Lets Get Real

English: Acoustic spectrogram of a young girl ...

Acoustic spectrogram of a young girl saying “Oh No”. In this spectrogram, the vertical axis represents frequency linearly extending from 0 to 5.5 kHz, and the horizontal axis represents time over an interval of 700 milliseconds. Generated with the Fatpigdog’s PC based Real Time FFT Spectrum Analyzer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are missing one thing on earth. The Truth of who we are. The remedy for the imbalance and lack of harmony on earth is the absence of the vertical axis of the cross. The vertical axis is the seamless connection between God and human beings; heaven and earth. The horizontal axis represents our human timeline and relationships on earth. Without the vertical axis of connection of God and humans, the horizontal axis of the cross becomes a see saw and we go up and down endlessly.

Cartesian Coordinate System

Cartesian Coordinate System (Photo credit: gcl345)

When we balance human relationships with connection to God, we get divine order.


“Seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness and all these things will be given to you” Matthew 6:33

What precedes this verse is the admonition to not worry; Abba Daddy knows what we need. Father God, our personal, loving Divine Daddy, always sees the big picture and we can relax, trust, abide, rest and know that Abba is always working and on the job!

"Amma & Nectar Quote" inspirational ...

“Amma & Nectar Quote” inspirational wallpaper (Photo credit: Effortless Vitality)

The key is realizing that God is not “out there.” God is not some man or woman sitting on a cloud or a vapor in the sky! The key is realizing that this ineffable, maximum vibratory, highest frequency, unlimited awareness or infinite consciousness is the biggest part of human beings. We are made in the image and likeness of God. We are hu-god-man beings. We are beings that are the combination of God and man; both/and. We are missing the unity of our being and God. We are missing the unity of our left brain: reason, logic; with our right brain: relationship to God, nature, creativity and all things.

Spectrogram of violin playing.

Spectrogram of violin playing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a harmonic, divine song that permeates the universe. Unfortunately, most human beings are still trying to sing a different song and it is creating dissonance instead of resonance. Instead of listening to the discordant sounds, we have tuned out, and checked out.


Falling asleep is to forget the greatest part of humans: the god part. The “walking dead” is to not know who you really are: god-man beings! The Hu in human is the key part: the God part! Hu is the sound of rushing wind. Just try it: say “hu” or “who” amplifying the sound, elongating the sound, and you will hear a mighty rushing wind in your ears! The sound of rushing water, the flow of Living Water coursing through the body temple as the Spirit of God!


The obsession with vampires and zombies is understandable when we realize that they are merely archetypes for the human being who has forgotten who they are; forgotten the God within, forgotten our true identity as christs of Christ Jesus. The blood line of Christ, the breath of the Holy Spirit, and the life of God are absent in vampires and zombies! These night creatures are forced to take external measures to survive and are never satisfied or complete or content. The antidote is to turn within and find!!! Be the Light that you already are!

English: Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibe...

Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse Oneindige knoop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets get real! The truth is we have everything that exists, has existed or will exist already within our human being. Christ was, is and is to come; now, here and within! Everything can be accessed through the human body that is made in the image and likeness of God. We have depths and heights that have never been accessed. We have breadth and potential that has never been touched. The key is to reconnect our disparate opposites: God and human; right and left brain; body-mind-spirit; etc.

The Spirit of God can only speak, manifest and reveal itself in our human spirit. Because we have free will, or choice, we can choose to deny the spirit within, the largest part of our human being. In denying our spiritual nature, we force God to remain a potential instead of a direct, personal, intimate Reality!

Penrose diagram of the universe.

Penrose diagram of the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The diamond of our being is a fractal of the diamond of the universe, that is a fractal of the Diamond that is infinite God. The truth is we are immortal, invisible-made-visible diamonds in the rough!!!


The desire to explore outer space and intelligence in machines or computers is the externalization of the real human desire to find and conquer our inner space, our God Self, and our infinite, unlimited divine nature. The fascination with creating robots and machines to be superhuman is a false path that leads away from the infinite nature of the awakened human being. Examples of this are feats of superhuman strength in a crisis such as lifting a car off someone; persons with multiple personality disorder (DID) where one personality has a disease and the others do not in the same human body; deep states found in meditation; Tibetan monks that place wet cloth on their body and sit on a mountain top and with inner tummo practice dry the sheets and stay comfortable and safe; transportation; bilocation; miraculous healings; resurrections from the dead; conscious death; etc. Instead of spending billions trying to make a computer be more human, we should be taking the time and resources to understand the infinite potential of the hu-god-man being.


The cross is the ultimate symbol of unity, oneness, wholeness and freedom. It is a symbol of depth that goes way beyond the surface meaning that most people give to it, including the church. The cross is the union of all that is with God, human being with God, and heaven on earth!


Lets get real. Stop listening to religion, the church and so-called religious teachers and go within and find God within yourself. Deny self, rise with Christ within, ascend into Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to descend and possess your body temple. Stop the madness! The kingdom of God is not “out there”; Christ is not found “out there” but within your own being!


Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you” Luke 17:20-21. “Then if any one says to you, ‘Lo, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise…as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” Matthew 24:23.


Stop looking for God “out there”; God can only be found within your own being. Lets get real. Lets get empowered. Lets return to the simple, natural, supernatural miraculous being of the original garden of eden; clothed in Christ’s luminous, numinous Light; with the Christ found within. The same Spirit of God that was in Jesus is in you; one Christ that is above all, in all and through all. Wake up!!!


Deny yourself, pick up your cross (unity of all) and follow Christ!


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