Fiery Passionate Love!


Its getting hot in here! Do you feel it? Do you perceive the new something that is springing forward? Do you feel the force of the wave of fire that is starting to sweep the earth? Are you willing to let it burn? Are you ready for the Fire of Divine Love to consume everything that is false? Are you brave enough to know the Truth? “We innately fear what we do not yet understand” Fr. Steven A. Bell. If you take a deep breath and get your best courage on, be prepared to have your world rocked!


The key questions for right now in 2013 are: Who is God? Who am I? Why am I here on earth? The answer to every question is the same: Love! Not just the old concept of love; not the sentiment of love; not any form of love that we have known to date. No, this new wave forming and about to become a tsunami is the fiery, passionate, deep, high, outrageous, magnificent, all-consuming, rocking Divine Love!!!


Love is truly ALL we need!

Let it overwhelm you. Let it consume all that is not Love within you. Let it envelope you with warmth. Let it reignite your inner fire. Let it rekindle your passion. Let it enlighten your awareness. Let it enliven your soul. Let it en-Love-en your heart. Let it revive your spirit. Let it blast open your mind. Let it burn the scales from your eyes. Let it open your ears. Let it enliven and renew your senses. Let it raise your frequency until you are orgasmic, ecstatic, euphoric, blissful, joyful, and transformed into Love!!!


Now is the time to go direct! Go directly to the Source of Love. Seek God, who is Love, and find!!! Now is the time for each human being to seek, find, knock, open, ask, receive, and be reconnected with Divine Love at the Source. You cannot be love at the old human physical level; you must seek the Source of Love in the invisible, spiritual realm at the Source: the wonderful, Powerful, WOWERFUL Source of Love: God!!! Be Loved by the Source then you can BE LOVE and then bring yourself into your life as the highest frequency of Love. Spread Love. Plant seeds of Love and watch them sprout, grow, bud, blossom and fruit!!! Each seed in the fruit of Love is Love!!!!


This transformation by Love into Love is based in the Fiery Word of God. Read Ephesians 3:14 to 5:2 and let it burn into your heart the Truth of Love!!! Here are the bullet points to whet your appetite:

  • Bow: Humble yourself. Empty yourself so you can be filled with new Love: new wine of the Spirit of God
  • One Family, One Father: You are not an orphan; you are never alone or unloved! Your Father is Love!!! You are Love Jr. or Love II (Jesus was the first!)
  • Receive riches of Glory: abundant light, love, pleasure, and fullness
  • Be strengthened with Power
  • God’s Spirit enters our inner self: the Spirit of God indwells our body (Shekinah Glory Presence in us)
  • Christ lives in our heart: in our body is the manifestation of Love
  • Root and ground into Love
  • Receive the Power to comprehend
  • Know Love that surpasses knowledge
  • Be filled with ALL the FULLNESS of GOD (Eph 3:19)!!!
  • God’s Power is at work in us: rest, abide, enjoy, love, give thanks while God works in and through us
  • We are given far more abundant riches of everything than anything we could ever ask, think or imagine!!!
  • There is only One and we are also that!!! One Father above, in and through all of us!!! Divine Love that is above, in and through all!!!
  • Christ ascended and gave everything to us: divine identity, inheritance of royal son of God, unspeakable, unfailing, unending Love, and power to heal, restore, and do miracles. Receive the download of Spirit!
  • Receive and put on the new nature, created after the likeness of God
  • Be who you were created to be: beloved children of God, sons of God, brides of God, the Light of God, the image of God, and Love itself!!!
  • God gave us everything he was, is and is to come, now, so BE it now. Be the fragrance of God. Be Love, beloved of God!!!
  • Walk in Love; be the fruit of Love and Be Love itself now and for ever and ever more. Amen.

Let the fire burn down in your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit until you are pure divine Love itself. Let the fiery Spirit of God consume everything but the pure, refined gold of your body. Let yourself be clothed in the multicolored coat of the multidimensional field of Spirit in your divine being. Be clothed in the Light of God; the Highest Light of Holy Love!!! Beloved, be who you were created to be! Come Fire of Love! Come Holy Spirit! Come and consume me! Come and refine me! Come and purify me! Come and make me white as snow, burning with Divine fire, and overflowing with Love unending!!!

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace” Gandhi


“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3

“By the same word the heavens and earth that now exist have been stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men” 2 Peter 3:7

The whole earth was baptized by water in Noah’s day; now the whole earth is about to be baptized by the Fire of God! The Spirit of God is going to fall on all human beings. Don’t get burned; get God!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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9 Responses to Fiery Passionate Love!

  1. james says:

    Christ became divided so we could become united in his wholeness of resurection and be one with him. He is the new Adam. Masculine and feminine divine spiritual forces together as one power, neither male nor female. This is where the power of His love is. You are so timely for me in your posts on this subject, it is no coincidence. I have seen this fire in a dream, it is powerful, it is here to school us, and place a seal upon us. It is a serious time to focus on this love and i thank you much!


    • God became human, manifested Love and the perfection of the Father, then became marred beyond recognition and died to the old human, the old Adam, the old atoms made of dust and animated with the breath of Life, the Spirit of God. Christ rose in a new form, the new human being, the new prototype that has completely new atoms, new Life of God in our new wineskin bodies that can be filled with the new Wine of Love, of God! God became human so humans could return to their divine image and likeness. Now is the time to Wake Up, acknowledge what God did for us, and receive the transformation and transfiguration into our new wineskin to be able to hold, contain, and expand to receive the new Wine that is available right now! We can’t transform until we let go of the past, the old, and ask and receive the New Life of God. We transform by renewing our mind into the Mind of Christ: change our thinking, change our mind, change our mind-set, rise to join the Perfect Mind of Christ. Then the spiritual perfection can then manifest in the physical realm of our body and life. Transform by the renewal of your minds in Christ now!!! We have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, except what we were never created to be in the first place!!!


      • james says:

        I am believing that the mind of Christ has no ego and this is our biggest obstacle. The ego is more subtle and demanding than we really could ever imagine. Holding your thoughts and looking close at them will show you just that!


  2. I’m wondering james if maybe it is both, since Christ and the Father are One, yet Christ is also in each human being, manifest in form and therefore “two”. I’m wondering if the ego first is given the job to turn every thought, feeling, belief or imagination to God and then merges its lower, personal will with the Higher Will of Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Peace. I’m wondering if it is the case that the ego merges with Christ mind and the two become one, yet not one; two yet not two. I wonder if it is necessary while in a physical body to have a transformed ego to act in the world, yet is purified, refined and transfigured in the Fire of Divine Love so it completely bows to the Father and seeks only to serve, follow, and act from this Higher, Glorious Love? It boggles the mind, but is crystal clear in the Heart! Words seem to fail, but the heart knows that the many are in the One and the One is in the many. A transformed ego that merges into Christ’s Higher Mind is a “two that become one”, so our whole being can become one with the One. But in the One are the infinite aspects of God, Source of God, and all creation. Once the ego is transformed and transfigured and made One with God, then and only then can the ego act in the world in Love with the One, loved by the One and be capable of acting in the world in compassion, humility and Love, because it cleaves to Love Itself. The old 3D concept of the ego is separated from God, but maybe in 5D and above, the ego is transformed so it is a new creation and serves only Love? What do you think?


    • james says:

      This could be related to the scripture that says the wolf shall lie down with the lamb. The wolf being our lower 3D nature and the lamb being the true spirit of Christ existing also within us allthough hidden until we consciously start looking within ourselves both to the wolf and to the lamb. Why does it seem like such a struggle to get to 5D! The gate is straight and narrow, few enter in, but all it takes is one step in that direction and all of heaven opens up to help the sojourner! We take another step today! Praise God for all of this!


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