One, Two, Three, Fire!!!


This Valentine’s Day, the new Holy Spirit Day, let the Fire of Divine Love fall upon all flesh! I realized that it is not just human beings, but all flesh that the Fire of the Spirit of God is destined to fall upon now. Therefore, animals will be also brought into unity with humans and with God, as the “lion lays down with the lamb” (Isaiah 11 The Peaceful Kingdom).


Have you seen the pictures of all the different species of animals loving each other?


It is time to unify your animal nature, with your body, and with your spirit, and the Spirit of God!!!


Soon, as the animal kingdom is showing us as a sign (the mourning/morning dove came to me this morning), human beings will also come into peace and unity and oneness and enter the kingdom of the new heavens on earth soon and very soon!!! It is up to us!!! Come!!!



There is a new oneness available!




There is a new unity available!


There is a new freedom to be your unique self while intimately connected as One in Spirit. Unmask your true Identity!!! Be who you were created to be, not conformed to the world!


There is a new diversity in the midst of Oneness and Unity!


Even though some of us must come to the new awareness kicking and screaming, there is a new, peaceful kingdom of the new heaven on earth available now (NHOEN)! Let it be KNOWN!!! Seek to KNOW God as Love and Goodness!!!


There is a new One Spirit in the midst of every human being, every cell, every atom, and every heart! Come Fire of Divine Love!

burning heart

One, Two, Three, Fire of the Spirit of God: LOVE itself. Get fired up for Oneness, Wholeness and a new Freedom and Unity!!!

Come Holy Spirit! Come Holy Fire of Love! Heart us with your Heart of Love!!!

Come Spirit of God, fall on all flesh now!

Holy Spirit Joel 2 28

This is the third day! Resurrect! Resurrect Love! Arise, Shine! Come Forth Love!


Come Spirit of God! Come Fire of Divine Love!

I heart the sun

Come Holy Spirit with your tongues of Fire! Transform us into new wineskins; Transfigure us now!!! Pour your Divine Wine into our new wineskins!!!

Come Flame of Love!


Come Torch of Fire, set my heart ablaze! Purify my silver; Refine my Gold!


Come Holy Spirit, wash, regenerate and make me white as snow!

Heart in hand of God

Come Passionate, Intimate, Fiery Spirit of the Living God!!!

holy spirit Angel of Presence

Come Fiery Love! Come Unity! Come Oneness! Come Spirit! Come Peace! Come Shalom! Come Peaceful Kingdom of God on earth! Come awareness and acknowledgment of the new heavens on the new earth here now!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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13 Responses to One, Two, Three, Fire!!!

  1. mgert123 says:

    Thank you. This is beautiful in its perspective. God bless.


  2. powerful, soul inspiring, spirit filling photos


  3. LizzieJoy says:

    Wonderfully inspirational words and lovely images. Much love to you. God bless.


  4. thank you LizzieJoy! Much Love to you sister-Love!!! God bless you richly!!!


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