved son/sun of the Father, co-heir to the entire kingdom, a king of the kingdom of Light, reigning with Christ right now, at his right hand, in the new heaven on earth now (Rev 3:21).

God doesn’t make us perfect, he made us one with the Father. He changes our identity to divine, beloved son of God. Being is primary. All our thoughts, words and actions come out of our being! Be the tree of righteousness and you can do nothing other than bear good fruit. Be the tree of life and you can only bear life! Be the tree of righteousness, the tree of life in the garden of the new heaven on earth now and the manifestations of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and the fruit will be automatic! Be the tree by the Living Waters now! Surrender all now! Be homo luminous now. Be Jesus now! Be new! Be Love!


Be God possessed! The consciousness of God is my consciousness now! The Awareness of God is my awareness now!

” You don’t have to talk about the spirit of religion. Just walk in the Spirit and let God do his thing! Just walk in the Light and all is light, whole, holy, perfect and done! Jesus dominates everything with Love! Love targets the heart, not the jugular vein! Jesus trembles the heart and exposes everything in his Presence” (Todd White paraphrase). Jesus says, “Welcome Home!”

jwt hearshape

Welcome Home! Welcome to holiday rest!!! The birth of Jesus was great, but the death of Jesus set us free and the ascension of Christ raised our vibration, our frequency, our being, and raised our whole identity to a whole new level of being. Now that is the greatest gift that has ever been given!!! Happy Holidays! Be happy because you have been given a heavenly identity to live in the new heaven on earth now, resting in peace now!!!

O Holy Night: “Let your soul feel its worth” “Hear the angel voices” “O night divine” the New Dawn has come! “The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, a New and Glorious Dawn!!!” Awake! Arise, Shine! Your Light has come!!!

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13 Responses to Holiday Stress?

  1. Lovely and perfect timing for me. Thank you!


  2. iamforchange says:

    I love your pages and your form of self expression, it is a pleasure to have you share your gifts through your pages Thank you. I have nominated you for blog of the Year please visit my page Blog of the year awards and nominations Thank you!
    Posted on December 9, 2012


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