What Is Your Citizenship?


What is your citizenship? If you answered with the country you were born, you are seeing only a tiny portion of the truth. It is time to expand our minds and consciousness to the whole Truth and nothing but the truth. The Truth will set you free!


If you go back to the original birth of all humanity, our collective roots, we are all children of one God. We are made in the image and likeness of our Parents: God. We were made male and female in the image and likeness of Mother/Father God. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” Genesis 1:27. Notice that “him” is male and female. “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion…over all earth” Genesis 1:26. Notice that “our” is plural. Notice that the original Hebrew in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God” is the word Elohim translated as God. Elohim is plural because we are not created from a single divorced Father; we have Mother and Father. God is one essence, one invisible Presence and Power, but has infinite aspects or qualities, and a myriad of names!!! Father does not mean a man. There is no gender in God, only qualities that have been attributed to male and female.


It takes an elevated consciousness to be able to see beyond the physical level and stop attributing human physical characteristics to an infinite, invisible God. As our consciousness has expanded, our concepts of God have expanded. We must always stay in relationship to the One, but God is beyond earthly relationships. God will always be way beyond any concept or idea we may have about God. There is always more with God! The invisible essence of God is unchanging; no beginning and no end. The creation of God is always changing, expanding, contracting, birthing new, dying to the old, evolving, transforming and regenerating. Do not mistake the creation for the Creator!

Sun setting on Isle of Sky, Scotland

Do not mistake who the Source of all creation is and do not mistake who you really are! Trace your lineage all the way back to the beginning! We all were created from “darkness upon the face of the deep” and the initial command “Let there be light” Genesis 1:2-3. We ALL have one set of Parents: God! We are all in the family of God! We are all royal sons/suns of God. We are all at our depths the divine darkness of God, uncreated light, that is constantly being recreated as new light or new creation!!!


We, the creation of God, could never be ALL that God is: Source and Creator, but EVERYTHING that we are is God!!! Stop playing small! Stop limiting yourself! But also stop making yourself the Source and Creator. Stop being full of yourself. Empty yourself to return to your inner, deep, divine darkness and remember who you really are! Go back to the beginning of creation, and even prior to creation, and remember!!! Then and only then can you truly live. The truth will set you free! Nothing is created or destroyed since the creation began; the created energy, essence and light just transforms, transmutes, transfigures and regenerates! We are all the energy of God but we are more than that. We are all the light of the world; but we are more than that. We are all God, but not the Source of God!!! Every part contains the whole because God cannot be divided or limited or destroyed. Be divine darkness and let there be light!!!! Be the pregnant, fecund, divine darkness and birth the new heaven on earth in your body!


We are all citizens of one kingdom: heaven! We are all in one family: the family of God. We all have one common DNA: divine, royal, Christ DNA. We all have one goal: remember who you are (which is the same thing as remembering who God is). We all have one purpose: love! We all have one prerequisite: humble yourself, surrender, empty before your Creator (spirit of the fear of the Lord/reverential awe) and remember who God really is (think about God’s Nature). You are born of this!


If you do not know God, you cannot know who you are. We are made in the image and likeness of God. We must seek to know God so we can know what the true image and likeness is. We have all sold ourselves short for too long. We have believed the lies and deception of those who would gain from our ignorance.


Reclaim your true identity! Do not let the identity thieves take your divine name! Reclaim your citizenship of heaven on earth! Do not let the greed and nefarious intent of a few rob you of your true citizenry! You are a royal son/sun of God! You are the light of the world! You are a citizen of heaven, even while living on earth! You can take the child out of heaven, but you can’t take the heaven out of the human being!!!

Your mind is not bounded by the confines of a physical body. Your mind can travel faster than the speed of light because you are more than light; you are divine darkness that is pregnant with all possibilities. You are pregnant with infinite potential. Your body is an amazing, miraculous temple of the Living God! Your heart is the portal to every dimension! Your spirit is one with the Spirit of God! The differences you see with your physical eyes are only on the physical plane. On all other levels we are one with God if your choose to remember, return and receive the Spirit of God which is our Real Life, our Real Power, and the Creative Essence that births the new heaven on earth. The Holy Spirit is the transformative power that turned the doubting, fearing, denying disciples into powerful sons of God performing miracles, signs and wonders. The same Holy Spirit that searches even the depths of God, can search your depths down into your divine darkness and recreate in you a new life!!!!!


Stop being full of yourself! Deny your false identity! Put on your true identity that has been stolen by those who wish to have power over you. Take back your real identity from the programming, conditioning and amnesia. Put on the Christ nature until you realize it is who you were from the beginning of time. There is only one essence and it is Christ; it is love; it is light; and it is the new creation out of the divine darkness empowered by the Spirit of God. Wow! God is Good and human beings are just chips off the old block!!! People’s dogs start to look like their owners. Start returning to your true family resemblance: you are divine, royal sons/suns of the Living God!!!


I am an ambassador from heaven, sent to earth to remind you of your real citizenship and your real Father and Mother. You didn’t know you were adopted! The world tried to keep it a secret! You are not the child of your earthly parents, but the adopted children of God!!!! Go find you real Mother and Father God and be who you were created to be!!!!! The truth WILL set you free!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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